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Custom Robotics and Animatronics
06Dec09 added German bus figures to Portfolio
06Dec09 added Bishop to Portfolio
06Dec09 added Popplemann to Portfolio Odds & Ends
13Nov09 added Rumpus Mansion to Portfolio
08Nov09 added Princess Royal Class museum Note-taker to Portfolio
08Nov09 added Jim Whiting's Deus ex Machina, West Fluegel, Leipzig to Portfolio
08Nov09 added Breedon, facially expressive Animatronic head to Portfolio
08Nov09 added Animatronic Dinosaurs to Portfolio
07Nov09 added Boxer Shorts Bingo, Lulu Guiness's bag to Portfolio Odds & Ends
07Nov09 added Puppeting Keyboard and Shadow Electric Hand to Portfolio
15Mar09 added Cycler's speed to Stability&LoadTest.htm
08Jan08 added Cycler Gallery-1 Shelley and 20 (600x800) photos
24Sep07 added video to Policeman
24Sep07 added Gaze-Control to Portfolio
19Sep07 added Cycler 10th year celebration vidoes and Cycler Videos page
19Sep07 added crofter Flash videos to Videos page
17Sep07 added Videos page
14Sep07 added Alfred Animatronic head
10Sep07 added Animatronic Squaddy and Provost Sergeant for ATS/REME page to Portfolio
06Sep07 added Shadow Leg Videos page.
06Sep07 added Cycler stability & Load tests
16May07 added WRAP video stills page for Cycler/recycler
14May07 added pages, Cycler's visits to Builth Wells Primary School, and Uplands Primary School - Tuesday 12th October 2004
09May07 Alfred Head February 2001, added video
07Sep06 January 2006 Gaze Head with Gaze Eyes for a Swedish museum - Portfolio
07Sep06 September 2005 Sleeping Sailor for SS Great Britain - Portfolio Odds and Ends
07Sep06 September 2004 Sir William Stanier - Portfolio
07Sep06 August 2004 Inhaler Lady - Portfolio Odds and Ends
05Jun06 Spring91 FlightSimulator working concept model - Portfolio Odds and Ends
14Feb07 2005 Robotic-Leg for medical research
11-11-04  Animatronic Policeman
The Mech-ai range of robot kits
27Oct08 added a link to a video by romshark showing off the Alex animatronic head
18-01-07 Hextor Manual added - now at Hextor Manual
31-1-06 BigFoot build manual Bfoot-5_400.pdf, and Detailed Build Images for BigFoot added to BigFoot
9-11-04      TecArm dimensions added
About me and my robots and other things.
23Dec09 added Zero2 pages
13Dec09 added My Poetry pages
05Dec09 added Junior and Tom biped pages.
04Dec09 added Freya and Frea to index page.
13Nov09 added Side-table for temporary stuff
02Nov09 updated RobotNumList.htm with Jim Whiting's West Fluegel Leipzig and BAC London shows
02Nov09 updated RobotNumList.htm with Scribbler
20Mar09 added skid turn note to BigFoot.
18Mar09 added History Making robots/Updates page
12Mar09 added GEtruck page to HistoryMakers
12Mar09 added Danny's Tree to Inspirations
29Jan09 updated Nevik2.BS1
17Jan09 updated History Makers/RB5X link to RB Robotics
02Dec08 added Gallery to Ambler
02Dec08 added Ambler link and Toddler/Penguin note to BigFoot
05Nov08 added link on YouTube Videos page to video of TecFoot at BA Festival in Liverpool.
26Oct08 added Ken'sBipeds.jpg to Ken Gracey's page.
25Aug08 added RoboNova Servo Notes
24Aug08 added Zeakers' Gallery
17Aug08 added RoboNova Manual
16Aug08 added pictures of the current sad state of Liberator
29Nov07 added Cyclops to History Makers
09Nov07 added Ken Gracey's Toddler and Penguin to Inspirations
29Oct07 added Phoney Pony, OSU hexapod, Uttley's Meccano trolley, Trundle photo, to History Makers
29Oct07 added Zemanek's #5 conditioned reflex model, to history Makers
29Oct07 added TinyTim Telegraph article
27Oct07 added the document A Minimalist Approach to Biped Walking Robots
20Oct07 moved current BigFoot pages to DB from MAi
18Oct07 added a TecRover 2002 robot base.
16Oct07 added a paragraph about, and photos of, me standing on top of a fifty foot pole at an Anthony Robbins seminar
24Sep07 moved current Hextor pages and TecFoot pages to DB from MAi
26Aug07 added photo of Edmund Berkely and Squee to Squee
26Aug07 added extract from Magic -1898 to Moore Steam Man
22Aug07 added to Edison Doll reference and link to Doll recording as MP3
21Aug07 added 1868 newspaper article to 1868 Dederick's Steam Man in History Makers.
21Aug07 added 1893 Moore's Steam Man to History makers.
02Aug07 added Timothy Turtle to History makers.
02Aug07 added 1890 Edison's Talking Doll to History makers.
01Aug07 added 1868 Dederick's Steam Man to History Makers.
31Jul07 added extra description from Nemes 69 to 1957 Szegedi Katicabogár (Ladybird)
29Jul07 added photo of Squee today
27Jul07 added some notes on ficticious Steam men from 1800s to Pseudo, 'Art robots' and Fiction page
25Jul07 added 1957 Szegedi Katicabogár (Ladybird), under History Makers
15Jul07 added Because We Can for miscellaneous robots, under History Makers
15Jul07 added some photos to Alpha in History Makers.
15Jul07 added a Pseudo, 'Art robots' and Fiction page to History Makers
15Jul07 added a Help Wanted page to History Makers
15Jul07 added a second Radio Electronics article on Squee in History Makers.
12Jul07 added a Popular Science article on Garco in History Makers.
10Jul07 added a Practical Mechanics article on Alpha in History Makers.
07Jul07 added a Radio Electronics article on Squee in History Makers.
07Jul07 added a Popular Science article on Squee in History Makers.
06Jul07 revised date of Squee from 1956 to 1951
06Jul07 added a page on Gygan to History Makers.
05Jul07 added photo of internals of History Makers Electric Dog
06Jun07 added Notable pages
26May07 added Odex-1 to History Makers.
19May07 added Teal page
21Apr07 Flatfoot by Math Vos added to Inspirations
16Apr07 added Zero2 Manual
16Apr07 added sak3, Robot Marcheur to Inspirations
02Apr07 Liberator Explained page added
09Mar07 Dropper Diodes removed from Simplhex
03Mar07 Garco added to History Makers page
27Feb07 Simple Fighter and blue BigFoot added to Inspirations
25Feb07 Creep added to History Makers
25Feb07 BIPEDE by Chevreuil Régis added to Inspirations
18Feb07 History MakersAdded Cygan, P2
08Feb07 History MakersAdded Assimov's laws page to History Makers
21-1-07 History Makers, photos added, Eric, GE walking truck, Heuy Dewey Louie, Shakey, Johnny 5, Cmdr Data, RB5X, Elsie 1949
21-1-07 Alpha 1932 humanoid robot added to History Makers
13-1-07 Vincent added to Inspirations
7-1-07 History Makers, revised with significant TimeLine events
7-1-07 History Makers HebotII added
7-1-07 History Makers Chace Tolman added
7-1-07 History Makers 1912 Electric Dog revised and extended
21-10-06 History Makers 1951 Squee, an electric squirell
19-10-06 History Makers 1912 Electric Dog added
04-10-06 Imperial-Drone Nevik construction and gallery added
23-9-06 MM3 circuit, photos and drawing added
23-9-06 Simplhex photos @2006 added
23-9-06 Simplhex photos @2000 added
23-9-06 Zeaker manual added
23-9-06 Zeaker page updated
12-9-06 Imperial-Drone Nevik page added
30-8-06 Some Japanese sites added to Inspirations page
21-8-06 Yeti added to Inspirations page
21-8-06 Thumbnails added to Inspirations page
5-6-06 Basic program and HexDump added to Simplhex
14-5-06 RobotNumList.htm updated with Shadow robot-leg, and Gaze-Eyes head for Sweden
15-3-06 Big Breakfast letter added to Imperial Ladies
9-2-06 Three photos of Zeaker - 3,4,5, added to Zeaker
25-11-05's bipeds added to Inspirations page
25-11-05 Bluebell Design's walker added to Inspirations page
25-11-05 Endtas BigFoot added to Inspirations page
20-9-05 SteadyMan added to Inspirations page
02-09-05 Tiny-Tim some extra details and program pages added
31-8-05 Loki can walk sideways
08-01-05 Phillips 1930s Dog and Horse added to History Makers. BMVA announcement added to Robot Olympics 1990 page

Robots and Systems
Miscellaneous Robot-Stuff.
27Nov09 added photo of Shadow Electric Hand to Hand Research
02Nov09 added 'RAPHaEL Air Powered Hand' to Hand Research
27Apr09 added to Simple Walking Mechanisms page - big picture of BoeBot Crawler
06Apr09 added to Simple Walking Mechanisms page - Ambler
04Feb09 added to Simple Walking Mechanisms page a note re poor design of Williams biped.
31Aug08 added teardown of Meccano Spykee Micro. 15Jul07 added anybots robot hand to Robot Hands
28May07 added One Day Personal Robotics Seminar, London West Hotel, SW6. Wednesday 3rd July 1985
26May07 added Zylatron by Mike Otis to Albuquerque84
26May07 added Billingsley-A84-report to Albuquerque84
21May07 Robot Olympics 1990; added Flier, competitor info, Cardiff biped, Daily Telegraph, Byte, IAPR, Robot Roundup and Shadow report pages.
19May07 added Albuquerque 1984 page with RM photos.
16Apr07 Mechanisms for simple Walking Robots
16Apr07 Robot hands
18-10-06 added Data sheet for Camel PIO SP 8 bit I/O for the Spectrum
4-10-06 added RoboNova Low Voltage page
31-1-06 added Amateur Computer Club, First National Conference, On: 'Practical Micro-Robotics', Saturday, 28 November 1981
31-1-06 added 2nd National ACC Micro-robotics Conference, Westminster, April 1984
2-12-05 Robotics Grand Chalenge - proposal page added
2-9-05 Roger's CLAWAR paper on Scarlet edited so images are readable, size was incorrect.
4-8-05 British Amateur Robotics Group - BARG, pages added
08-01-05 Roger's 1968 computer added. IEEE Spectrum article added to Micromouse 1980