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Custom Robotics and Animatronics
26Nov21 added Celt Gallery
31Oct21 The Note-Taker folder had disappeared! Reloaded it and added the video of his hand writing
28Oct21 added Bishop page
26Oct21 added 11 January 2012 video to Cycler Videos
22Oct21 added Flying Nike Shoes
20Oct21 added Dr Mirakel and Butler - Spirit of Salzburg Museum
18Oct21 added Cycler Launch page
18Oct21 added Cycler Manual page
26May21 added Pan and Tilt to Portfolio Odds and Ends
20Apr21 added Nutcracker videos to Videos page
13Jan20 added Schematic, Basic program and hex file for PIC16c84 to Gaze Control
26Oct13 added Pictorial CV page
26Oct13 added note to Cycler Presentation Robot page
26Sep13 added Animatronic Grasshopper 2003 to Portfolio odds and ends
20Feb13 added Animatronic talking Celt YouTube page
20Feb13 added Policeman YouTube page
13Jan13 added McKibben Legs page
03Sep12 added added link to Blue Peter video on Cycler videos page and Blue Peter note on main Cycler page.
18Apr12 added Nutcracker doll and pneumatic animatronic legs to Portfolio
26Jan12 added Special Effect Table for Svein Flygari Johanson,to Portfolio
26Jan12 added Breathing Torso for Jersey Tunnels museum to Portfolio
23Jan11 added Tile2000 to Portfolio
11Dec10 added Oil-Lamp to Portfolio Odds and Ends
11Dec10 Zero2 to Portfolio
22Jan10 added Zeaker to Portfolio
Prior to 2010
About me and my robots and other things.
History Making Robots updates page @ 10 Mar 2015

07May24 added My Drawings and Paintings
14Sep23 updated Hextor Manual for Sonar array
14Sep23 added Hextor sonar array page
12Sep23 added Melissa God-Hand to the FiveFingerHand page
29Aug23 added FiveFingerHand +Arduino Nano so the hand can be controlled from a terminal
23Aug23 added an Arduino Interface so DoubleVision can be used from a Terminal
10Aug23 added Duplhex two motor hexapod walker
24Jul23 added an Arduino Interface to give computer control of Prowler
20Jul23 added an Arduino Interface to give computer control of Zeaker
08Jul23 added an Arduino Interface to give computer control of MM3
29Apr23 added Schematic Bamduino ProMini
29Apr23 added Schematic Bamduino M2
29Apr23 added Gallery Bamduino M2
29Apr23 added Gallery Bamduino PM
29Apr23 added Gallery Bambino #4
29Apr23 added Gallery Bambino Prototype
23Apr23 added Libby - Liberator reborn
07Apr23 added Hextor Gallery
05Mar23 added Aesir and thumbs to index
04Jan23 added Carving-Vice and Blacksmith's-Vice to Workshop
14Dec22 added pages for Ajax biped
18Oct22 added pages for Pop Ambler, Mom Ambler, Joe Ambler
23Sep22 added ZX81 program to MM3
03Sep22 added to Shadow Biped page, photo from Guardian Weekend Technofear article Aug 7th 1993.
22Jul22 added Circuit diagram to TecArm5 page and Nano board circuit diagram to TecArm6v2 page
17Apr22 updated Zero2 software with v5.5
13Mar22 added Imp Plan and Circuit
07Mar22 added Jet Laser JA53_turnUS Arduino software
06Mar22 added Bambino PicAxeX2 program #49 to turn to object or turn to open space
03Mar22 BA53_turnUS - Bamduino can now turn to an object and turn to an open space
25Feb22 added Bambino Plan and Circuit
25Feb22 added clearer plan and circuits to Tom
25Feb22 added plan and circuits to Kasper
18Feb22 BA52_IRout - Bamduino can now transmit IR-commands to other Bambduinos, Bambinos, or even to Aesir
05Jan22 updated Zero2 page
22Dec21 added a video of a Loki meets Thor scenario
23Nov21 updated updated Victoria & Elizabeth to Imperial Ladies with Galleries for Elizabeth & Victoria
23Nov21 added Chester Bandsaw modifications, Wood Vice improvements, Carving Clamp refurbishment to Workshop
14Nov21 added a page for some old Models
13Nov21 added a page for my wood carvingsTimbugII page
04Nov21 added circuits to Fred and Icarus
04Nov21 added HM WiLF line follower
18Oct21 added documentation page to Shadow Biped
17Oct21 added added Prototype Control-Station to Zeakers' Gallery
15Oct21 updated Thor Log Loki Log
15Oct21 added Baldur Log page
15Oct21 updated Baldur Gallery
15Oct21 added Ullr Log page
15Oct21 updated Ullr Gallery
24Sep21 added optical Whiskers to Loki
20Sep21 updated Loki page with new software
17Sep21 brought all Aesir software into line, added XX-overview.bas for each Aesir - Loki, Freya, Thor, Baldur, Ullr
04Aug21 added Modular-1 page
12Jul21 added new brain and new software for Loki
17Jun21 added Sam video
16Jun21 added Efi video
07Jun21 added Shadow Leg v2 page
06Jun21 added Alex prototype page.
06Jun21 added TecArm6v2
06Jun21 added Bamduino, Bambino-A pages.
06Jun21 added page with Arduino code for serout, serin at 9600 baud and IRin for Sony IR commands
30May21 added Loki Galleries, and updated programs
27May21 added BigFoot Galleries
26May21 added
TecArm6 robot arm
25May21 added TecArm5 robot arm
24May21 added Freya four servo biped
22May21 added Thor four servo biped
19May21 added Baldur four servo biped
17May21 added Ullr four servo biped
17May21 added Imp four servo biped
17May21 added Hugo animatronic head page
17May21 added MM3 Gallery 2021
16May21 added MM3 Gallery 1982
15May21 added Prowler Gallery
14May21 added MM1 micromouse
01May21 updated Simplex's program to v4, added standup-turns and single steps rather than double steps
29Apr21 added TecBug Circuit and Daughter-board drawings
18Apr21 added Hexy light seeking robot
18Apr21 added Fred light seeking robot
15Apr21 added Kasper Gallery
15Apr21 added Tom Ear commands, and Tom Ear memory dump
15Apr21 added Kasper Ear commands, and Kasper Ear memory dump
15Apr21 added Jet CAD build, Jet videos
12Apr21 added IR control to Simplhex
11Apr21 added Kasper biped robot
10Apr21 added Joe and Jet to Ambler and Ambler Liniage
10Apr21 added Tom plans to Tom's page
05Apr21 added Jet page with Jet-Laser and Jet-Laser with Sensors
05Apr21 updated Tom page photos Head boards, TwinkleToes, IRear; +software
19Sep20 updated BBC-Buggy Arduino software
06Sep20 added BBC-Buggy pages
01Sep20 added photos of ArduinoInterface to Zeaker2Log
16Jul20 added Beeber Upgrade Log page, plus Beeber Basic-Stamp-2 program
01Jul20 added Beeber
07Feb20 Teal - added gallery, MM article and plan
02Feb20 added - Saddle-clamp, new Cross-slide handle, Pitkin Donut to Workshop
08Dec19 added pictures of Shadow Biped in Science Museum's exhibition to Biped photos
08Dec19 updated Shadow Biped page with Science Museum's exhibition
23Jun19 updated Frea with latest behaviour
08Jan19 added copy act to Zeaker2 and Zero2 Arduino instructions
15Nov17 added photo Baldur
07Sep17 added Software overview to Ambler and Tom software files
11Jun17 added RoboNova and Windows-10 problems
24May17 added Zeaker2 pages.
24May17 updated Annotated list of some of my robots.
16Mar17 updated Workshop Log - lathe, table, bandsaw, drill, Jobber, lathe, coupling
12Apr16 added Lab Log page - CH340 entry
28Oct15 added Prowler Circuit
23Oct15 added Prowler Sinclair Projects articles
30Apr15 added Jet construction page to Amblers
15Feb15 added Compass to TecFoot Log
13Feb15 added Operation.txt to TecFoot
01Oct14 updated Thor Log, added Gallery Raw 1, Gallery 1, software and commands
01Oct14 added 2014 July 26/27, Mini Maker Faire at the Manchester MOSI to My Robot Outings
18Mar14 added Workshop section
21Dec13 added photo page of restored Shadow Biped
26Oct13 added Pictorial CV page
16Oct13 added archive copy of Shadow's Shadow Biped page
16Aug13 added Shadow Biped overview page
16Aug13 added 2013 August 10/11, Mini Maker Faire at the Manchester MOSI to My Robot Outings
07Jul13 added entries to Loki Log
07Jul13 added entries to TecFoot Log, and Tecfoot circuit and Condor 18m2 circuit and program to TecFoot Manual
14Jun13 added TecBug - Hextor prototype
10May13 added Knutsford-Guardian article
10May13 added 2012- July 21/22, Cheshire Open Studios drawing event at Knutsford Old Town Hall
10May13 added My Robot Outings
02Jul12 added TecFoot Log
24Jan12 added Bambino programming pages
14Jan12 added
24Dec11 added Bambino with gallery and Build instructions
14Jul11 added Thor Log
01Jun11 added Strider pages
24Mar11 added Frea Gallery - photos
14Feb11 added Loki Log
14Feb11 added technotes to Quester
21Jan11 added DoubleVision
05Jan11 added Modular1 photo
05Jan11 added MiniFreaDXF.jpg
23Dec10 added Frea page
200ec10 added Software index page for my robot software
06Dec10 added Groundhogs Clarissa-May and Snowdrop
05Dec10 added IR sensor installation on TecFoot Condor
23Nov10 added Icarus
17Nov10 added tecfoot.dxf to TecFoot Manual
02Nov10 added 1994 Uel Open Day to Outings
02Nov10 added 1990 Robot Olympics to Outings
12Feb10 added Robot Outings page
11Feb10 added photos to TinyTim
Prior to 2010
The Mech-ai range of robot kits
Prior to 2010

Robots and Systems
Miscellaneous Robot-Stuff.
11Aug23 added Joe Bosworth's site "The Robot Channel" archived
21Jun21 added Roger Starnes' Bug videos page
21Jun21 added Roger Starnes' Dragon videos page
24Feb15 added Roger Starnes' Cat videos page
23Feb15 added to Roger Starnes' Cat - cat-1.dwg, cat-1.jpg, cat-1.htm, cat-1.dwg-c.jpg
21Feb15 added Adam Hart-Davis' photos of the Robot Olympics 1990
19Feb15 added to Roger Starnes' Dragon - komodo-2.dwg, komodo-2.dwg-Layout.jpg, komodo-2.dwg-Model.jpg, komodo-2.htm, komodo-2.dwg-Layout-c.jpg
18Feb15 added to Roger Starnes' Bug - bug-4.dwg, bug-4.dwg-Layout.jpg, bug-4.dwg-Model.jpg, bug-4.htm, bug-4.dwg-Layout-c.jpg
21Mar14 added mmrace.pdf - IEEE spectrum 1979 amazing micromice article to Micromouse history 1978-9
18Mar11 added Practical Mechanics August 1980 article to Micromouse history
22Dec10 added Quanta Archive to map
25Nov10 added Quanta archived section
02Nov10 added Sensor Tests
02Nov10 added Brochure to 1990 Robot Olympics
Prior to 2010

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