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02Nov23 when Yahoo disappeared so did so banner title changed to 'Robots and Systems'
11Aug23 added Joe Bosworth's site "The Robot Channel"
25Jul22 changed Quanta newsletter page to use JPGs instead of SWF for Vol21
21Jun21 added two videos of Roger Starnes' Bug and two of his Dragon
06Apr17 added QUANTA #1 magazine to Quanta archive
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24Feb15 added Cat videos page
23Feb15 added to Cat - cat-1.dwg, cat-1.jpg, cat-1.htm, cat-1.dwg-c.jpg
21Feb15 added Adam Hart-Davis' photos of the Robot Olympics 1990
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09Oct14 added link to IPRC84 page
01May12 added BeBionic, Salisbury Hand, and link to Hands page
30Apr12 added elumotion ELU-2 hand and new iLimb to touchbionics on Hands page
12Dec11 Added Servotests page, reorganised main page
21Jun11 changed all hot images to 'border=1' FF and GC stopped putting auto borders on links
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18Mar11 added Practical Mechanics 1980 article to Micromouse 1980
22Jan11 corrected Olympics90 Brochure page, menu and page title from 'Cardiff Walker' to 'Brochure'
15Dec10 added Frea to Roger's Robots
25Nov10 added Quanta Archived section
02Nov10 added Sensor Tests
02Nov10 added Brochure to 1990 Robot Olympics
28Sep10 Albuquerque 1984, added link to
29Mar10 Albuquerque 1984, found name, maker and details of H.E.N.R.Y. and Fetal's designer.
26Feb10 added brochures to IPRC84
27Nov09 added Shadow Elctric Hand photo to Hand Research
02Nov09 added 'RAPHaEL Air Powered Hand' to Hand Research
27Apr09 added to Simple Walking Mechanisms page big picture of BoeBot Crawler
06Apr09 added to Simple Walking Mechanisms page Ambler
04Feb09 added to Simple Walking Mechanisms page a note re poor design of Williams biped.
08Sep08 added RobotsDreams link to Spykee Micro page.
01Sep08 added Micro to Spykee name.
31Aug08 added teardown of Meccano Spykee.
01Feb08 added Utah/MIT and StanfordJPL hands to Robot Hands page
01Feb08 added some links to Unicorn type robot on IPRC page
23Oct07 added Zurich/Tokyo hand to Robot Hands page
15Jul07 added Anybots robot hand to Robot Hands page
28May07 added Personal Robotics Seminar London 1985
28May07 added micromouse index page and menus on each page
22May07 added Billingsley-A84-report.htm, OtisZylatron.htm to Albuquerque84
22May07 added photo of Roger's computer on display in Civic Hall to his computer page
21May07 Robot Olympics, 90; added competitor info, Cardiff biped, Daily Telegraph, Byte, IAPR, Robot Roundup and Shadow report pages.
19May07 added Albuquerque page with RM photos
21Apr07 added to WalkerMechanisms
16Apr07 added a page on advanced robotic Hands
16Apr07 added a page on Mechanisms for simple robot walkers
19Jan07 RoboticsGrandChallenge moved from News to subsection
12Dec06 link to DB/HistoryMakers added to index page
18Oct06 hardware section added with Camel PIO SP
04-10-06 added RoboNova Low Voltage page
24-7-06 RS\RogerStarnes\Scarlet1.htm formatting of title corrected, <br> added
2-5-06 RS\RogerStarnes\Scarlet1.htm Android world entry changed from 5 to 8
31-1-06 RS\mmouse\micromouse78.htm - typing mistale
31-1-06 ACC conference pages added, BARG index page added and 'BARG index' to menus, Olympics moved from DB
31-1-06 BARG put in History section of RS/index.htm
7-1-06 RS\mmouse\micromouse82.htm - typing mistale
2-12-05 Robotics Grand Chalenge - proposal page added
2-9-05 Roger's CLAWAR paper html edited to get image sizes right so images are readable, file name changed
4-8-05 Archive News page created, news removed from Links page, BARG added
15-12-04 North London Hobby Computer Club added to micromouse78
06-12-04 Roger Starnes' Dragon text corrected to 'two' Scenix SX28
22-11-04 IEEEspectrum79 pages added to micromouse 79 page
2-11-04 Roger Starnes' earlier work - computer added
16-10-04 Roger Starnes' index Roger's death
19-8-04 Roger Starnes' Scarlet, version numbering corrected, CAD dwg added
18-8-04 Roger Starnes' Cat-2 added, Roger Starnes' menu order altered
18-8-04 Roger Starnes' Scarlet2 paper htm file renamed
1-8-04 Roger Starnes' Cat-Tech-Spec. added
1-8-04 Roger Starnes' Bug-Tech-Spec. added
1-8-04 Roger Starnes' Bug added
1-8-04 Roger Starnes' Dragon-Tech-Spec. added
27-6-04 Roger Starnes' Dragon added
26-6-04 Roger Starnes' Cat added
21-6-04 Roger Starnes' pages index, Scarlet1, CLAWAR-03_paper_(Scarlet2) added
3-6-04 micromouse80, AISB page added
2-6-04 this page created
2-6-04 accumulator May 82 item added to micromouse 1982 page
2-6-04 New Scientist Sep 80 item added to micromouse 1980 page

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