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Library Disk Title Category Submitted Author Revised Description Text
CD 01 CAD C.A.D. 87/08 PRIVETT .L One of the best CAD's we have, & just about the easiest to use. Design your circuit diagrams with this, auto-drawing of most components I/C's, terminals, resistors, etc. plus all the normal save, load & printer dump facilities. Associated files : Cad_exts, Cad_exe, Cad_font, Cad_scr, Cad1_doc, Cad_config_exe, Cad2_doc, Dump_install_bas, Dump_code, Cad_clone, Cad_boot.
CD 01 NSCR C.A.D. 88/01 COGSWELL .E A revised & very much enhanced version of Scriptula, previously only available from the author for `10.00. Uses Alt + / to change screens. Documentation as for Scriptula. Associated files : HO3E_D, RELATE, NSCR.
CD 01 PERSPECTIVE C.A.D 86/03 SYRJALA .S A drawing program using x,y,z co-ordinates with the ability to change the view, scale etc. Facilities to save drawings or to output to printer or plotter. Documentation on Perspec_doc. Use Lrun mdv1_Perspective_bas (Drawing files should be in mdv2). Associated files : Perspective_screen, Perspective_xyz (examples)
CD 01 QL_SCRIPTULA C.A.D. 28.2.86 COGSWELL .E Computer aided design packages, one in Superbasic & a compiled version. Instructions on SCRIP_DOC with a "Beginners Guide" by Brian Davies on STARTUP_DOC. Example data - SQUARES & HOUSEPLAN. Load basic version by - Lrun mdv1_scrip_bas & compiled version by Exec_w mdv1_scrip_cde
CD 01 QLAD_BAS C.A.D. 1.08.86 TOWERS .A A versatile & powerful example of a drawing/design/editing program. All the usual facilities are present, in an easy-to-use package. Includes several example pictures & a Supercharged version (_x). Associated files : Boot_qlad, Boot_qlad_x, Boot_qld, Qlad1_bas, Qlad_x, Datamerge, Demo_bas, Extensions_x, Scene_dat, Star_dat, Stool_dat,Qlad_doc, Redraw_x.
CT 01 COMMS COMMS 86/08 STOCKTON .A The current version (12.08.86) handles communications at 300/300 baud only. See COMMS_doc for full details. Associated files : Comms_boot, COMMS_doc, BBS3_code. N.B. Comms_doc missing. Will Author please contact Quality Controller.
CT 01 IBMDISK_EXEC XFER 85/07 TAYLOR .N Transfers files from 5.25 floppys in IBM PC format. To run place disk in flp1_ ,type Exec_w xxx_ibmdisk_exec. The file reads the directory & file allocation table. The file then prompts for an option. Type the single letter for the option followed by enter. IBM filenames to be entered as xxxxx.eee xxxxx - name up to 8 characters, eee- extent up to 3 characters. The program is currently one way & transfers from IBM to QL. Documentation on IBMDISK_INFO. Part of the DASM_XDR Package
CT 11 KERMIT COMMS 90/01 This is a No1 of three disks containing KERMIT. There are too many files to list. Due to the expected limited demand for these disks they will be held by the H/Librarian ONLY You need to be well versed in communications to make full use of KERMIT
CT 01 MULTIDOS XFER 89/05 GOODWIN .S Yippee !!!. What I've been waiting for since I got my QL. It transfers TRS80 files to the QL, Can be used on TRSDOS, NEWDOS+, NEWDOS80, & LDOS System disks. (I'm going to be busy). Can be used for Model 1 & 3 . Associated files : Multidos_doc, Runtime_boot, Multidos_task, Multi_runtime_extns, Multidos_bas.
CT 01 NEWBRAIN_BAS XFER 1.11.84 METHLEY .J QL to Newbrain. Newbrain to QL file conversion & transfer package, very useful if you have just upgraded from a Newbrain to a QL. Use Lrun. Documentation on NEWBRAIN_DOC.
CT 01 QL-IBM_TRANSFER XFER 1.8.88 LENERZ .W 1.11.90 QL to IBM and IBM to QL file transfer utilities. FILES :- QLIBM_BAS, QLIBM_EXE (EXEC_W), QLIBM_DOC (QUILL). This is the latest version available.
CT 01 QL-IBM-QL_TRANSL XFER 28.5.89 LENERZ .W A QL - IBM - QL file transfer/translator program. Associated files : Ibmtool, QLtoIBM, Conv_doc, IBMQLconv_asm.
CT 01 QL52 COMMS 22.8.87 ROSENTHAL .V A terminal emulation/communications program. Allows transfer of files from some remote computer systems. The program makes the QL emulate either a VT52 or "dumb" teletype terminal, allows transfer of ASCII files to/from the QL. Baud rates 300 to 2400. You need a modem to communicate via the telephone system. Associated files:- QL52_bas, QL52_exe, QL52_pfk, QL52_doc.
CT 01 QLBASIC_BAS XFER 1.11.84 PRICE .K Used in conjunction with transfer will help to convert Microsoft Basic lines into QL lines. Use Lrun.
CT 01 SENDFILE XFER 28.5.89 SALMI .T A set of programs to send & receive files via RS232. Up to Timo's usual standard. Associated files : Sendfile_exe, Sendfile_doc, Takefile_exe, Sendfile_lis.
CT 01 TERMINAL_BAS COMMS 1.11.84 RIDGE .J A Terminal Emulator program for use with Modems to talk to mainframe computers. Guaranteed to work at 300 baud. Has been known to work OK at 1200 baud as well. Use Lrun.
CT 01 Z88-QL_TRANSFER XFER 27.5.89 EDWARDS .M A program which allows exchange of files between Z88 & QL both ways. With HELP files. Will NOT transfer spreadsheets to Abacus or vice-versa. Q.C. has been unable to test (no Z88). Associated files : Transfer_doc, Transfer_edt, Runtime_boot, Runtime_exts, Z88_transfer, Z88_transfer_bas.
CT 01 Z88TOQL_TRANSFER XFER 10.5.89 BORMAN .P 1.11.90 Another Z88 to QL transfer utility. Q.C. has been unable to test (no Z88). Please advise if bugs found. (or of course, ring Phil !!) Associated files : :RAM.0/QL_ed, Impexp_obj, _doc, Precis_lis, Boot_Z88.
CT 02 BULLETIN_BOARD COMMS 90/11 QVIEW MEGA CORP This program is for those that would like to start their own Bulletin board, pointer driven making it easier to use. There is a manual to go with program; this is available from Qview for a small fee. Associated files : Boot, _rext, Setup, Qved_obj, _ovl_obj, Qvbb_obj, Config, Qvpages, Convert_obj, Carousel_make_obj, Route_link_obj, Pw_demo, Err_msg, Caller_log, Qvpr_txt, Updates, Qvpr_obj, Qvop_obj.
CT 02 CONVERTER UTILITY 90/11 ANON A conversion program for files from the Spectrum to the QL. Requires the Interface 1 unit on the Spectrum but should help even if you don't have the unit. Associated files : Converter_bas.
CT 02 NETMAN COMMS 90/11 MARWAH .S A very clever networking program that will sit in the background until required. Send messages & view remote screens via the network. Can be used with Qram or taskmasters programs: requires TK2 fitted to both QL's. Needs Qlib_ext & Qlib_run to run the compiled version. Associated files : Netman, _doc, _bas, Screencopy_bas, _obj, Bellcheck_bas, _obj.
CT 02 VT52_BAS COMMS 11.90 REEVES .L A VT52 program; suggest that it is compiled to get the best out of it. Associated files : VT52_bas.
ED 01 ANIMALS EDUCATION 90/11 ANON This program tries to guess the animal you are thinking of by asking questions about it. Ideal for the children. Associated files : Animals, File_dat.
ED 01 CONSEQUENCES EDUC/GAME 85/03 TORODE .B An educational package to encourage children to write a story on the QL. First line of the story is provided by the QL, the rest is up to the imagination of the children. Stories can be printed or saved and continued later. Associated files - PILGRIM_STORY, PARTY_STORY.
ED 01 FLAGS_EXE EDUC/GAME 86/10 SALMI .T An educational game in which you are shown national flags, you are then asked to identify each in turn from a multiple choice list.
ED 01 HEARTBEAT EDUCATION 11.90 KNIGHT .M This program demonstrates how the human heart functions in a graphical form. There is also a Quiz to go with the demo. Associated files : Boot, Runtime_exts, Graph_save_exn, Heart_doc, Heartinstall, _boot, Heart_jobw, _anm, Heart4_dat, Heart8_dat.
ED 01 JOES_PROCS EDUCATION 01.90 HAFTKE .J Some more procedure examples to aid the beginners in S/Basic. Use : Lrun Joes_procs. Associated files : Joes_procs.
ED 01 LOGIC_TUTOR EDUCATION 1.3.86 JONES .D Displays a truth table for logical functions. Input 2 numbers & check your answer against the computer. Documentation on LOGIC_DOC. Use Lrun.
ED 01 MANAGAME_EXE EDUC/GAME 10.10.86 SALMI .T 28.5.89 A management game for one person. Besides being just a game, it serves as a serious introduction to full-fledged management games used in the teaching of business students.
ED 01 MORSE_TUTOR EDUCATION 01.90 DOMINIK .I A simple to use Morse code tutor, will ask you to repeat the exercise until you get it right. Use : Lrun Morse Associated files : Morse
ED 01 MORSE_TRAINER 01.91 BRETT .C An indispensable aid for anyone learning the Morse Code. Provides 3 levels from beginner to advanced. Runs a little fast under Minerva, but not excessively. Use Lrun. Assoc:Files: morse_bas; morse_doc.
ED 01 POLYIONS_BAS EDUC 10.5.89 CLASE .H This will check your Chemistry knowledge, can be added to, or modified for other teaching purposes. Associated files : Polyions_bas
ED 01 QL_KEYWORDS EDUC 17.9.89 JONES .P If you do not like reading the Manual, or, need a better example of that Key-word, use this program. It shows how to use the Key-word in your Procedures. And displays the results. Another good program for the beginner & the rest of us. Use Lrun (the boot). Associated files : Intro_doc, Boot_keywords, Guide1_exec, Guide2_exec.
ED 01 ROMANS EDUC/MATHS 4.3.86 JONES .D A program to convert integers to Roman numerals and vice versa. Documentation on Romans_doc.
ED 01 SBASIC PROC EDUC 10.5.89 CLASE .H A variety of S/Basic procedures, more suited to the beginners, but of interest to all. Read Procs_doc, then run Procs_master. Associated files : A total of 18 files prefixed ' PROC_ '.
UG 06 ARCHIVER UTILITY 92/10 KETTLEWELL .R A 'C' program to compress files. Very useful as a space saver on backing up a hard disc, or to compress files for transmission to a bulletin board. Sources are included for compilation with C68, and text files are supplied which describe the LZW and HUFFMAN packing methods used.
GG 01 BLITZ_BAS GAME 85/08 MURPHY .P Blast a path for your stricken helicopter to land before you crash into the tall buildings. An addictive game with good graphics.
GG 01 BREAKWALL_BAS GAME 84/11 BEALES .D A breakout game (bat,ball and pretty coloured wall you have to smash by knocking the ball against it). A slow and gentle game.
GG 01 CHESSSET_BAS GAME 29.11.84 MIALL .H 29.07.85 Chess game, draws board & pieces. A variation on the original version by Ron Dwight.
GG 01 CLAIRE_BAS GAME 14.4.86 JORDAN .I A game using only the left/right cursor keys, very fast in the present form but can be slowed down by adjustment to the basic section of the program. The idea is to swerve to avoid the rocks coming at you. Use Lrun. Associated file : CLAIRE_CODE.
GG 01 CONNECT_BAS GAME 20.08.86 NOWOTNIK .D Plays Connect 4. Either one player versus the QL or two (human) players. Nice colour graphics. Use Lrun. A revised version CONNECT_X (compiled) available.
GG 01 CONNECT_X GAME 07.03.85 NOWOTNIK .D The Connect 4 game from D_06 compiled by T.Towers with Supercharge. Use Exec_W.
GG 01 DUCKSHOOT_BAS GAME 29.08.85 MURPHY .P The game is what the name implies. Control your aim with the cursor keys & fire with the space bar. The ducks move reasonably slowly & gracefully across the screen. You should get a hit every time but will you?
GG 01 DUEL_BAS GAME 07.03.85 KINGSLAKE .R A combat game with a pretty graphics screen where you and the QL fire missiles at one another. Use Lrun.
GG 01 ELIZA_BAS GAME 1.11.84 HARTNELL .T From Tim's book the "QL Games Compendium" which contains lots of other goodies you'll have to type in yourselves. ELIZA is a game where the computer pretends to be a psychiatrist - or is there really a human being talking with you ? Can anyone write a QL program that passes the TURING test (ie indistinguishable from the response you'd get from a human). Meanwhile, use LRUN to see how far Tim got.
GG 01 FNINE_BAS GAME 07.03.85 PLENTY .R Animated solutions to the 9-piece "sliding" puzzle game based on the heuristic principles. Algorithm from the book "Principle of AI" by - N.J.Nilsson. Use Lrun. Documentation on INFO2_DOC.
GG 01 FOUR_IN_LINE_BAS GAME 29.9.84 JORDAN .I Four in a line or "Connect 4" (2 ply search) game. Use Lrun.
GG 01 FROGGY GAME 28.2.86 DAY .A The QL version of an old favourite & you need to be good to do well on this one!! Not only do you have the usual crocodiles to contend with, you also have to do it against the clock. (Only suitable for unexpanded QL's). Use Lrun.
GG 01 HANGMAN2_BAS GAME 29.08.85 MURPHY .P If you enjoyed Tom Bladon's version you will also enjoy this. It has the standard of graphics we have come to expect from Phil & has a few sneaky words thrown in.
GG 01 HANGMAN_BAS GAME 28.9.84 BLADON .T An excellent animated Hangman game. A very large repertoire of words, Most of them pretty difficult to guess, has been provided. The files Zoology_bas,GEOG_BAS, ASTRON_BAS get MERGEd if you decide to go for Zoology, Geography or Astronomy. Documentation on INFO_DOC. Use Lrun.
GG 01 HANOI GAME 22.08.87 KENNEDY .P The classical "Towers of Hanoi" problem, with 5 disks. Nice graphical presentation.
GG 01 LIFE_BAS GAME 14.4.86 JORDAN .I The Q.L. version of John Conway's "Game of Life" with facilities to design your own colony or to have one generated by the Q.L. Very fast, Takes about a second for each generation, screen can be dumped to an Epson compatible printer. Use Lrun. Associated file : Life_code.
GG 01 LINEGAME_EXE GAME 22.08.87 SALMI .T You have to fit a line (y=kx+a) to hit a number of circles. Each circle has a score in inverse ratio to its size. The player has 3 lines to fit & the possibility of gaining bonus lines.
GG 01 LUNAR_BAS GAME 02.08.85 QL USER Copied from QL User by N. Taylor. The object is to guide the spacecraft down the channel & on to a moving trolley using the cursor keys. It is easy to get down the channel but the trolley landing is not as easy as it looks. A successful landing scores time units. Simple graphics & sound add to the entertainment. Use Lrun. Which will also load SPRITE_BYTES (Also copied from QL User by Nigel).
GG 01 MASTERMIND_X GAME 07.03.85 PRIVETT .L The compiled version of Lee's games program, converted by Tony Towers using Supercharge. Use Exec_w.
GG 01 MASTERMIND_BAS GAME 20.08.86 PRIVETT .L A program to play a version of the "Mastermind" game, playing either the QL or another (human) opponent. Compiled version available. Use Lrun.
GG 01 MASTER_BAS GAME 01.11.84 ROBINSON A game of Mastermind for 2 players or 1 against the QL. Use Lrun.
GG 01 MAZES_GAME GAME 1.3.86 JONES .D 04.94 A set of 5 programs plus a _doc file. It draws a random maze which you negotiate with n,e,s,w keys. Help is provided by the ' m ' key for those who are lost & escape for escapees! When you reach the exit your time is shown. Before you start on the game try the excellent MAZE_DEMO1 & DEMO2 files. Once you have run the game try the MAZE_PROC & _MAPPER to add your own programs. Documentation on MAZE_DOC. MAZE_GAME the main program.
GG 01 MAZE_3D_BAS GAME 01.03.86 VAN LOENEN .M 30.03.86 Draws a plan of a maze for you to find your position & from there on you have a 3d view of the inside of the maze. You can use the 'p' key to confirm you are hopelessly lost but it will cost you 20 points. Use Lrun.
GG 01 MEMORY GAMES 01.01.87 PRIVETT .L Based on the game SIMON, this memory game starts off easily but will soon have you guessing. Use Lrun.
GG 01 MISSILE_X GAME 29.08.85 MURPHY .P The basic program compiled by A. Towers using Supercharge. This program appears to benefit from compiling & is now much easier to play Use Exec_W.
GG 01 MISSILE_BAS GAME 20.08.86 MURPHY .P Trace the missiles & shoot them down before they destroy your cities. Another excellent game with good graphics & sound from Phil. On this version the missiles are quite difficult to destroy but there is a compiled version available which is easier to play.
GG 01 MUSIC GAME 19.03.85 TORODE .B Turns your keyboard into a live music keyboard. Menu driven. Sample tune is MOLLY_TUNE & facilities to compose & save your own tunes. Use Lrun. Part of Torode's children's package.
GG 01 OTHELLO GAME 5.4.85 FINLEY .M An excellent machine code version of Othello with good screen layout and graphics. Associated File: Othello_doc.
GG 01 OTHELLO_BAS GAME 02.10.84 TAYLOR .C Othello game in BASIC, providing a good graphical display. Use Lrun.
GG 01 PAIRS_BAS GAME 28.07.85 MURPHY .P A game for 2 which can be played with input from keyboard or joysticks. Match the pictures hidden behind the squares to win.
GG 01 PAQMAN_BAS GAME 29.7.85 DEARY .S Copied from QL User by Nigel Taylor. A QL version of perhaps the best known computer game.
GG 01 PAT_BAS GAME 01.03.86 KURTH .D A Q.L. version of Patience in sets of 25 games with a score at the end of each game & a cumulative score at the end of the set. You may beat the QL on individual games but are unlikely to be ahead over the set. Documentation (and an invitation!!!) on PATINSTR_DOC. Use Lrun.
GG 01 QTREK GAME 22.08.87 PARKER .B Definitely one of the more ambitious STAR TREK games available. Full of features, & other difficulties, including an onboard computer to operate, phasors/torpedoes, cumulative galactic display, bases etc. Use Lrun.
GG 01 QUIZZ GAME 19.4.85. TORODE .B An interactive educational game for up to 40 children over 7 years old. Associated file QUIZZ_REC must be in mdv2. Use Lrun. Part of Torode's children's package.
GG 01 REVERSI_EXEC GAME 21.1.85 FINLEY .M Othello game coded from BCPL. This version is to whet your appetites. A revised version which plays to a much higher standard & which provides cursor selected movement is available. Use Exec_w.
GG 01 SLAYER_BAS GAME 07.03.85 SNOWDON .R Dragon Slayer graphics animation game. Published in P.C.W. 8th - 14th. November 1984. Typed in by Clement Taylor. Use Lrun.
GG 01 SNAKE2_BAS GAME 14.04.86 JORDAN .I A machine code version of the Snake game, loaded from mdv2_SNAKE2_BAS. Guide the snake around the screen eating up the numbered pieces of food to make him grow. If you succeed in clearing the screen the pace increases. Associated file : Snake2_code (rename to Snake_code before running)
GG 01 SNAKE_BAS GAME 01.11.84 STEVENSON .D 07.03.85 A game where a snake eats obstacles on the screen & increases in length. Appeared in P.C.W. Vol.3 No 27. This version has a couple of bug fixes in it & is designed to work in all the latest QL's. Use LRUN. There is a more sophisticated version by I. Jordan.
GG 01 SOLITAIRE GAME 10.09.87 PCW From Personal Computer Weekly, June 1987, typed in by J. Vincent. Finds solutions for the game Solitaire. Documentation on Document_doc. Use Lrun.
GG 01 SOUND_EX_BAS GAME 07.03.85 LUCY .J Sound experimenter program. Published in P.C.W. Used with the Author's permission. Documentation on INFO_DOC.
GG 01 STARTREK GAME 20.01.86 LAMBORD .T 28.02.86 A "Star Trek" type game with inbuilt "Cheat" facilities. Currently takes about 4 minutes to load but this can be reduced to 35 secs with the fload program from the library. Loaded from TL_BOOT, with good instructions built into the file handler program. Associated file - INSTR_STARTREK Part of a suite by T. Lambord all loaded by TL_BOOT.
GG 01 STUNTMAN_BAS GAME 29.09.85 MURPHY .P Run from mdv2 with sprite_byt in mdv1 and try to earn your fortune by negotiating the obstacles. Good graphics and sound. Associated files : STUNTMAN_BAS, SPRITE_BYT.
GG 01 THE_4_BAS GAME 14.08.86 JORDAN .I The most ambitious of our "CONNECT_4" games, written partly in machine code. It certainly plays a much stronger game than some others!. The two play levels respond in averages of 3 and 30 seconds respectively. Associated files : THE_4_code.
PS 04 DBMAN ARCHIVE 90/01 DE SARAM .H 92/08 A considerable amount of reprogramming by Hugh. This is version 3.6. This is a follow-on from PS_2. Assoc:Files: Too many to list!! Read the _doc files first!
GG 01 WITPIN_EXE GAME 10.10.86 SALMI .T A game of wit where you have to remove pins from a board by moving a pin over an adjacent pin. Several complications, too, making a challenging game. Use Exec_w.
GG 01 WORDSQ_BAS GAME 22.08.87 PRICE .K A very easy to use program for the production of word-search squares to your own specification. It will even save your list of words for re-use later. Configured to print from ser2. Change your printer and/or port by editing lines 590, 600, 2310, and 2320.
GG 01 YAHTZEE_BAS GAME 29.07.85 MURPHY .P A QL version of the dice game. Use Lrun.
GG 02 AJSCR GAMES 87/01 SHELL .A Neat arcade game, with facilities to design & add your own screens. Very well presented & very playable. Associated files : ajscr, screen_designer, Game_boot, Game_code, readme_doc, and cheat_prog.
GG 02 BUNKERED GAME 87/01 MURPHY .P A golf simulation game with good graphics and built-in instructions. Not suitable for pre-JS QL's Associated files : BUNKERED, _BOOT, BEST, INSTR, HOLE1 TO HOLE9.
GG 02 C4_BPL GAME 16.06.86 STRETCH .C A BCPL version of Connect 4, which can be played by 2 or, one player against the QL. You can cheat on this one too!! Use Exec_w (C4_E). Documentation on Games_doc.
GG 02 CRIBBAGE GAME 17.9.89 SENIOR .G For those members (like me!) who can't get to the pub to play. Why not play against the QL ?. It even has a very nice working peg- board display. Needs Toolkit 2. Use Lrun. Associated files : Crib, Crib_info, Crib_boot.
GG 02 DOM_BPL GAME 16.6.86 STRETCH .C Draws a board for you to place your dominoes on horizontally, taking it in turns with the computer which places dominoes vertically. The winner is the one to force his opponent to stop. Don't worry if you are losing - You can cheat !!!!. Use Exec_w (DOM_E) Documentation on Games_doc.
GG 02 HACK_BAS GAME 16.06.86 STRETCH .C A variation on the old game of Nim. A tree is drawn on the screen & you take turns with the QL to lop off branches, the winner being the one to lop off the last branch. Documentation on GAMES_DOC.
GG 02 HEXGAME_EXE GAME 20.10.87 SALMI .T An educational version of the old number guessing game. You have to find the hidden hexadecimal (Base 16) number with as few guesses & as fast as you can. Can be played in binary, octal or the easy decimal (Base 10) Use EXEC or EXEC_W.
GG 02 MAZE_3D_BAS GAME 16.06.86 VAN LOENEN .M Draws a maze, shows your starting position. You see the view from inside the maze & find your way out using the cursor keys. Your score is shown in the top right hand corner of the screen & if you are lost you can consult the map of the maze by using the "p" key but it will cost you points. Use Lrun.
GG 02 OXO_3D GAME 22.8.87 JONES .D 04.94 A superb 3-dimensional (4x4x4) noughts and crosses game, with excellent display, and very easy to operate. A version of this is included with speech for those with a Maurice Computers QSV400 speech synthesizer unit. Documentation on OXO3D_DOC. Associated files : OXO3D_EXEC, OXO3DSPEECH_EXEC.
GG 02 TICTACTOE GAMES 01.01.87 SHIELDS .T That old standby, Noughts and crosses... You can play against the QL or another player. Associated files : Tictac_doc Use Exec_w, in Mode 4.
GG 02 WIZARD GAME 01.90 ANON A very good game made harder by lack of instructions. Press ESC key when loaded. If any member would care to add some instructions, please send a _doc file to the Quality Controller. Associated files - Enemy, + 41 files prefixed with SCN_.
GG 02 WORM_GERM GAME 10.5.89 WARD .N Game similar to the Snake games already in the Library, But, this is more difficult to play, and, has some surprises. Associated files : Wg_obj, Wg_bin, Boot_wg, Worm_germ_doc.
GG 03 BIORYTHMS GAMES 91/01 FRENCH LIBRARY If you believe that there is something in biorythms then this program is for you. Assoc: Files: qbior_doc, scrdump, scrdump_doc, qbior_bas, qbiorboot.
GG 03 BLINDSPOT 91/01 FRENCH LIBRARY Not really a game. Demonstrates that an object is invisible if its image falls on the place where the optic nerve leaves the eye. Assoc: Files: blindspot_bas.
GG 03 BUGS 08.91 GOODWIN .S A snake-type game. Rather simple but fun. Assoc: Files: bugs_bas, bugs_asm, bugs_doc, bugs_code.
GG 03 CONUNDRUM 07.91 KNIBBS .C A spelling-type game. Several files of words included. Assoc: Files: word_doc, conundrum, demo_wrd, alpha_wrd, beta_wrd, delta_wrd gama_wrd, lands_wrd, sizes_wrd.
GG 03 DOMINO 01.91 FRENCH LIBRARY An enjoyable game with good screen presentation. I suspect that the French rules are slightly different to the English version. Assoc: Files: domino_bas, ecran.
GG 03 MATCHBOX GAME 11.90 BOJECK .J Exec_w to load & play this game of Matchbox. Find out if you are able to beat the computer at this simple(?) game of removing the matchsticks. Associated files : Matchbox_exe.
GG 03 QBALL_EXEC 01.91 FRENCH LIBRARY A truly excellent arcade-type game from the French library. Steer a ball over a series of 3d landscapes. Sounds easy ? Try it!! Lrun qball_boot
GG 03 QLBERT_BAS 01.91 FRENCH LIBRARY Another excellent arcade-type game from the French library. Recolour the pyramid (and other shapes) by moving your 'man' before the 'baddie' gets you. Use lrun. Assoc:Files: qlbert_doc
GG 03 TETRIS GAME 11.90 DELMAS .P This game is thought to have originated in Russia. It is a real brain teaser. You have to turn the falling blocks to fit tightly into the area given. Not for those with a nervous disposition. Associated files : Tetris_boot, _rext, _dat, _exe, _bas, _doc.
GG 03 TETRIS_EXEC 01.91 FRENCH LIBRARY Move and rotate the falling shapes so as to leave as few gaps as possible where they land. Very addictive: will probably keep you up for hours!! Assoc:Files: tetris_doc; tetris_rel
GG 03 TREK GAME 11.90 AHL COMP. GAMES A game for the Star Trek followers. Have fun killing the Klingons!! Associated files : Trek_bas, _exe.
GR 01 ARTIST GRAPHICS 85/07 MURPHY .P 85/09 An excellent graphics program with inbuilt help screen. Documentation now included on ARTIST_DOC but Write_text procedure not yet implemented. Loaded by its boot program. Example on Example_scr. Associated files : Artist_boot.
GR 01 BOBBY_DAZZLER GRAPHICS 86/07 JONES .S Designs plain & fancy windows with edit/save facilities. Ample menus & built in help files which can be sent to screen or printer. Demo file leads into main program, which can also be run direct. Lrun BOBBY_DEMO or Lrun FLP1_BOBBY_DAZZLER. Associated file - BOBBY_HLP
GR 01 DEFINER_BAS GRAPHICS 07.03.85 SNOWDON .R QL graphics definer. Typed in by Clement Taylor. Published in P.C.W. 27th Sept. - 3rd Oct. Use Lrun.
GR 01 DRAWINGS GRAPHICS 01.03.86 BLADON .T 30.03.86 Members have commented on the excellent graphics in Tom's Worm adventure. These are the procedures used to create the pictures in Worm adventure & Jewel. Details appear on DRAWINGS_DOC.
GR 01 DRAW_BAS GRAPHICS 19.4.85 TORODE .B 14.05.85 A sketchpad program employing Superbasic & Turtle graphics commands with a single keypress. Sample pictures are provided which build up to a larger picture. Associated files : Dumper_bas, Bike_, Branch_, Bush_, Scene_picture, Tree_, Twig_, Washing_picture, Graphics_bas, Graphics, Dumper, Gprint_prt.
GR 01 GOSSAMER GRAPHICS 01.10.87 JACKSON .M Two simple graphics pattern generators using LINE Associated Files : GOSSAMER_BOOT, GOSS1_EXE, GOSS2_EXE (Supercharged).
GR 01 NEWDRAW_BAS GRAPHICS 22.09.84 TAYLOR .G A slightly changed version of QLdraw, which provides some new techniques for moving & displaying the cursor. Not complete yet, but could form the basis of an enhanced package containing the ability to compress & expand pictures before & after saving them. See comments in the SKETCH_BAS program. (A screen compression program is now available)
GR 01 PALETTE_BAS GRAPHICS 30.10.84 LEIGH .E Published in P.C.W. November 1984. Prints to the screen a palette of different colour combinations. Use Lrun.
GR 01 QDRAW_BAS GRAPHICS 29.07.85 TOWERS .A Tony Towers graphics package, run by QDRAW_boot which will give you the option of loading help & redraw screens. Documented on INTRO_, QDRAW_, & REDRAW_DOC. Examples on ROSE_PIC (loaded with QDRAW) & EXAMPLE_BAS Screens can be saved/merged with your programs (Follow the instructions in REDRAW_DOC & list EXAMPLE_BAS to see how this is done) A revised & compiled package by the same author is QLAD. Associated files : REDRAW_BAS, PIC_DAT, ADD_TO_REDRAW_BAS. Qhelp_bas.
GR 01 QLDRAW_BAS GRAPHICS 22.09.84 TAYLOR .G Graphics drawing program with lots of features (Circles, Area Fill, Lines etc). See QLDRAW_DOC for more information. Use Lrun.
GR 01 SCREEN_CODE GRAPHICS 29.07.85 DWIGHT .R 30.09.85 A screen compression program achieving massive saving. Well documented on SCREEN_DOC with examples on "THIRD_WORLD","TREE", and "CASTLE_OF_DOOM". Loaded from SCREEN_BOOT. Uses S_save to save screens and S_load to re-call. If you are in to graphics you will soon save the cost of this program in microdrives or disks. This program is required to run several other Library programs. Associated files : Screen_asm, Screen_code.
GR 01 SKETCH_BAS GRAPHICS 09.10.84 JONES .D Graphics drawing program. Various screen menus are used to tell you what options are available at any one time. Use Lrun.
GR 01 SPIROGRAPH_BAS GRAPHICS 01.09.84 SHERRATT .R The first part of a harmonograph/spirograph pattern drawing program. The first part installs the graphics dump program "GPRINT_CODE" & chains the main routine - "SPIRO_MERGE_BAS". This technique should be useful for many different applications requiring screen dumps. But make sure there are no machine code jobs running in the resident procedure area of RAM first. Use Lrun.
GR 01 STIPPLES_BAS GRAPHICS 01.12.84 COPPARD .A Demonstrates QL screen effects with different stipple combinations. Use Lrun.
GR 01 TURTLE GRAPHICS 14.10.84 GUTHRIE .D An elementary graphics editor. Commands available are : pu - penup pd - pendown fw - forward bw - backward tr - turnright tl - turn left tt - turn to The graphics scale is 400 by 400. Use LRUN to set everything up, then type procedure names as above to draw things on the screen. Example on TURTLE_EX_BAS. Documentation on DJSGTEXT_DOC.
GR 01 TURTLE_BAS GRAPHICS 02.07.85 COLES .D A turtle program, Run by TURTLE_BOOT_BAS with the extra files as listed below, well documented on TURTLE_DOC. Several procedures giving some very interesting displays. After trying those listed in the TURTLE_DOC file, try - Sierpinski 1, 50 for a demonstration of continuous drawing. start in the corner of the screen for best results). Associated files :- Wherepen_asm, _code, _list, Where_asm, _code, _list.
GR 01 UDG_BAS GRAPHICS 01.11.84 LOGAN .I Published in P.C.W. 6th Sept 1984. The program can be used to generate user-defined graphics characters on the QL. Use Lrun.
GR 01 VIRTUAL_SCREENS GRAPHICS 01.03.86 DWIGHT .R A suite of programs to be used in conjunction with Ron Dwight's screen compression program to enable the use of virtual screens and windows. Details on SCREEN1_DOC & START_DOC. Loaded by Screen1_boot. Associated files : Screen1_code, Screen1_asm.
GR 02 CIRCLE GRAPHICS 89/05 FERGUSON .I A M/c program for drawing circles. Avoids the floating point routines. Use Lrun (Circle_loader). Associated files : Circ_asm, Circ_cde, Circle_loader.
GR 02 CLIP_LIFT GRAPHICS 90/01 SUMMERS .G Enables PD2 Clip-art to be loaded to a normal QL screen. You are reminded that PD2 Clip-art is COPYRIGHTED SOFTWARE. Associated files : Clip_compiler_bas, Clip_compiler_s_charged.
GR 02 IMAGE_MANIPULATOR GRAPHICS 22.8.87 JONES .D 04.94 Companion to IMAGE_EXTRACTER from PAGE_DESIGNER. This gives the facility to rotate, magnify, shrink, invert, & reflect any "LIFT" files created by PAGE_DESIGNER/IMAGE_EXTRACTOR. Multi-tasks with IMAGE_EXTRACTOR but not the current version of PAGE_DESIGNER (vn 1.33 - does with later versions) Associated files : Runtime_exts, Example_lift, Clone_task, Lim_doc, Lim_task, Image_manip_boot.
GR 02 NOFLASH GRAPHICS 01.90 NOTARIANNI .M This super program stops those awful flashing dots when you change screens from MODE 4 to MODE 8. Use : Lbytes Noflash_bin, or read the _doc file to load. Associated files : Noflash_bin, _asm, _doc.
GR 02 PD2-PD1 UTILITY 27.5.89 JONES .D Conversion program for PD Vers2 files to PD Vers1. Included with D.Jones's permission. With drivers for the IDS 480 & Seikosha GP 100 printers. Associated files : Ids_conv_ert, Ids_bas, _task, _page, _doc, Ids512x256_pd1, Screen1_code, Ids_extensions_code. Screen_code.
GR 02 QL_COLOURS GRAPHICS 11.90 RICHARDSON .B A program that shows the colour combinations using the stipple commands in SuperBasic. Associated files : Colours
GR 02 SCREENF GRAPHICS 01.90 NOTARIANNI .M A short program that allows you to load screens without having to type - Lbytes_Drive_name_screen_name,131072. There are versions for MDV or FLP. Use : Lbytes Screenf_bin, or read the _doc file to load. Associated files : Specload_asm, _code, _doc.
GR 02 SPECLOAD GRAPHICS 01.90 NOTARIANNI .M Aids in transferring SPECTRUM screens to the QL. The _doc file includes the information on transferring screens via the network ports. NOTE. Not tested. Use : Lbytes Specload, or read the _doc file to load. Associated files : Specload_asm, _code, _doc.
GR 02 STICKS GRAPHICS 11.90 BIEDERMANN .R Sticks is a graphics program where altering the input will create different patterns on the screen. Associated files : Sticks_doc, _bas, _cde.
GR 02 STRETCH GRAPHICS 19.1.90 NOTARIANNI .M This program is intended for use with Specload, but can be used with QL screen pictures also, it stretches a transferred Spectrum screen to make circles look like circles. Use : Lbytes Stretch_bin, or read the _doc file to load.l Associated files : Stretch_bin, _asm, _doc.
GR 02 VIDEO_DISPLAYS GRAPHICS 17.9.89 JONES .D 04.94 Three graphic display programs, with demo screens, including one for scrolling Page Designer (Quanta Version) pages. Vtp_task - Scrolling text titles for home videos. Slide_show_task - Displays pictures. You can use Pd1scroller for other screens also. Associated files : Pd1scroller_task, _bas, Titles_doc, Demo_vtp, Example_pd1_page, Video_boot, Vtp_task, _bas, Slide_show_task, _bas. *** Remove prefix from exts file *** (Video_)Runtime_exts.
GR 02 VIDEO_EFFECTS GRAPHICS 22.08.87 JONES .D 04.94 Collection of routines to enable you to change from one screen display to another in a variety of ways. Zoom out from the centre, in from the edges, create an effect like a venetian blind opening etc. You can also use the VIDEO_EFFECTS unit to create your own "wipes" from one screen to another. Associate files : FX15_BAS, FX_TASK, RUNTIME_EXTS, COLUMN1_CDE, _asm, Column2_cde, Movemem_cde, _asm, FX_DOC, FX_BOOT, Video_fx_lst.
GR 02 WINDOWS GRAPHICS 1.11.90 MAAS .U Adds new commands to window and allows the contents of the window to be stored, swapped and returned without loss. The demo included shows what the new keywords can do. Associated files : Boot_windowum, Gbwindows_ext, Windows_ext, Windowum_doc.
GS 01 HACK ADVENTURE 87/08 SOKEN .W A display Dungeons & Dragons adventure, This needs 1440 sector medium as the main file is some 300K. Needs 512K RAM to run in. Use EXEC_W mdv1_hack_bas. Associated files : HACK, BOOT, DATA, HELP, HH, RECORD, README, RUMORS.
GS 01 WORMC_ADV ADVENTURE 85/10 BLADON .T A text adventure with excellent graphics, Which have been condensed using R. Dwights screen compression program. The program loads from it's own boot in Mdv1_, & requires Pics1 in Mdv2_. You will be told when to swap Pics1 for Pics2, Documentation is in Wormc_doc. Associated files : Wormc_boot, Worm_locn, _locnc, _locnw, _sprite, Drag1 + Drag2_sprite, Screen_code, Pics1, Pics2. A modified version by R.Mellor plus 2 other adventures is on GS 02.
GS 02 ACS STRATEGY 87/08 KENNEDY .P A complex Ambulance Control Simulator: a game loosely based on the work of an Ambulance Control Centre. You are in charge of 12 ambulances & 6 Ambulance Stations. If you can just keep up with the emergencies. Documentation on ACS_DOC
GS 02 ADVENTURES ADVENTURES 88/10 VARIOUS 89/05 A set of three adventures modified by Mr.Mellor. The graphics etc have been tidied up. They are, WORM & JEWEL by Mr. Bladon, Underground adventure (ADVENT_BAS) by M. Van Loenen. Latest update is to Jewel. Dated 27.5.89. **** Don't use the word "KILL" in the Underground adventure. **** ***** you will KILL THE TASK not the baddie !! *****
GS 02 CLASSICAL ADVENTURE 22.01.89 MELLOR .R A fetch the gold for the Goblin type of adventure. Wander about on the beach if you want to, or, delve the depths of the well, it's up to you. Associated files : CLASSICAL_BOOT, README, CLASSICAL.
GS 02 QUEST_BAS ADVENTURE 30.09.84 SHAW .P Published in the (Discontinued) QL User Special Launch Issue. A text adventure game (this one has some bugs fixed). Use Lrun. Associated file : INFO_DOC.
GS 03 ADVENTURE_BAS ADVENTURE 86/03 VAN LOENEN .M A text adventure game set in underground caverns using the usual short commands (N.E.S.W. for directions, get,lea,inv. etc). Facilities to save & restart game. Brief outline on ADVENTUR_DOC. Use Lrun. NOTE, This is the adventure modified by Mr.Mellors & on GS 02. " The Underground Adventure. "
GS 03 COLOSSAL_CAVE ADVENTURE 85/12 CROWTHER .W A text adventure game converted by David Stevenson to run on the Q.L. Associated files : Ad1_file - Ad6_file, Ad_boot, Ad_bin. Use Lrun FLP1_ad_boot or Exec_w FLP1_ad_bin.
GS 03 D.G.M. STRATEGY 20.06.86 PRITCHARD .A Diplomacy Game Manager. If you play the board game "Diplomacy", you will be aware of the large amount of note-keeping required. This is the one program to ease the load. Rather specialised, but if you play the game, this is a must ! Use Lrun.
GS 03 DUNGEONS ADVENTURE 23.09.87 EVELYN .G Graphical Dungeons adventure. You & your friends can adopt one of four roles, each of which needs a different quantity of gold to finish. Spells, teleports e.t.c.. Associated files : Dungeons_game_bas, Dungeon_doc (QUILL) Dungeonedt_help (EDITOR)
GS 03 FOOTBALL_MANAGER STRATEGY 01-08-88 EVELYN .G For you football fanatics, fed up with your local team manager ? Have a go yourself with this and see if you can do better. Files :- FOOTBALL_MAIN_PRO_BAS, FOOTBALL_EDT, FOOT_DOC.
GS 03 JEWELL_ADV. ADVENTURE 28.02.86 BLADON .T Another good text adventure from Tom described on JEWEL_DOC & loaded by JEWEL_BOOT. This is the NON-GRAPHICS version. Associated files : Jewel_obj, Jewel_pic, Girr1, Girr2.
GS 03 VALLEY_BAS ADVENTURE 1.4.85. METHLEY .J 27.01.86 Adventure translated from the Commodore version by James. Wander through the valley looking for treasure, fight attacking monsters with your sword & spells 'till you become Master of the Valley. You can select your own character, once you safely reach the Castles at either end of the valley you can elect to return to the Valley or save the game to continue later. Not a quick game, not as complex as Worm but can be addictive. Associated files : VALLEY_DOC, VALLEY_CODE, Run by VALLEY_BOOT_BAS.
GS 03 WEREWOLF ADVENTURE 01.10.87 NELSON .A "Werewolf & Wanderer" : Adventure game for JS and later roms only, by A. Nelson, typed in and improved by Michael L. Jackson. A junior adventure ideal for those stumped by some of the vastly difficult adventures in the Library. Associated files : WOLF_boot, WEREWOLF_doc, WEREWOLVES_&_WANDERERS.
GS 03 WORM_ADV ADVENTURE 07.03.85 BLADON .T 18.10.85 Text adventure, a graphics version is on GS 01, You will need to be very crafty & have plenty of time to solve this one. Loaded by it's own boot, with details on WORM_DOC. A modified version is on GS 02. Associated files : Worm_sprite, Worm_pic, Worm_locn, Worm_obj, Drag1_, Drag2_sprite. The original version has been considerably revised & even the non- graphics version now has an attractive title screen.
GS 04 BERG STRATEGY 90/11 RORING .N You are the ruler of a German state where you have to decide the distribution of grain amongst the population, vary the taxes and hand out justice. Entertaining!! Associated files : Berg_bas
GS 04 CORE_WARS STRATEGY 90/01 MONTRASIO .P This is not an adventure type of game. But an assembler like program fighting a similar program. More details are in the AUGUST 1989 issue of QUANTA, page 9. Lrun Core_war_boot
GS 04 CYBORGWAR STRATEGY 1.11.90 BROMKE .M A strategy game for 1 to 5 players where you are the governor of a country. You have to decide the best way of using the resources of the country to survive. Associated files : Cyborgwar_bas.
GS 04 EMPEROR 1990 LAMBORD .T An absorbing patience-type game. The rules may seem somewhat daunting but well worth studying. Excellent screen display and first class game. Needs Turbo runtime extensions. Lrun Emperor_boot Assoc:Files: emperor_doc; example_doc; emperor_bas; read_me; emperor_boot emperor_exec.
GS 04 FOOTY GAME/STRAT 27.5.89 MCQUIS .M Another Football Manager game, With a difference. Associated files : Readme_doc, Foot_boot, Source_bas, First, Fix_dat, Data, Footy_obj, Pool, Team_data.
GS 04 MOUNTAINEER 11.91 PYWELL .A At the start it is deceptively easy but it gets harder and harder. Establish seven camps up the mountain if you can, then attempt to reach the summit. Assoc: Files: mountaineer, status, instruct_doc.
GS 04 SCOR 1990 WHYLD .K If you play Psion chess and want hard copy this is for you. Reformats printout to save paper. Assoc:Files: test; testv; scor_doc; letter_t87.
LA 01 C_FILES LIBRARY 87/08 DUBOIS .O "C" library written for the Lattice "C" compiler, Relevant object (Execable) files included where appropriate. Graphics functions are coded as are Plot routines. Also routines to add a library (C or SROFF) analyse SROFF files, encrypt a file. A total of 31 files included. Inc C_README (NOT a Quill file)
LA 01 FORTH_TWO LANGUAGE 90/11 REEVES .L A version of Forth by Laurence from the Qview team. Associated files : Forth, _notes, _scr, _qdos.
LA 01 FORTH_79 COMPILER 15.12.86 JACKSON .G A complete system for using FORTH, including the compiler & a screen- editor. The documentation is very good, & if you want to try out the FORTH language, this system is a good start. The Digital Precision SUPERFORTH was developed from this system. Associated files : Forth79, Fortha_doc to Forthf_doc, Forth_boot, Fpmaths_fth, Fpmath_doc, Blk1, Blk2, Circle_doc, Editor_fth.
LA 01 LISP COMPILER 5.11.87 SOKEN .W A LISP interpreter, written in assembler. Provides the basic constructs for exploring the LISP world. Two example LISP programs are included in the package. Associated files : LISP, LISP_DOC, TOWER_LISP, BASIC_LISP, REV_LISP
LA 01 PROLOG LANGUAGE 19.1.90 MALIESINGEL .H 1.11.90 Another language for the QL. The writer has tried to give some help by examples and help files. It is suggested you will need further info from books about Prolog. Use - Lrun Start_log. Associated files : Prolog_128k, Test_monica, Dcg_log, Engels_log, Prolog, _debug, _doc, _help, Start_log, Diff_log, Elisa_log, Family_log, N_Queens_log, Extras_log, Monica_log, Parser_c, Parser_h.
LA 01 TRED_4TH FORTH 14.04.86 PRICE .K A trace & edit program for Computer One Forth providing single stepping a word at a time & overwrite facilities. Documentation on TRED_DOC
LG 01 LIBGUIDE ARCHIVE HEAD LIBRARIAN 97/01 This is The Library Guide giving details of the Library programs. You will also find details of the sub-librarians and ordering procedures on the Quill file Libguide_doc. It is suggested you return your Guide for amending to your SUB-Librarian say every 4 - 6 months. Selective listings can be taken from the _dbf file. When you return your Guide for up-dating Please remember RETURN POSTAGE !!!.
MF 01 FRAC_BAS MANDELBROT 86/04 JORDAN .I A program for producing screens based on Mandelbrot's Gaussian landscapes with the option of two methods of generation. Screens can be saved or dumped to a printer, or, sections of the screen can be magnified & re-run. Pictures can take up to 2 hours but the result is usually very attractive & well worth the wait. Further details on Fract_doc. (See also P.C.W. March '86 Issue). Associated files : Frac1_code, Frac_code.
MF 01 MANDEL2_BAS GRAPHICS 90/11 REEVES .L Two Mandelbrot programs from Laurence, Can be used in Minerva's two screen mode. Also very fast. Associated files : Mand_bas, Mand2_bas.
MF 01 MANDELBROT_PAS MANDELBROT 22.08.87 DUBOIS .O The third of the Library's Mandelbrot Set drawing programs, this set demonstrates various languages. Versions in basic (With some machine- -code), Pascal & C are offered. See Mandel_readme (a text file) for details. Associated files: MANDEL_CDE_BAS, MANDEL_BOX_BAS, MANDEL_ASM, MANDEL_BIN, MANDEL_PLOT8_ASM, MANDEL_PLOT8_BIN.
MF 01 MANDELBROT2 MANDELBROT 10.11.86 KILJANDER .H Program to plot the "mandelbrot set" - fractal images - as often seen in the press recently. Quite quick for the work it does, but not in absolute terms, so be warned. Associated files:- Mandelbrot_info, _exec, _asm, _pic1, Mandel_doc Use EXEC_W.
MF 01 MANDELDEMO GRAPHICS 1.11.90 MULLER-LUND .S A demo program that allows you to select a portion of the screen with a window and then to have it redrawn. If required the drawing or part can be saved. Associated files : Mandelbrot_scr, _bin, Boot_mandeldemo, Config_bin, Mandemo_doc.
MF 01 MANDEL_E MANDELBROT 15.01.87 STRETCH .C Program to plot the mandelbrot set - fractal images - as often seen in the press lately. This one is unbelievably fast, easy and helpful. If you have tried using a micro for fractals before, you MUST see this in operation! Associated files:- mand_asm, mandel_bpl, mandele_doc. Use Exec_w (mandel_e).
MF 01 MANVOY GRAPHICS 17.09.88 KIVELLA .P A set of programs for reading the images by C.Stretch. Needs Screen_code (Dwight). Associated files : MAND_BOOT, BOOT_MAND, MANVOY_BAS, _EXE, QL_PIC_MODE_8 TURBO_TK_CODE, SCREEN_CODE, MAND_SAVE_BAS, MAND_SCREENS, _SCREENS2, _SCREENS3.
MF 02 MANDELBROT_MENU MANDELBROT 90/11 CRONIN .C This is a complete suite of programs for those interested in the field of Mandelbrots, fully menu driven and Minerva compatible. The play_bas file runs a slide show of mandelbrots using the 2-screen mode of Minerva. Associated files : Boot, Copmem_mcm, Demo_anm, Guide_doc, Helpx, Article_doc, Damien_pic, _dat, Play_bas, Mandelbrot_pic, _dat, Mandelbrotv3_exe, Help0_txt to Help13_txt, Aset_anm, Aset_anm_1 to 17.
MA 01 AREAS MATHS 86/03 JONES .D 94/04 A useful little program for calculating areas of irregular shapes. Mark out the shape with cursor keys & space bar & press ESC for the result. Associated file:- AREAS_doc
MA 01 BASES MATHS 86/03 JONES .D 94/04 A program for converting numbers from one base to another (From 2 to 36, Watch out for O & 0 where applicable). Documentation on BASES_DOC Use Lrun (BASES).
MA 01 CALQLATOR MATHS 07.07.85 WHITBREAD .E.G A numbers cruncher's delight!!! Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division performed slowly but surely to an accuracy of up to 120 places. Loaded from Calc_boot, & well described in CALC_DOC
MA 01 CHISQ_BAS MATHS 01.11.84 HELLER .L Program on non parametric statistics for the behavioural sciences. Use Lrun.
MA 01 CHISQ_M_BAS MATHS 22.08.87 BRADSHAW .J A many samples Chi_Squared Test program. Displays or prints the results.
MA 01 CLUSTER_ANALYSIS MATHS 10.09.87 VINCENT .J Cluster analysis using a binary tree search algorithm - & draws such a tree at the end - to construct a simple, unique diagram to express similarities & differences between a set of data objects. An example file is included. (COMPUTERS). See DOCUMENT_DOC for help. Use Lrun_ (CLUSTER_ANALYSIS_BAS).
MA 01 COR_TTEST_BAS MATHS 01.11.84 HELLER .L Statistical principles in experimental design. Use LRUN.
MA 01 CYCLOIDS GRAPH/MATH 10.09.87 VINCENT .J Based on an article by R. Kuraska in Byte magazine, May 1987. Draws Cycloids (Paths of points on rolling circles etc.) See DOCUMENT_DOC. Use Lrun.
MA 01 DRAWLINE GRAPHICS 20.08.87 SALMI .T 21.10.87 A S/basic program for drawing lines & graphs. Draws lines of 2 variables (Given 2 points), solves linear & simultaneous equations, etc. For a demo including the graphical representation of a linear programming problem, merge DRAWLINE_DEMO & follow the instructions in Drawline_doc Associated file : Drawline_bas
MA 01 ENTERTABLE_BAS UTILITY 29.08.85 MIALL .H A useful program for entering tables of numbers into arrays.
MA 01 FACTORIAL_BAS MATHS 01.09.84 WILLIAMS .G A factorial procedure. FACTORIAL function is defined as follows : FACTORIAL(N) = N * (N-1) * (N-2) * .... * 1 Use the LOAD or MERGE command to load this procedure.
MA 01 FACTORS_EXE MATHS 22.08.87 SALMI .T Finds the factors of an integer. Also calculates the largest common divisor & the smallest common dividend of two integers.
MA 01 GRAPH MATHS 28.02.86 LAMBORD .T A graph plotting program with many interesting features described on the inbuilt instructions. Loaded from the boot program. Associated file INSTR_GRAPH Part of a suite of programs by T. Lambord.
MA 01 GRAPHPLOT MATHS 27.5.89 ANGUS .A A suite of maths programs for graph plotting. Associated files : Qlval_boot, Qlval_cde, Graphval, Paragraph, Polarplot, Graph_doc.
MA 01 HOW_FAR_BAS MATHS 26.07.86 CLASE .H A program to calculate distances based on the differences in latitude & longitude.
MA 01 LINSOLVE MATHS 10.10.86 SALMI .T 28.5.89 A solution system for linear programming & linear goal programming problems. Prepare your problem with LINPREP_EXE, & run LINSOLVE_EXE to obtain the solution. Well documented in LINSOLVE_DOC.
MA 01 MATRICES_BAS MATHS NK BLADON .T A matrices manipulator, add - sort e.t.c.
MA 01 POLAR_FIG MATHSGRAPH 10.09.87 VINCENT .J Draws two dimensional, polygonally symmetrical shapes. There is a help function built in, but see DOCUMENT_DOC for more info. Use LRUN.
MA 01 PRIMES2_BAS MATHS 22.08.87 CLASE .H Calculates the Prime Factors of any integer up to 8 digits long. The program also includes an Eratosthenes Sieve routine.
MA 01 PRIMES_BAS MATHS 01.09.84 WILLIAMS .G A very fast lowest common factor generator procedure. The lowest common factors of a particular number are those numbers which multiplied together can be used to generate the original number. For example : PRIMES or LCF of the number 156 are 2,3 and 13 (156 = 2 * 2 * 3 * 13) Use the LOAD or MERGE command to load this procedure.
MA 01 QUAD_BAS MATHS 01.12.84 BROWN .R Finds real and imaginary quadratic roots - useful for the Engineering sciences.
MA 01 REGRESSION MATHS 28.02.86 LAMBORD .T A regression program with a data editor. Well laid out with a series of menus and a separate instruction file which can be accessed from the boot menu. Loaded from the boot program for the suite of programs. Associated file - instr_graph. Part of a suite of programs by T. Lambord.
MA 01 STATIS_1_BAS MATHS 01.03.86 VISSER .R Statistical routines to carry out several binomial calculations, Factorials, combinations. Menu driven with further outline details on Statis_doc. Use Lrun (statis_1_bas). Associated files : STATIS_1_BAS, _2_BAS, EXAMPLE_ST1, _ST2
MA 01 STATIS_2_BAS MATHS 01.03.86 VISSER .R The second part of the STATIS program, for analysis of data with two variables. Calculations can be output in many ways including several graphs Further details on STATIS_DOC & the program itself is well documented. Use Lrun (Statis_2_bas).
MA 01 STATPREP MATHS 5.1.87 SALMI .T 28.5.89 A comprehensive statistical package, allowing creation & editing of data files, & providing several different analysis programs. Now fully revised. Associated files : (All prefixed STAT) AURU_EXE, DIAG_EXE, MEAS_EXE. MENU, PREP_DOC, PREP_EXE, RCOR_EXE, REGR_EXE. TRAN_EXE.
MA 01 WORKSHEET_BAS MATHS 09.05.86 HECKMATT .J 18.08.86 Statistics package which dimensions a worksheet to your own requirement in/output to m/drive & perform statistical calculations. Data can be sorted edited & plotted. Loaded from its boot which displays a sample graph whilst main program loads. Not fully error-trapped, data is not lost if you re-run after a crash. Associated files : Statsbas_doc, Boot2, Graphpr_boot, Gprint_prt, Boot_bak, Demo_dat, Graphpr_bas, Convert_proc, Graph_demo, Convert_bas, NB. run vn1 w/sheets through Convert_bas for vn.2
MA 02 COMPLEX_NUMBERS MATHS 89/09 PARRY .L An on-screen calculator for complex numbers,. Note - Complex_nos is the S/basic version. Associated files : Complex_nos, _bas, _cde.
MA 02 GRAPH_BAS MATHS 89/09 CLASE .H A graphs plotting program for user defined functions. Allows over-plotting of graphs in either of three modes. (H) High, (M) Medium, (L) Low resolution. Use Lrun Graph_boot. Associated files : Graph_bas, _Boot, _doc, _sav, Graphw_cde.
MA 02 J_EVALUATOR 07.91 HAFTKE .J An excellent calculator which copes with complex expressions. Assoc: Files: j_evaluator, j_eval_bin, qlib_run, ramdisc, j_boot.
MA 02 PROCUR_OBJ MATHS 25.01.88 JONES .W Curve fitting programs for Neville Interpolation. Cubic Splines, or Polynominal Least Squares. Doc on screen. Allows screen or printer o/p. Allows choice of graph lines or point marks. Associated files : PROCUR_OBJ, _SAV, PIXPLOT_BIN, SCREEN_DUMP_BIN, Scrsl_bin.
MA 02 REGN MATHS 22.08.87 LAMBORD .T Regression Analysis & Linear Regression. Plus graph plotting of your data & the facility to edit & create a file of your data. Try loading Instr_regn & typing "instr" & (ENTER). Associated files : REGN_SND, TEST1, REGN_BOOT, REGN2, INTRO_DOC, GAUSS4, REGN_EX, CONFIG_INSTR, RUNTIME_EXTS.
MD 01 ALARMCLOCK_BAS DEMO 84/11 MIALL .H Alarm clock demo program. Use Lrun.
MD 01 BEEPER_BAS DEMO 84/09 RIDGE .J Allows you to play with various parameters of the BEEP command & to hear what the result sounds like. Use Lrun.
MD 01 CARD_DEAL_BAS DEMO 01.11.84 HAMMERTON .L Presents a card deal in standard Bridge, modified from - QL User Guide With bugs removed, layout improved & cards correctly sequenced. Use with the QL in monitor mode. Use Lrun.
MD 01 CASTLE_SCRN DEMO 22.09.84 TAYLOR .G Picture of castle for QLDRAW_BAS. Don't try running this ! You can use the LBYTES command to see what the picture looks like by typing : LBYTES (castle_scrn,131072)
MD 01 CHESSET_BAS DEMO 29.11.84 MIALL .H Prints out a chess board & pieces. Use Lrun.
MD 01 CLEAR_BEEP_BAS DEMO 01.09.84 SHERRATT .R Flashes at you and makes a variety of beeping noises. Use Lrun to see & hear.
MD 01 DEMO DEMO 11.07.85 SINCLAIR Early demonstration program for the QL now being replaced by a rom based version. List the program to see how it works. This is not restricted to Quanta members only & you may pass it on to any computer shop or non-member preferably with a batch of membership forms for Quanta. (This will be done with new sales of QL's in Finland with an arrangement made by Ron Dwight). Associated file : Demo_dat.
MD 01 DESIGNS_BAS DEMO 01.09.84 TAYLOR .G A suite of 3 programs. The first generates pretty "kaleidoscope" type patterns, the second & third routines allow you to save & restore the screen memory from microdrive.
MD 01 DRAGON GRAPHICS 1.11.90 ANON Demo that draws a Dragon. Associated files : Dragon_bas, _scr.
MD 01 DRAW_STRIPES_BAS MISC 01.09.84 SINCLAIR One of the examples from the QL User Guide - rather pretty because it shows off all the different colour combinations of the QL. Best if you type MODE 8 first. Use Lrun.
MD 01 ENERGYDEMO_BAS DEMO 29.08.85 MIALL .H Program developed for Earth Resources Research for the London Boroughs.
MD 01 GALTON_NAILBOARD DEMO 1.11.90 NEIDERREITER .R Demo of the Galton Nailboard showing the distribution of falling balls within the board. Associated files : Galton_bas.
MD 01 MULTITHINGS_BAS DEMO 14.10.84 GUTHRIE .D Nice multi-window demo program. Opens 6 windows & writes output in turn to each of them. Documentation on DJSGTEXT_DOC
MD 01 PANIC_BAS DEMO 01.08.84 ANON Someone had fun writing this - It appeared on a cartridge during the Quanta AGM at Stony Stratford at the end of July 1984. Anyone admit to writing it ?. Use Lrun.
MD 01 PATTERNS_BAS DEMO 28.09.84 BLADON .T Draws random triangles, squares, pentagons hexagons on the screen. Use Lrun. Documentation on INFO_DOC
MD 01 PATTERN_BAS DEMO 01.09.84 NEWPORT .M Draws a pretty picture looking rather like the starship Enterprise going into Warp Drive. Program & picture was printed in "QL User" Feb 1984. Used with author's permission. Use Lrun.
MD 01 SIMULATE_IT_BAS DEMO 07.03.85 COCHRANE .J The introductory program from the excellent book - " Introduction to Simulation Techniques on the Sinclair QL " by John Cochrane. Typed in by Clement Taylor. A random movement program, gradually revealing the words " SIMULATE IT! ". Use Lrun.
MD 01 SORTS_DEMO DEMO 10.09.87 QL WORLD From QL_World magazine, typed in by J. Vincent. Demonstrates various common methods of sorting data. Load the program and list it for more information.
MD 01 SOUND_BAS DEMO 01.11.84 JONES .D Published P.C.W. 5th July 1984. Allows the various "BEEP" parameters to be played around with by providing an interactive screen display of their values. Use Lrun.
MD 01 SPASS SPOOF 29.10.86 JONES .S 22.01.87 Described by the author as the ultimate in QDOS enhancements. Increases microdrive access speeds by more than 400% . Speeds S/basic by.. Well, see for yourself. Has to be seen to be believed, & even then you might have problems !. Associated files:- Spass_boot, Spass_bin, Spass_demo, Spass_scr.
MD 01 SPY DEMO 1988 ARK DIST A demonstration version of The SPY Editor sold by Ark Distribution. It has various (important) bits removed to tempt you into getting the full version which is on sale. (Very good I hear too). Associated files : Boot_spy_demo, Spy, Tvspy, Readme, Help, Clone, Swap, Clone2.
MD 01 STAR_BAS DEMO 01.11.84 JONES .D Draws random star pictures. Use Lrun.
MD 01 TURTLE_BAS DEMO 07.03.85 NOWOTNIK .D Turtle graphics demonstration program. Use Lrun.
MD 01 WORLD_MAP_BAS DEMO 22.08.87 PRIOR .A Typed in by N. Payne from QL World August 1985. Draws a multi-colour map in amazing detail.
MD 02 COMPUTER_LIBRARY GRAPHICS 90/11 SUD S/WARE ITALY A slide show of various pictures relating to computers. Comprises of a total of 40 _pic files plus operating s/ware. Associated files : Boot, Demo_bas, Slides_nam, Cgaconv2_code, Complbr1_pic to Complibr9_pic, Complba0_pic to 5_pic, Complbra_pic to Complbrz_pic.
MD 03 MOVIE_DEMO DEMO 90/11 ANON (ITALY) Motion pictures on your QL monitor. A demonstration of what can be achieved using a digitiser and a QL. Well worth looking at if only for the pretty girl! lrun tvboot. Main file is over 560k. Associated files : Tvboot, Digexten_cde, Movie3, scr.
MD 03 WINBACK 91/01 DUNBAR .N Demonstration version of backup utility for the Miracle systems hard disk. N.B. You need to copy the file Win_rext from your hard disk system before running this demonstration version of the Winback program. Assoc:Files: boot; winback_doc; winback_bin; winback_dmo; winback_ext;
PD 01 PAGE DESIGNER C.A.D. 87/01 D. JONES 94/04 Expansion RAM is needed for this, & that in order to use it you must already have SCREEN_CODE & SCREEN1 from GRAPHICS1, Design your own page A4 or larger, with automatic enlargement for the headlines, full graphics routines text in columns (even imports from Quill). cut-&-paste, user defined fonts (lots of styles provided) Files too numerous to list here, Manual included in 3 Quill files.
PF 01 8056_DUMP UTILITY 88/01 BEVERIDGE .A A set of files to enable the graphics capabilities of the Serial 8056 Printer to be used. Information on README_DOC. Associated files: PRINTER_DAT, DUMP, TRANS, MACHINECODE_DUMP
PF 01 CODING_BAS UTILITY 84/11 JONES .D Coding sheet printer - prints a "form" to an Epson compatible printer. The form is designed for use as a coding sheet for entering source program instructions (prior to typing them into your QL). Use Lrun.
PF 01 EOLN_EXE UTILITY 20.10.87 SALMI .T Lets you change the end-of-line marker of a file. Choices are , , & . Creates a new file leaving the original unchanged. Useful, for example, for certain printers and PASCAL program development. Use EXEC.
PF 01 FILTER_FILES UTILITY 22.08.87 DUBOIS .O A collection of files used to control a printer from Digital Precision's "THE EDITOR". Several versions are provided for those with or without the Tony Tebby Toolkit, and example control files are also provided. Instructions in FILTER_README (A text file, not a Quill_doc). Associated files (All prefixed "FILTER_") : Ctrl_bas, Ctr_bin, Mathset, Prt3_flt, Prt3_bin, Prt3_list, Prt_flt, Prt_udc_bas, Test, Ctr_txt, Prt3_asm, Prt_asm.
PF 01 GRA1 UTILITY 22.08.87 BODDY .G A screen dump utility for owners of the 8056 printer, as supplied with many QL's by Dixon's. This is based on Anthony Daniel's dump routine published in Quanta Vol. 3, Iss. 8, page 12 with additional routines to make it easy to use. You will fall in love with your 8056 after all !. Associated files: GRA1_GRF, GRA1_PIC, GPRINT_PRT, SCNPRT_BAS, PRSCN_DOC.
PF 01 IMAGE GRAPHICS 22.08.87 WALKER .D Advanced screen dump which multi-tasks & is called up with a pre-defined key combination. The printer driver is fully configurable & the program offers - 1. Print current screen. 2. Print a "saved" screen. 3. Save current screen. 4 . Normal or inverse print. (This is an improved & extended OKIDUMP) A version is also provided that can replace the Easel printer driver. Documentation on IMAGE_doc. Associated files:- IMAGE_prt, IMAGE_config, IMAGE_data, IMAGE_boot
PF 01 LABELS_BAS UTILITY 01.11.84 JONES .D Label printing program - will need slight modification for printers that are not Epson compatible. Use Lrun.
PF 01 LETTER_BAS UTILITY 25.01.86 PERRY .R Modifies the QL character set to give an interesting display. Information & demonstration included in the program can be deleted when you are familiar with the program. Display can be toggled on & off. Use Lrun.
PF 01 LIST_BAS UTIL/PRT 01.09.84 SHERRAT .R 29.07.85 Utility program for bulk listings of several programs on FLP1_. The original version for MDV's on LIB_01 has been updated by Ron Dwight.
PF 01 PRINTER_DEF_BAS UTILITY 18.12.84 METHLEY .J Program allows you to define FX80 printer programmable character sets, & then download them to the printer. See PRINTER_DEF_TEXT for full details. Use Lrun.
PF 01 QLOKI UTILITY 17.09.88 DEENIK .J A set of drivers for the OKI printer for use with the QL. PLEASE NOTE, untested, as QC or H/Librarian do not own an OKI printer. Associated files : init, start_qloki201c, qloki201b, qloki201c buzzb, buzzc, qloki_stef, qloki_doc
PF 01 QL_/EPCSOM_FOUNT UTILITY 18.01.87 CLASE .H Replaces QL_Fount. Allows Quill to display 2 separate fonts at once, & to print both to an Epson printer. Fonts are user definable, the example as provided is the Russian alphabet. Extensions are provided so that you can the new fonts in Basic. The font-editor is very easy to use. Associated files : Curfnt_code, Rom_chs, Epson_fount_bas, Ql_fount_bas, Russ_eps, Fntpatch_doc, Hsls_chs, Rom2_chs, Russ_chs, Fount_patch_bas, Tiny_chs, Qlfount_doc, Epfount_doc, Epfount_boot.
PF 01 SCREEN_BAS UTIL/GRAPH 28.09.84 BLADON .T Useful screen functions & procedures to use in your programs, Use load to fetch these procedures & renumber them to suit your own program before before you merge them together. Procedures as follows : look_scrn(x,y) returns a value 0 - 7 dep. on pixel colour. Put_scr(x,y,col) puts a point anywhere independantly of windows (MODE 8): Change_byte(n,s,b$) alters byte 'n' at position "s" using value "b$" : Binary$(n) converts "n" to a Binary string. Bin_to_dec(b$) does the reverse, Info on INFO_DOC.
PF 01 SCREEN_DUMP_BAS UTILITY 16.12.84 TAYLOR .N 24.07.85 A graphics dump program complete with example for Epson printers. Associated files : Screen_dump_asm, _dump_code, Screen_info. Part of the Dasm_xdr package.
PF 01 SER1_DRIVER UTILITY 24.10.86 MANSELL .P A replacement device driver for ser1 which will send the correct end - of - line for all those of you with printers etc. that need both Linefeed AND Carriage Return to print correctly (i.e codes 10 AND 13.) If your printer doesn't work from Superbasic, it may do so now !. Associated files:- Ser_driver_text, ser_driver_obj.
PF 01 SKDUMP_BAS PRINTER 01.11.84 PRICE .K Graphics dump for Tandy Line Printer 3, similar to Seikosha printers. Use Lrun.
PF 01 SPOOLER UTILITY 23.09.87 PEARCE .M Allows multiple copies of up to 10 files (e.g. Quill_lis files) to be printed as a background task while you go on using your QL. Turbo-compiled, and the source is included too. Associated files:- SPOOLER_boot, _task, _bas, _doc, _runtime_exts.
PF 01 STARSPOOL UTILITY 01.10.83 BHATTI .S Multitasking utility to spool any ASCII file to any printer, incorporating the facility to use multiple user-defined fonts. Includes 5 user-defined defined NLQ fonts for Star_NL printers. Will download fonts DURING printing, allowing multiple fonts on one document. Associated files: Starspool_boot, _task, _bas, _Starspl_doc, Xtras_bin, Optima_nlq, Dinthin_nlq, Dinthick_nlq, Italicthin_nlq, Frankfurter_nlq.
PF 01 SUPER_TRANS UTILITY 01.01.87 GUZMAN .J JS ROMS or later ONLY! Menu driven utility to use the TRA command, with easy generation of translation tables. Examples provided for Seikosha SP800/SP1000 printers. Associated files : SP800_boot, _tbl, _trad, SP1000_boot, _tbl, _trad, Transl_doc.
PF 02 CHARACTER_DESIGN UTILITY 87/09 PRIVETT .L The ultimate Character Designer. Full documentation is provided on how To use your fonts too. Type Lrun Mdv1_Print_manual for the documentation, (Screen or printer). Associated files:- Fonts_boot, Char_boot, Char_exe, Char_ext, Char_copy, Shire_, Standard_, Null_std_, Char_manual1/2/3/4_text Fonts_char, Write.
PF 02 NLQ UTILITY 86/07 ROSE .J Excellent utility for Epson/Epson-compatible printers, but without the Near Letter Quality mode. This program allows you to design your "NLQ" font & print your documents using it. 6 fonts provided, including, pica, elite & "joined". Results are quite superb, better than standard "NLQ" even on some printers that provide it. (See _doc for non-JS QL's). Associated files : NLQ_Boot, NLQ_doc, NLQ_cde, printer, designer, pica_, elite_, courier_, cubic_, orator_, joined_, Gothic_font.
PF 02 NLQ2 FONTS 27.5.89 BHATTI .S A set of NLQ fonts & a Designer specifically for the STAR NL10 printer. All files prefixed with NLQ2, remove prefix before using. Associated files : NL10_nlq_designer_fast_x, Typewriter_nlq, Alpha, Nlq_boot, Nlq_readme_doc, Countdown_nlq, Dinthick_nlq, Dinthin_nlq, Epitaph_nlq, Frankfurter_nlq, Nlq_exts, Italicthin_nlq, Nlq_mod_bas, Optima_nlq, Update_scr, NL10_nlq_bas, NL10_nlq_designer_bas, Schoolbook_nlq,
PF 02 PAR_PRT UTILITY 14.04.86 PRICE .K A procedure to convert Psion GPRINT_PRT for parallel port. Instructions embedded in program.
PF 02 QL_FOUNT_BAS FONTS 23.09.87 CLASE .H A fount-designer utility which adds new commands to basic to make using the new founts easy. Suite includes a routine to patch Quill so your new fount can replace the QL's High-script set, enabling, for example, mixed English & Russian characters on screen within QUILL. The Russian alphabet is one of the examples provided. An upgraded version is EPFOUNT. Files : QL_fount_boot, QLFount_doc, Fount_Patch_bas, Hsls_chs, Russ_chs, Newscript_chs, _fnt, Fntpatch_doc, curfnt_code, rom_chs, rom2_chs.
PF 02 TANDY_INKJET UTILITY 20.07.86 KERSTEN 14.08.86 A driver program for the Tandy Colour Ink Jet Printer CGP 220. Programs for MODE 4 = D4x, for MODE 8 = D8x. Associated files : D4x_par, _ser1, _ser2, D8x_par, _ser1, _ser2, Dump_doc, Config_dump, Dp_x1r, Dp_x1r_boot.
PF 03 ADVPRINT UTILITY 89/05 CRONIN .C A printer driver that allows GLP printers to produce characters with descenders. A big improvement on the original printout. Associated files : Advprint_boot, _job, _job_bkup, Guide_doc, Runtime_exts, Install_dat, Printer_dat.
PF 03 BORMAN_FONTS PRINTER 90/11 BORMAN .P High quality fonts from a 9 pin EPSON compatible printer, but quite slow. Run TESTPAGE_BAS for examples. Read Manual_lis. Associated files : Font_boot, Manual_lis, Apalette_nlqfont, Common_asm, Common_ext, Testpage_bas, Fonted_bas, Nlq_obj, _bas, Antiqua_nlqfont, Grotesk_nlqfont.
PF 03 CHARGEN_BAS FONTS 10.5.89 CROSBY .D Two versions of a utility to design character fonts for use with the Star LC-24 printer. Not thoroughly tested (no LC-24) but designer appears to work OK. Assoc: Files: Chargen_er_bas, Readme_doc.
PF 03 COLUMNS_MASTER UTILITY 08.91 MOODY .D A utility to print files in 2 or more columns. Author says " It is not a Desktop Publisher but saves a lot of paper !". He uses it for program listings etc. Assoc: Files: Columns_install, Colprt_dat, Columns_doc.
PF 03 QLOKIDIP UTILITY 04.91 DEENIK .J Prints ABACUS files sideways on OKI printers. NOT checked by Q.C. (no OKI) Please inform him if bugs found. Associated files : Runtime_boot, _exts, Qlokidipc, Qlokidipb, Qlokidip_doc, Start_qlokidipc, Dipcharsb, Dipcharsc.
PF 03 UDEFCHAR PRINTER 1.11.90 JACKSON .I 1991 This character editor lets you make your own founts plus use the best of other founts available. Highly recommended. Use : EX or EXEC Udefchar3 Associated files : Udefchar3, Udefdefaults_bas, Udefinfo_doc.
PS 01 ARCHIVE_MERGE FONTS 90/01 TILLEY .K Routines to do the jobs that most of us end up having to do : add new fields to a database, & merge two files together. Associated files:- MERGE_prg, MERGE_doc
PS 01 BI_COLUMN QUILL 86/04 HALE .P A set of QUILL utilities to allow BI-COLUMN printing Associated files : bi_col_bas, bicol_doc, bicol63_lis.
PS 01 BOOTGREGSON QUILL 17.09.88 GREGSON .J 10.5.89 A "boot" program to enable disc users to select the program (such as one of the Psion suite) from a menu.
PS 01 CH_PRG UTILITY 86/07 NAKHIMOV .A Archive based program for cataloguing & storing details of a cassette / record library but which can be adapted for other purposes. Originally written for vers. 1 of Archive. After booting Archive & with your cartridge in mdv2_, type Load (Enter) M (Enter). Documentation on Manual_doc. Associated Files: CH1_DBF, CFS5_SCN, CFS6_SCN, CFS7_SCN, C_PRG
PS 01 CONFIGURE ARCHIVE 01.11.84 MELLOR .R An up_dated version of the PSION program, which will allow alteration of the defaults even though they may have extra code added by TURBOQUILL+ or QRAM. FILES - Config_bas (NEEDS TURBO TOOLKIT), Config_task (TURBO COMPILED) Config_boot, Xtras (TOOLKIT), Config_doc.
PS 01 DBF_CLOSE_BAS QUILL 01-08-88 CLASE .H Simple routine to close an ARCHIVE database file that has been left open & therefore cannot be re-opened. All it does is alter the open / closed flag in the header - for the non technical that means it will not recover everything if you have been altering records but should be O.K. otherwise. A must for people who forget in ARCHIVE & finish with a RESET or removing the disk before using the correct ' Q ' option in the Guide. This program is issued with the NEW Guide. (so there !!).
PS 01 DUMPS_ARC ARCHIVE 22.08.87 TAYLOR .G Procedures for use with ARCHIVE. Allows you to input long strings of text (up to 255 characters per record) & then format them at printout time. From within ARCHIVE, use LOAD to load these procedures in. Documentation on DUMPS_ARC_DOC (Written for vers. 1 of Quill so will have be renamed for later versions)
PS 01 INDEXER ARCHIVE 22.09.84 MIALL .H An indexing program for QUILL doc's. It does not catalogue your files, It produces a proper INDEX for a Quill_doc. You define the list of words or word groups to go into the index, & this program builds up the index automatically. S/basic program is supplied with compiled versions for FLP & mdv & an easy to follow demonstration. Documentation on INDEXER_doc. Associated files : Mindex, Findex, Index_maker, Test_lis, Twords, Iwords, Indexer_lst.
PS 01 MODQUILL1 QUILL 22.08.86 KAILA .J Utility to patch Quill to enable the insertion of user-defined fonts. A font designer is included, too. You can change the characters from 31 to 127 or the "high/low script" characters. Files : Modquill1_doc, Modqill_bas.
PS 01 MODQUILL2 QUILL 01.10.87 KAILA .J This version by J. Kaila has been modified by S.Bhatti, It is a utility to modify Quill to enable replacement of the high/low script characters with your own font. Two example fonts are provided or you can design your own. NOT easy to use, some knowledge of character designing & of Quill character sets is required. Otherwise use EPFOUNT also in the Library. Associated files : MODQUILL_boot, _task, XTRAS_bin, ITALLIC_chs, Typewriter_chs.
PS 01 MSHIP QUILL 01.01.87 NAKHIMOFF .A Archive database for keeping membership records of clubs etc. formerly held as Lib_11, (Manual on Lib_12). Before using, consult the manual which is held on 2 Quill files, MSHIP_DOC & MSHIPLUS_DOC which give details of how to tailor the database to your own requirements. Associated files : Mem1_pro, Mem2_pro, Mem5_pro, Mem4_pro, Mem6_pro, Mem_prg, Mfs1_scn, Mfs2_scn, Mfs3_scn, M_dbf.
PS 01 PRINT_BOOTGREGSON ARCHIVE 22.05.85 GREGSON .J A useful BOOT program for the Psion programs, allowing you to select the printer-driver you wish to use from a menu, at startup. Associated file : Raw_datgregson.
PS 01 PSION_DISC_BOOT UTILITY 01.07.86 PRIVETT .L Exactly as it says in the title .. allows user selection from a menu of the program you want to load.
PS 01 QDOCTOR_X UTILITY 01.01.87 TOWERS .A An enhanced & compiled version of Quill_doctor to salvage corrupted Quill files & save them as _exp files for importing back to Quill. Compiled by the author using Supercharge. Use Exec.
PS 01 QUILBOOT_BAS UTILITY 20.08.86 HECKMATT .J This program is designed to replace the existing boot file on Quill & adds the facility to backup quill files between mdv1 & mdv2. A nice feature of this program is the ability the list the directories of both drives at the same time. Documentation on QUILBOOT_DOC.
PS 01 QUILL_DRIVER QUILL 30.09.85 MANSELL .P Patch to enable 10 printer drivers to be installed on 1 cartridge/disk Very useful if you have to use more than one printer. up to 10 can be installed - & Quill prompts for your choice when you select F3 P (for PRINT). Very well implemented, & separate versions supplied for Quill's 2.0, 2.3, & 2.35. Associated files:- Modify_quill_text, _bas, Par_obj, Install_bas_patch, Quill_2.00_(2.30) (2.35) print_obj. Beware those with TRUMP-CARDS, possible conflict with on-board par driver
PS 01 QUILL_DOCTOR_BAS UTILITY 24.10.86 TOWERS .A 16.09.88 Will salvage most corrupted QUILL files, provided the first sector of a file is not corrupt. Lrun QUILL_DOCTOR_BAS & place corrupted cartridge in mdv1_ Follow the instructions to generate a usable copy on mdv2_. (A revised/compiled version by the same author is in the Qlad Package).
PS 01 QUILL_UTIL_BAS UTILIY 29.07.85 SNOWDON .R Published in PCW 13th - 19th Sept. 1984. A useful utility enabling you to write & edit programs together with Quill. 1. Load the program to be edited & resave with the extension _LIS. 2. Load Quill & import your program. 3. After editing etc., save the program & quit Quill. 4. Load this utility & your final version will be an edited program
PS 01 RELATIONS UTILITY 01.11.84 FAHRIKI .H A set of Archive procedures for creating family trees. NB: OBJECT code - suffix _pro not _prg. Note that there are differences in the way _pro files are handled between Vns 2.0 & 2.3+ of Archive. Type : Run object "relation" from within Archive. Associated files : Relat1_pro, Relat2_pro, Relation_pro.
PS 01 SAVER ARCHIVE 12.08.86 LENERZ .W Ever had Quill re-boot on you & lose your file?. This should help you. Sets up an automatic save routine which takes over Quill & saves your file to disk/cartridge. You set the interval yourself. Associated files : SAVER0, SAVER1, SAVER_ASM, SAVER_DOC, TQUILL_DOC. TQUILL_DRIVER_BAS, SAVECONFIG_BAS.
PS 01 SCAN_BAS QUILL/UTIL 1.08.88 HUMPHREY .P Specifically for the Centronics 739 printer, it properly justifies text from Quill files, Info is in REMark statements in program. Associated file : Scan_code.
PS 01 SOFTWARE_DBF QUILL_UTIL 28.08.87 MARTIN .C A large & useful database of QL Software, including sources & details of where reviews can be found. 2 files are included, PROGRAMS & SOURCES, together with Archive procedures to provide easy access to them. Well documented in "NOTES_doc" Associated Files : Notes_doc, Programs_dbf, Sources_dbf, Init_prg, Pr1_scn, Programs_scn, Sources_scn, Notes_prg.
PS 01 TOW_ABA ARCHIVE 02.07.86 DIBSDALE .C 22.01.87 Tug-of-war team list reckoner, well documented on TOWMANU_DOC. The first abacus based program we have received. Charlie (& your librarian) will be pleased to hear of any other ABACUS based programs.
PS 02 ARCHIVE_MANAGEMENT ARCHIVE 85/08 DE SARAM .H Superceded by DBMan on PS 04.
UG 04 INSTALL_EXE UTILITY 91/04 HAFTKE .JOE Much faster than install_bas for Quill. Assoc: Files: j_install_exc, install_dat. See compiled version on PS 02.
PS 02 ARCHIVE_NOTES ARCHIVE 90/11 WHEATLEY .M 3 Quill_docs with an excellent introduction for new ARCHIVE'ers. This covers all you need to know to set up/use database files, write Archive procedures. The third _doc shows how to use multiple files, copy from one file to another, update all records of a file automatically, & other such useful ideas. An ideal introduction for those who find other sources of information such as books & the User guide assume too much knowledge. Associated files:= Anotes1_doc, Anotes2_doc, Anotes3_doc.
PS 02 DEU ARCHIVE 87/08 VON SEELEN .C Allows you to print umlauts in either Quill or ordinary files. Associated files : Deu_cde, _doc.
PS 02 LIBLOOK PRINTER 90/11 PHELAN .G A Library system reporter. Well documented, Fully menu driven. Associated files : Liblook_doc, Liblook_pro, Liblook_prg.
PS 02 LIBSRCH_PRG ARCHIVE 27.5.89 BRUNTLETT .I.A An Archive search routine. Which can be used to search through the Library Guide, produces reports on what it finds, Supplied with Quanta_disk_5. (Notes on the contents of Disk_5 [ old library ]) You need to be fluent in Archive to use this.
PS 02 QLSTOCK ARCHIVE 27.5.89 DOMINIK .I An Archive based stock control program of high quality. Requires minimum of 256K to run in. A copy of Printer_dat MUST be in FLP1_ BEFORE running. Associated files : Printer_dat, Qlcost_prg, Qlstock_prg, Qlstock_scn, Qlstock_dbf, Qlcost_dbf, Qlcost_pro, Qlcost_scn, Qlstock_pro, Qlstock_doc.
PS 02 QUILL_MOD ARCHIVE 27.5.89 DAVIS .K 19.1.90 This program changes ALL references of ' mdv ' to ' flp ' in QUILL. (Printed in May '89 Quanta). For Version 2.35 ONLY. Associated files : Quill_mod.
PS 02 STAT_HBOOK QUILL 17.09.89 PETERSON .E An Archive based Statisticians Handbook, Allows repeated calculations up to Fourteen decimal places. Load Archive. Load " PD2 " and type START. Associated files : Pd2_prg, Pd_pro, Probscr_scn, Handbook_doc.
PS 03 BEEP_CDE ARCHIVE 90/01 MOODY .D A utility to give a beep in Archive. This has been much asked for and talked about by several Quanta members. Read Beep_doc first. Assoc: Files: Beep_asm, Beep_doc.
EM 01 MICRO-EMACS EDITOR 88/ NORRIE .K 17.10.92 A superb PD Editor. This is the NEW 3.11p version. This disk contains the SOURCE FILES ONLY !!!!!!! UTIL_EMACS2 is the compiled version. Associated files : TOO many to list, the disk is full. Ported to the QL by Richard Kettlewell.
PS 03 STD_CODES ARCHIVE 90/11 DOMINIK .I You can find the town for the STD code, or the STD code for the area. Can run with/without expanded memory, can also be run from RAM using the RAMDISC file supplied. You can either Lrun STD_boot, which will load the files into RAM, or, Load Archive, Load " STD ", and type " START ". Associated files : 24 x Town_dbf, 9 x Codes_dbf, New_Std_prg, _pro, boot, Ramdisk_cde, Std_doc.
MD 01 NUTTY NEWSROOM 09.92 SULLIVAN .ROBERT Notes to follow.
JM 01 QDOS_JMPART1 ARCHIVE 91/01 SINCLAIR Disassembly of the JM ROM , This is part 1. originally on Library DISK_17. There is an updated version on QDOS_JM3. Associated files : ff, QDOS_PART1 , 3 , 5 , 6 , 9 , 13 , 14 , 15 .
JM 02 QDOS_JMPART2 QDOS 91/01 SINCLAIR Part 2 of the original disassembly. An extended version is on QDOS_JM4 Associated files : ff, definitions, labels_alpha, labels_num, QDOS_PART16 PART_19 , 50 , 51 , 99 .
JM 03 QDOS_JMPART3 QDOS 91/01 METHLEY .J JM ROM Disassembly. Associated files : intro, escape_txt, formfeed_txt, graph, header, Title_txt, fnum, NEW_PART1 , 3 , 5 , 6 , 9 , 13 . NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE
JM 04 QDOS_JMPART4 QDOS 91/01 METHLEY .J JM ROM disassembly. Associated files : formfeed_txt, definitions, labels_alpha, labels_num, NEW_PART14 , 15 , 16 , 19 , 50 , 51 , 99 . NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE
TT 01 POINTER/QDOS_TRAPS QDOS 90/01 TEBBY .A This is Tony Tebby's Pointer I/F plus other programs donated to the Library The first section of the disk is reserved for Tony Tebby. The second for QDOS traps
SP 01 ANTENNA SPECIALIST 90/01 SHIELDS .T Described by the author as "only of interest to radio amateurs or SWL's." It calculates half-wave and quarter-wave lengths for antennae, and similarly for solid or foam co-axial cables.
SP 01 BENCHMARKS_BAS SPECIALIST 86/10 GUTHRIE .D 87/01 Benchmarks David used to see if the reviews were right about the QL's performance. Includes BM1 to BM8 used by Practical Computing & P.C.W. QL is faster than an Apple or IBM PC, but slower than other fully 68000 based machines. Benchmarks MAC1 - MAC4 are from a book on the Macintosh QL is about half the Mac Basic speed. The last benchmark is the ' Sieve of Eratosthenes". The Mac cannot run this 'cos it hasn't enough RAM. Use LOAD to load the benchmarks. Documentation on DJSGTEXT_DOC
SP 01 BIORYTHMS_X UTILITY 14.10.84 MURPHY .P The biorythms program compiled by A. Towers using Supercharge. Use Exec.
SP 01 BIORYTHMS_BAS SPECIALIST 29.07.85 MURPHY .P Input your birthdate & the current date to display curves of your physical emotional, & sensitivity factors. A compiled version is available.
SP 01 CRYPT_EXE SPECIALIST 20.08.86 WEBSTER .D A file encryption program, written in BCPL. Encoded files may be read by a recipient using the same character string. A sample file, POEM_CRT has been included and if you are able to find the key you will be able to decrypt this file and import it to QUILL. Documentation available on CRYPT_DOC.
SP 01 FINANCE_BAS SPECIALIST 30.09.85 TANNER .J Very useful home finance package. Could do with an enhancement so it can print pound notes as well ! Includes mortgage analysis, hire purchase interest calculation, rate of return on life insurance, savings payments, loan repayments, etc. Use Lrun. On screen help is provided.
SP 01 GRID_BAS SPECIALIST 03.11.84 HAMMERTON .L Generates a test pattern for setting up monitors ie. convergence and linearity. And be careful with the EHT lead inside the monitor (20KV). Use Lrun.
SP 01 JSTICK_PROC UTILITY 01.11.84 EDWARDS .P A Superbasic procedure to read & convert joystick co-ordinates. Use LOAD or MERGE to combine this with your own program.
SP 01 KEYBOARD SPECIALIST 24.11.84 METHLEY .J Files which enable alien keyboards to be used with the QL. A datafile is provided for the Newbrain keyboard but if you are using any other tailor KEYMACRO_ASM to suit (Details given in KEYMACRO_ASM). Learn mode allowing a sequence of key presses to be assigned to a key is included. Documentation on Keyboard_txt. Use Key_boot to load. Associated files - Keylinkser1_bin, Keymacro_bin, Keylink_asm, Keyboard_asm, Keylearn_asm, Keyboard_lst, Keyspecial_asm, Keylink_bin, Keytable_asm, Keylist_asm.
SP 01 MONITEST_BAS SPECIALIST 25.01.88 HENSEN .G A program useful for evaluating video monitors. Includes various test patterns and sequences listed below. Concentric White circles (colour convergence test) Grid Patterns (static convergence and resolution) Flashing black on white squares (P.s.u. test) Use Lrun.
SP 01 OMNIREADER UTILITY 10.11.84 DEENIK .J A suite of programs for reading text into the QL using an Omni-reader. It does work, this has been used with success. Associated files : ORFPB, ORFPC, ORFP_DOC.
SP 01 PROGLIST_BAS SPECIALIST 1988 NEWPORT .M A full screen basic program editor procedure for inclusion in your own program which is under development. For instructions, see "QL USER" February 1985 issue. Used with author's permission. Use Lrun.
SP 01 RESOLVE_BAS EDITOR 01.09.84 SHERRATT .R Tests the resolution of monitors. Prints coloured rows of 'mmmmmmm'. You should be able to see every vertical line of dots clearly if it is capable of displaying all 512 dots of the QL's horizontal resolution. Your's will need a pitch far greater than 512 dots across to do this. to do the job perfectly, you need a pitch of 1024 dots, A Microvitec Cub 653 (653 dots) is still fuzzy even perfectly set up. a Novex clearly resolves lines.
SP 01 SAGEMENU SPECIALIST 30.01.85 PHELAN .G A MENU program for the SAGE Accounts package, with an excellent Doc file to explain the Author's thoughts on the program. Associated files : Sagemenu_boot, Sagemenu_bas, Sagemenu_doc.
SP 01 SANDL SPECIALIST 27.5.89 SHIELDS .T "Savings and Loans" : works out the term of a mortgage or monthly repayment given the other one. Also calculates growth of simple interest savings. Easily configured for disk or microdrive. Associated files : SANDL_doc, text_sandl, sandl_boot.
SP 01 SOFT_FURNISH_BAS SPECIALIST 29.10.86 LARKIN .N 01.01.87 Program for estimating soft furnishing contracts. The program provides on_screen help facilities. Use Lrun.
SP 01 VEIKKAUS SPECIALIST 24.11.84 VAISANEN .M A Pools prediction program - All winnings after the first `500,000 should be shared with the author!!! Inbuilt bilingual instructions. Associated file - tu.
SP 01 WORDS_BAS SPECIALIST 01.03.86 MYERS .R Great for you crossword fiends. A list of words from 2 to 20 letters. And a Dictionary file, could be used as a basis for a spelling-checker ?? Associated files : WORDS_BAS, _TASK, _DOC, DICT_DOC, WORD_NUMBER_FILE. RUNTIME_BOOT, _EXTS, DICTIONARY_FILE, Word_file_2 to _20.
SP 02 BANK_BAS UTILITY 88/09 MYERS .R.C 90/01 A Bank account control program. Control your account with this, handles Cheques, Standing Orders, Direct Debits e.t.c. Associated files : Bank_bas, _task, _doc, Runtime, _boot, Window_code, Widow_code_boot.
SP 02 BIGWORDLIST_EXE SPECIALIST 89/05 SALMI .T 90/01 Larger version of Wordlist_exe (12500) words.
SP 02 CRYPTER_EXE SPECIALIST 28.5.89 SALMI .T An encryption program to stop unauthorised access to your files. Up to Timo's usual standard.
SP 02 QCOPY SPECIALIST 27.5.89 ANSELL .B This is a utility for use in a Qliberator environment. Allows inspection of _wrk files. Not thoroughly tested. Assoc: Files: Qcopy_obj, Qcopy_readme, B10_gprint, B10_save, B10_obj, Qcopy_bas.
SP 02 RAY_TRACE UTILITY 03.91 UNSTEAD-JOSS .L Traces the path of a ray of light through a lens, or, coaxial system of lenses. ' RT ' is a S/basic version, ' XYZTRA ' is an ABACUS version. Read Lenses_doc. Associated files : RT, Xyztra, Lenses_doc.
SP 02 SATELLITE_TASK SPECIALIST 17.09.89 SAARNELA .M Displays a problem that Newton could not solve, but the QL can. Read Sat_doc first, Exec_w to look. Associated files : Satellite_task, Sat_doc
SP 02 SPEECH_EDITOR SPECIALIST 10.5.89 JONES .D 04.94 If you have a Maurice Computers QSV400 Speech Synthesiser unit, then these programs will provide you with a database of allophone strings & will create a file of S_Basic statements for merging into your programs. Should be O.K. with QV200 too. Documentation on Speech_doc. Associated files:- RT_code, Upper_code, _asm, Lower_code, _asm, Speech_bas, _file, _boot, _EXEC,_LST
SP 02 SPEEDSCREEN SPECIALIST 22.8.87 GOODWIN .S A cut-down but still extremely useful version of Speedscreen by Creative Codeworks. Read _doc file then lrun speedscreen_boot for an impressive demo. Tailor the _boot file to remove demo if required. Assoc:Files: bigbold_speedscreen; ukektd_speedscreen; speedscreen_test_bas; speedscreen_demo_bas; speedscreen_boot; speedscr_doc.
SP 02 SPELLBOUND_DICT 01.91 JOHNSON .D The official Sector Software ' SPELLBOUND ' dictionary of 50483 words. You've seen it at `5.00 , get the same one free.
SP 02 WORDLIST_EXE SPECIALIST 27.5.89 SALMI .T This is a revision of the original program by Timo.
PF 03 THE TRANSLATOR 08.92 JONES .DILWYN Written in response to a members request, this allows the whole of the QL character set to be printed on an Epsom compatible printer( well,almost). This version is for the Star LC10 and LC2410. The basic source is supplied to allow you to customise it for other printers.
SP 03 QUANTA_INDEX SPECIALIST 89/05 ADAMS .C 96/06 A program that allows you to find the information you want from QL USER and QL WORLD. An expanded machine is required and Archive Vers 2.38, Archdev or Exchange. Load Archive then RUN "FLP?_INDEX". SP 13 contains a Flashback version & SP 14 one for DataDesign Assoc.Files: AtoL_dbf, Index_prg, MtoZ_dbf, Open_scn, Readme_doc
SP 03 QUANTA2_DOC ARCHIVE 90/11 TAYLOR .C Quanta index. Vol. 1 on Quanta1_doc, Vol. 2 on 2_doc, Vol. 3 on 3_doc. Vol. 4 on 4_doc (I will reserve space for revisions) Details of "how I did it " on INDEX_DOC. Note the use of ABACUS, a very powerful program which does not generally get the use it deserves. **** Note : moved from SP 01 **** Associated files : Quandex_lst, Quanta1 + 2 + 3 + 4_doc.
SP 04 APTITUDE_TEST SPECIALIST 86/04 ANON 89/05 You may find this program of interest if you feel you may be in the wrong job, or you are looking for a new one.... Associated files : Aptitude_test_bas.
SP 04 COLOURS SPECIALIST 90/11 FINK .O Part of a suite of eight programs by Oliver. ALL files are prefixed > Colours < Associated files : COLOURS_bin, _doc, _link, _action_asm/rel, _brush_asm/rel, _text_asm/rel, _wman_asm/rel, _init_asm/rel, _items_asm/rel, _mwind_asm/rel, _setup_asm/rel, _sprite_asm/rel, _stip0_asm/rel, _stip1_asm/rel, _stip2_asm/rel, _stip3_asm/rel.
SP 04 CONFIG POINTER 1.11.90 FINK .O A configure program Version V1.02 Part of a suite of eight programs by Oliver. Associated files : Basconfig_bas, _cfg, _doc, _obj, _rtm, _sav, Cfg_bin, Chbase_rext.
SP 04 CONVERTER POINTER 1.11.90 FINK .O Part of a suite of eight programs by Oliver. Associated files : Convert_doc, Converter_asm, _bin.
SP 04 FONT_EDITOR POINTER 1.11.90 FINK .O A font editor Version V1.00 Part of a suite of eight programs by Oliver. Associated files : Fontdoc_engl_txt, Tools_rext, Fonted_bas, Fonted_obj, _rtm, _sav.
SP 04 FREE_MEMORY_BUTTON EDITOR 1.11.90 FINK. O Part of a suite of eight programs by Oliver. Associated files : Freemembt_asm, _bin.
SP 04 PICKER POINTER 1.11.90 FINK .O Part of a suite of eight programs by Oliver. Associated files : Picker_asm, _bin, _doc.
SP 04 RENAMER POINTER 1.11.90 FINK .O Part of a suite of eight programs by Oliver. Associated files : Renamer_asm, _bin, _doc.
SP 04 S.P.A.C.E. POINTER 1.11.90 FINK .O Pointer utility. Part of a suite of eight programs by Oliver. Associated files : Space_bas, _sav, _txt, Spacextn_bin, Spacedemo_bas, _obj, _rtm, _sav.
GR 03 MOLECULES SPECIALIST 90/11 KNIGHT .M 96/02 A suite of programs to draw molecules in a variety of ways. Worth getting for its entertainment value alone. Data for over 100 molecules included. a really excellent program and a credit to the programmer.Use lrun_boot but read all the _doc files first! Assoc:Files: manual_doc; moledit_doc; molfiles_doc; diffs_doc. Some atomic radius data has been improved, enhancing diagram accuracy
UD 01 4_BOOT ARCHIVE 90/11 TANNER .J 91/ Auto file loader via menu, also providing some utilities : ERA, REFORMAT, TV, SAVe, DIr, COPy, HEX, BACKUP, RESAVE, MENU. Runs automatically after a reset, followed by F1/F2. N.B. Disk versions may be renamed to avoid overwriting other boots.
UD 01 6_BOOT UTILITY 84/11 PRIVETT .L An interactive program loader with good graphical effects. Menu driven & gives option of MERGE, MRUN, LOAD, LRUN. This BOOT program runs after a reset unless name changed for disk version (To avoid overwriting problems).
UD 01 ACHILLES UTILITY 07.03.85 JACKSON .I A fast single disk drive copier for those of you with only one drive. Use : EX or EXEC Achilles. Associated files : Achilles_exe, _doc.
UD 01 ATCOPY_BAS COPIER 19.1.90 NK Found during the resort of the library. Appears to be a copy program. Associated files : ATCOPY_BAS, ATCOPY_X.
UD 01 AUTOMENU_BAS UTILITY NK TANNER .J Program for automatic selection of files. Could be included as part of a BOOT program. Use LRUN to see what it does at the moment.
UD 01 BOOTN_BAS UTILITY 01.11.84 GUTHRIE .D Utility Boot program allows most QL basic operations to be performed with 1 or 2 keystrokes (eg L-load, M-merge, S-save, etc). The instructions are contained in the file DJSGTEXT_DOC, viewable from within QUILL. Rename the file as "BOOT" if you want it to run after a reset. Otherwise use Lrun.
UD 01 BOOT_PE UTILITY 14.10.84 EDWARDS .P Program loader boot program. Use Lrun.
UD 01 CATALOGUE BOOT 24.11.84 CATT .J Enables you to make an alphabetical list of all your files & the disk /cartridge on which they are stored. Facilities are provided to include the CAT & SORT machine code extensions also available from the Library. Associated files : CATALOGUE_BAS, CAT_DOC.
UD 01 CATALOG_BAS UTILITY 22.08.87 ROBINSON .J An extended directory program, giving cartridge name, directory listing & file sizes. Use Lrun.
UD 01 CATSORT1_BAS DIR 01.11.84 MIALL .H Utility to catalogue up to 999 files on several cartridges & sort the file-names into alphabetical order, Printing the list with the cartridge names & file lengths, Can also be used to print out individual cartridges with the file-names & number of sectors. Use Lrun.
UD 01 CAT_CODE SORT 29.08.85 STEWART .I Machine code program to add the command CAT to SUPERBASIC. Load this code by running CAT_BOOT. CAT provides an extended directory listing giving file sizes etc. Works fine on screen but seems to miss files off if you try listing to a printer. Full details in the file cat_code_text.
UD 01 CHANGE_BAS UTILITY 07.03.85 DWIGHT .R Utility to search a disk for a specified string & replace it with another. At present set to replace flp with fdk but can easily be modified for microdrive & to change any other string. Use LRUN MDV1_CHANGE_BAS Load & List to Edit & make changes required.
UD 01 CLONE_BAS UTILITY 25.01.86 DWIGHT .R A copying program with inbuilt format & directory facilities written in basic. Can copy all or part of a cartridge or disc. Not as versatile or fast as the fcopy but a little more flexible than the DUPL_BAS program.
UD 01 COPIER_EXE UTILITY 20.1.86 SALMI .T Machine code copier with all the option for selecting files to be backed up & so on. Very quick, easy to use. Use EXEC.
UD 01 DISCUTILS_BAS COPY 10.5.89 PRICE .K 1991 Copies with a single disk drive, gives disk info etc. Requires Superbasic Extensions and a RAM_DISK to be active.
UD 01 DISDIR_BAS UTILITY 22.08.87 STEVENSON .D This prints out a directory listing for MDV2_, & includes the file length length along with the file name. It relies on the fact that the PIPE command (written by David) is available (ie PIPEDR_BOOT has been run). Also the machine code program Disdir_exec is execed by Disdir_bas. Use Lrun. Documentation on PIPEDR_DOC. Part of the David Stevenson utility package.
UD 01 DISHDR_EXEC UTILITY 07.03.85 STEVENSON .D This machine code program is run using the EXEC command, & reads file headers. The file name must be passed to it in pipe1 & the file header is output via pipe2. The use of pipes requires the PIPE command to be available (see PIPEDR_EXEC). Part of the David Stevenson utility package.
UD 01 DISXDIR_BAS UTILITY 07.03.85 STEVENSON .D This program prints out the full file header information for every file on MDV2_. Relies on the PIPE command being available first. Lrun MDV1_PIPEDR_BOOT, & also that MDV1_ contains the program Dishdr_exec. Documentation on PIPEDR_DOC. Part of the David Stevenson utility package.
UD 01 DUPL_BAS UTILITY 07.03.85 SHERRATT .R A general purpose file duplication program which copies all files from a source microdrive cartridge to the destination cartridge specified. This version is slow. Use lrun.
UD 01 FASTDISC_BAS UTILITY 01.09.84 DWIGHT .R Requires CST disk I/f Vers. 1.7 or later & provides a fast copy between floppy disks. Typical timings are 3 minutes to copy 320Kb & under 4 1/2 minutes for 720k. Destination disks must not contain any bad sectors.
UD 01 FILEDUMP2_BAS UTILITY 14.12.85 DWIGHT .R Requires R.Dwight's S/basic extensions to be loaded. Program allows several programs to be loaded into memory at the same time & to switch between programs & to dump the contents of a memory block in Hex/Dec or ASCII. Memory can be modified & a new file created. "h" key gives menu. Further details can be obtained from R.Dwight by sending 2 IRC's
UD 01 FILEDUMP_EXE UTILITY 10.10.86 SALMI .T Dumps the contents of a file on screen in ASCII characters & ASCII code numbers simultaneously. Prints ASCII 10 (linefeed) in colour to highlight them, & a count is kept at the same time.
UD 01 FILEDUMP_BAS UTILITY 20.01.86 STRICKLAND .R Produces a hexadecimal dump of a cartridge file's contents. Use Lrun.
UD 01 FILES_BAS UTILITY 10.11.84 LAWLOR .J A useful utility designed for inclusion with your own programs. Use LOAD or MERGE to load it. The procedures at the moment work only in monitor mode with maximum size windows. Initiate cartridges by typing CREATE_DIR n,m where n and m are 1 or 0 depending on whether you want to do the cartridge in MDV1_ or MDV2_ (or both). Start the procedures by typing FILES.
UD 01 FLOAD_CODE DIR 01.11.84 GOLLER .W Revised version of the fastload program. Documentation on Fload_doc. N.B. Compatibility problems may be encountered if an attempt is made to transfer files to another Q.L.
UD 01 FM_EXEC UTILITY 25.11.85 STEWART .I A machine code set of utilities for managing files. Provides the ability to select files and of the ones selected to copy, delete or verify them. Use EXEC_W. Documentation on fm_exec_text (Read with copy command).
UD 01 GP_BOOT UTILITY 07.03.85 TLOSOFT Found during the sort of the Library. Appears to be an excellent Boot program.
UD 01 INDEXER2 BOOT 1986 MYERS .R A directory producer. Associated files : Indexer_obj, _boot.
UD 01 LIST_BAS DIRECTORY 27.5.89 SHERRATT .R A useful utility program for doing bulk listing of several programs on a microdrive cartridge. It asks you which files to print, & you then leave it to get on with it. Inserts pretty headings, paginates, & responds to "REMark skip" in basic programs by generating a form feed. Easily modifiable for printers other than the FX80 it is set up for at present. Use Lrun.
UD 01 MENU_BOOT UTILITY 01.09.84 PRIVETT .L Updated version of the auto-menu program that originally appeared on LIB_6 with amazingly neat displays, and full user control. Copy this file under the name "BOOT" to any of your cartridges. Associated files : Boot_code, Temp_directory_file (Latter not needed) also "gp_boot" along the same lines...
UD 01 MORE_BAS BOOT 01.01.87 HELLER .L A crude version - as quoted by the author - of a utility often used by UNIX systems to display text file a screen full at a time. Use Lrun.
UD 01 M_COPY UTILITY 01.11.84 TOMASIN .S From P.C.W. 22nd. Jan. 87 via Michael L. Jackson. Easy backup of disks/cartridges for those without toolkit's WCOPY or similar & it can be merged with your own programs. Associated files : MCOPY_sbp, MAKECOPY_bas (DEMO), MAKECOPY_doc.
UD 01 ORDERED_DIR_BAS UTILITY 01.10.87 GUTHRIE .D Produces a tidy directory listing to the screen. Use Lrun. Documentation on DJSGTEXT_DOC
UD 01 PIPEDR_CODE UTILITY 14.10.84 STEVENSON .D This file contains machine code for a new device driver called PIPE. The code must be loaded into the resident procedure area of memory before it is executed. The program PIPEDR_BOOT does this for you. Documentation on PIPEDR_DOC Part of the David Stevenson utility package.
UD 01 PURGE_BAS UTILITY 07.03.85 HELLER .L A basic utility program for deleting files - for cartridges holding more than 30 files alter the DIM statement. Use Lrun.
UD 01 RCOPY UTILITY 01.11.84 SALMI .T A copy command which takes three parameters : Source%, Destination% and Filename$. 1 = mdv1_, 2 = mdv2_, 3 = fdk1_, 4 = fdk2_, 0 = scr_ Source=Destination IS allowed - handy for single disk drive users. Use Lrun ** Requires a Ram disk to be activated **
UD 01 SDISCCOP_BAS UTILITY 22.08.87 PRICE .K Provides a backup for a single disk user between microdrive and floppy
UD 01 SLOWCOPY_BAS UTILITY 14.04.86 TANNER .J If you want to load up & do some copying whilst you dig the garden this is for you.
UD 01 STAT_EXEC UTILITY APRIL 85 NASH .D A utility program which will show details of the files held on cartridges, the directory it produces can be routed to any device such as printer or screen. The program has a useful directory and should only be used in (f1) monitor mode. Run from EXEC MDV1_STAT_EXEC. "Ctrl/C to use after loading. Documentation on STAT_DOC. Associated file STAT_BCPL
UD 01 TURBOCOPY_EXE UTILITY 14.5.85. SALMI .T A set of copy programs, well documented. As per Timo's usual quality. Associated files : (all prefixed TBOCPY) : Boot, Bboot, Clone, Turbocopy_exe, Bouncecopy_exe & _boot, Tcopy_doc, Runtime_exts.
UD 01 TYPE_EXE UTILITY 28.5.89 SALMI .T Displays file(s) on the screen. Wild cards can be used in filenames.
UD 01 XDIR2_BAS UTILITY 22.08.87 NASH .D An updated version of David's Ex directory program. updated by John Tanner to give hard copy if required.
UD 01 XDIR_BAS UTILITY 1.11.84. NASH .D APRIL 85. A utility for listing the names & file lengths on MDV2. Note that the program writes a temporary file to Mdv2_ while it is running, & that there must be a small amount of space on Mdv2_ to allow this file to be created. Use Lrun. Associated file : XDIR_boot.
UG 01 BACKUP UTILITY 84/11 TAYLOR .N Backup program with wildcard facilities to backup groups of files, single files or all files. Use Exec mdv1_BACKUP_exec. Further information on BACKUP_INFO (Use screen editor to read). Part of the DASM_xdr Package.
UG 01 BOOT_JMR_BAS UTILITY 85/07 RIDGE .J A BOOT program which produces an index to John's other contributions to the Library (CHARSET, DECHEX & ERASE). Use Lrun.
UG 01 CALENDAR2_BAS UTILITY 01.09.84 JONES .D Updated by John Tanner from the original.
UG 01 CAL_BAS UTILITY 1.11.84. CLASE .H APRIL 85. A calendar program, with an excellent Doc file commenting on the different calendars used in the World back in the good old days. Associated files : Cal_bas, Cal_doc.
UG 01 CHARSET_HEX_BAS UTILITY 27.5.89 RIDGE .J Similar to "CHARSET_BAS", except each character is indexed with the corresponding hex code - eg for use in assembler programs. Use Lrun.
UG 01 CHARSET_BAS UTILITY 01.09.84 RIDGE .J Produces a full QL character set tabulation, indexing each character with it's decimal equivalent (ie for use in PRINT CHR$(n) statements). Use Lrun.
UG 01 CLOCKS_ASM UTILITY 01.09.84 DWIGHT .R Set of assembly routines which can be set up on booting, providing up to 12 clocks which can be accessed from keyboard or S/Basic. These can be set to count up or down (To provide an alarm), & can be read or adjusted from within a program. Use Lrun (Clocks_boot). Associated files:- CLOCKS_code, CLOCKS_doc, CLOCKS_asm, CLOCKS_boot. Part of the R. Dwight Utility package.
UG 01 COMPRESSOR UTILITY 01.09.85 TAYLOR .N A set of procedures for compressing (& decompressing) text files. Such as locations for text adventures. The author provided a compressed version of the Library's adventure WORM as a demonstration. (The compressed version is available) Associated files : COMPRESSOR_task, _bas, _doc, _procs, _boot.
UG 01 DECHEX_BAS UTILITY 10.09.87 RIDGE .J Procedure to convert between decimal & hex numbers. Use Load or Merge commands to load the procedure into memory.
UG 01 DIR_EXEC UTILITY 01.09.84 TAYLOR .N Execable version of the extended directory command. Instead of adding to or replacing commands in SUPERBASIC, this program allows an extended directory listing to be generated by typing EXEC MDV1_DIR_EXEC. Updated on 9.3.85 to include "wildcard" name specifications using "*" & "!". For further details see DIR_TEXT and DIR_INFO files (Use copy command to read). Associated file - DIR_CODE. Part of the Dasm_xdr package.
UG 01 DISASS_EXEC UTILITY 16.12.84 TAYLOR .N 24.07.85 A very nice machine code disassembler which is capable of producing labelled listings in a form which can be re-assembled later on. The program is run by typing EXEC MDV1_DISASS. The program prompts you for all other info (eg. the start address). For further information see Disass_info & Dir_info. Part of the DASM_XDR Package
UG 01 EPROM_BAS UTILITY 16.12.84 TAYLOR .N 24.07.85 A program for the SC84 Eprom programmer featured in Electronics and Wireless World Nov 84, Dec 84 and Feb 85. Further details on EPROM_INFO. (Can be read by screen editor or copy command). Part of the DASM_xdr Package
UG 01 ERASE_BAS UTILITY 24.07.85 RIDGE .J A general purpose file deletion program which allows you to specify which files on microdrive you want deleted, and then goes away and deletes them. You play with this at your peril!. Use Lrun.
UG 01 EYE_LOCK UTILITY 01.09.84 PRIVETT .L Mock (?) super-copy-protection routine, with (says the author) "none of the disadvantages of LensLock". See for yourself... also described as self-explanatory! Associated file :- Quanta1_doc
UG 01 FILE_DOCTOR_BAS UTILITY 01.01.87 TOWERS .A FILES_CODE must be loaded before loading FILE_DOCTOR_BAS. Provided that the first sector of a file is not corrupt this utility will salvage most corrupted basic files. Put the program to be salvaged in mdv1_ & type "ER" each time "Bad or changed medium" appears. You will then be given the option of saving the corrected file on mdv2 with the suffix 'NEW'. If the complete file cannot be salvaged you will be told how much has been lost. It has it's limitations.
UG 01 F_FORM UTILITY 02.08.85 SALMI .T This is the output formatting routine used in Timo's other programs. A very good one too. Works in the manner of the Fortran F descriptor for those in the know.. see FFORM_doc for details. Associated files:- F_Form, Fform_doc.
UG 01 GENERAL_ASM UTILITY 10.10.86 DWIGHT .R 29.5.89 A set of general purpose extensions for handling dynamic memory, cursor control, string finding and free memory. Use Lrun (General_boot). Documentation on GENERAL_DOC. Associated files:- GENERAL_asm, GENERAL_boot, GENERAL_code, GENERAL_doc Part of the R. Dwight Pixels/General utility package.
UG 01 HELP UTILITY 05.09.95 MELLOR .R Set of programs for setting up a help screen which is called by the command 'HELP_EXT' The screen itself can contain any information the user wants on extra commands added to their BASIC by a TOOLKIT. FILES - HELP_BAS, HELPBAS_doc, HELP_EXT, HELP_TASK (Compiled HELP_BAS), XTRAS (for HELP_TASK) DEFINE (File used by HELP_BAS to contain information) CODE (M/c required by HELP_BAS). HELP_ASM.
UG 01 HEX_DEC UTILITY 01.08.88 NOWOTNIK .D Program to convert from Hex to Decimal numbers & vice versa. Enter $ before a Hex number, no prefix in front of a Decimal number. Use Lrun.
UG 01 HEX_LOADER_BAS UTILITY 07.03.85 NOWOTNIK .D This is a machine code Hex loader. Use Lrun.
UG 01 INDEXER UTILITY 07.03.85 SHIELDS .T Especially valuable for disk users - allows you to create a catalogue of all your files, by disk-name. Configurable for microdrive operation. Included is a catalogue of 6 disks as an example. Associated files : Indexed_doc
UG 01 KEYROW UTILITY 01.01.87 MYERS .R Prints out the Keyrow chart from the service manual. Use in Mode 4 only. Associated files : KEYROW_bas, _doc, Window_code, _code_boot.
UG 01 LINK_EXEC UTILITY 22.1.89 TAYLOR .N A linking loader developed for use with the Metacomco Assembler. A linker is now supplied with the Assembler. Use EXEC mdv1_link. Documentation available on LINK_INFO (Read with screen editor or the copy command). See also DIR_INFO for update info. Part of the DASM_XDR Package.
UG 01 MEMDUMP_BAS UTILITY 09.03.85 DWIGHT .R 24.07.85 Uses R. Dwight's Superbasic extensions to dump various parts of memory to a printer. List program & alter first line to configure to your own printer requirements
UG 01 MULDIV32_LNK UTILITY 20.01.86 TAYLOR .N A general purpose 32 bit multiply & divide package which you can link in with your own assembler programs using Nigel Taylor's LINK_EXEC program. Instructions appear in DIR_TEXT, MULDIV32_INFO and DIR_INFO. Part of the Dasm_xdr package
UG 01 PEEKS_ASM UTILITY 09.03.85 DWIGHT .R 24.07.85 A set of extensions concerned mainly with the movement of data in memory and the printing of memory in various formats. For further details see PEEKS_DOC, Loaded from PEEKS_BOOT. Associated files:- PEEKS_code Part of the R. Dwight Utility package.
UG 01 PIXELS_ASM UTILITY 01.09.85 DWIGHT .R A set of procedures concerned with screen handling. Use Lrun (Pixels_boot). Documentation on Pixels_doc. Associated files:- PIXELS_asm, PIXELS_boot, PIXELS_code, PIXELS_doc. Part of the R. Dwight General/Pixels package.
UG 01 PROM2_2_CODE UTILITY 05.09.85 GUSTAFSSON .M DUMP / EXAMINE / DESIGN - Three extensions to SuperBASIC ... DUMP - Memory dump, in hexadecimal notation. EXAM - Examine/Edit memory locations. (DON'T do this unless you know what the location does .. you can crash QDOS very easily like this !) DESIGN - edit/design one or more windows. Associated files:- Prom2_2_asm, Prom2_doc, Prom2_BOOT, Prom2_cde. Use BASE=Respr(3500),Lbytes etc, and CALL BASE to add these extensions.
UG 01 QUICKSORT_BAS UTILITY 01.08.86 TURNBULL .A Published in PCW August 1984. This is a Superbasic procedure to perform an array sort using the "Quicksort" algorithm. First LOAD or MERGE the file, and then type QUICKSORT supplying the procedure with three parameters : the array name, the lower bound and the upper bound. eg. QUICKSORT My_array,1,100 : Remark sorts 100 elements
UG 01 REDIR_CODE UTILITY 01.11.84 TAYLOR .N A program to redirect the input from channel #0 to a file. This can be loaded as an option on the XDIR_BOOT. Employs test_ctrl and test1_ctrl. Documentation on REDIR_INFO (Use screen editor or copy command to read). Part of the Dasm_xdr package.
UG 01 RES128_BAS UTILITY 27.07.85 TEBBY .A A "shrink" program to restore QLs with memory expansion to 128K operation, to help with the few programs that fail with extra memory on board. LRUN this, and the QL resets itself to 128K. Then F1 or F2 is pressed as usual. Alternatively, use: a=RESPR(20), LBYTES mdv1_RES128_code, and CALL a Associated files:- RES128, RES128_asm, READ_ME_PLEASE (Works on QSPELL, CHESS, DRAGONHOLD etc..) (Try "COPY MDV1_READ_ME_PLEASE TO SER1C"
UG 01 SECMAP_EXEC UTILITY 05.08.86 ROBERTSON .I Produces a chart of the microdrive showing program areas, available & bad sectors. Load using EXEC_MDV1_SECMAP_EXEC, cartridge can be checked from either microdrive.
UG 01 SEQ_BAS UTILITY 25.11.85 HELLER .L.F An illustration technique to add records to the end of a sequential file. Use LOAD, LIST and RUN to see what it does. Ass'd file : SEQ_DAT
UG 01 SORT UTILITY 01.11.84 DWIGHT .R S/basic extensions to give very rapid sort facilities of integer, floating point or string arrays & regular array slices. Normal & 'tag' sorts are supported. Auto loaded by its own boot program with full documentation on SORT_DOC. Associated files:- Sort, Sort_boot, Sort_doc
UG 01 SYS_IO_ASM UTILITY 14.12.85 TAYLOR .N This file is a general purpose set of declarations for performing QDOS I/O functions within assembler programs. It is used by SCREEN_DUMP_ASM file, & can be used freely by members in programs they submit to the library. Part of the Dasm_xdr package.
UG 01 SYS_MT_ASM UTILITY 16.12.84 TAYLOR .N 24.07.85 A general purpose set of declarations for use within assembler source programs. This set provides the QDOS manager trap parameter declarations & together with SYS_IO_ASM is used within the SCREEN_DUMP_ASM program. the file may be freely used by members within programs they wish to submit to the library. Part of the DASM_XDR Package.
UG 01 TELEPHONE UTILITY 16.12.84 CATT .J 24.07.85 This should help you cut down on those telephone bills!! Set the clock & press the key when your call answers. End your call when the screen flashes or your bill will increase. Currently set for the present BT charges but can be altered to cope with other rates. A compiled version is available.
UG 01 TELEPHONE_X UTILITY 20.08.86 CATT .J A very useful program. Now compiled using Supercharge by Tony Towers. Use Exec_w.
UG 01 TRACE_EXEC UTILITY 29.09.85 ROBERTSON .A A very nice machine code program which traces execution of Superbasic. Use the EXEC command to start the machine code running, & when you RUN a BASIC program after that, you'll get the line number currently executing printed on the screen Source file on TRACE_ASM
UG 01 TURBODENSE_EXE UTILITY 03.02.85 SALMI .T Another utility to condense Basic programs. Similar to CONDENSE_EXE (Now deleted). Also it does not delete REMark + and REMark - which indicate threaded code to compilers. EXEC to run.
UG 01 VLIST_PROC UTILITY 22.08.87 EDWARDS .P 29.5.89 A Superbasic procedure to control the speed that program listings are displayed. LOAD or MERGE with your own programs. Be careful to avoid line number clashes.
UG 01 WINDOW_DATA UTILITY 24.11.84 QL WORLD From QL World, June 1987, typed in by J. Vincent. A set of procedures to incorporate into your own programs, to allow centering of text, underlining, etc., in a given window. Load and list the program for more information. See also DOCUMENT_DOC.
UG 01 WORDLIST_EXE UTILITY 10.09.87 SALMI .T Lists all the words from any textfile. Option for alphabetical order. Very useful for checking spelling in a Quill document. A revised version is on SP 03 There is also an expanded version - Bigwordlist_exe.
UG 01 XDIR_BOOT UTILITY 10.10.86 DAVIES .B 29.5.89 The main boot for the DASM-XDR cartridge. Amended from the original by Rob Sherratt, revised by N. Taylor, to include the definition of 20 function keys, & retaining the ability to boot from floppy or Mdv, to load the HELP screen & options from Dasm_xdr. Use Lrun. Associated files : Fkey20z_code, Key20z_defs, Keydefs20p_set1, Fkey20_boot, Boot_merge_s, Clock_exec. Part of the DASM_XDR package.
UG 02 AT_BAS BOOT 85/10 EDWARDS .P This program processes BASIC programs written for pre-FB machines, and converts the AT statements so the program runs on all the latest QL's. Use Lrun.
UG 02 BOOT2_BAS UTILITY 84/11 WILLIAMS .G A menu-driven BOOT program. Use Lrun.
UG 02 BUZZ_BAS BOOT 01.09.84 HAMMETT .A Random buzz-word generator. Could be useful for producing product specifications. Use Lrun.
UG 02 CASER_EXE UTILITY 30.10.84 SALMI .T Converts names of files into upper/lower case. Requires a toolkit with a rename command, such as Tony Tebby's. Files are selected directly from a directory menu. CASER can also be used for selective deletion of files. Can use RamDisk. Use EXEC or EXEC_W.
UG 02 CLOCK_SETUP_BAS UTILITY 20.10.87 KERIAN LTD 28.5.89 A very helpful firm who supplied M. Newport with some application notes on multitasking & programming custom character sets. Kerian have given permission for QUANTA to publish the application notes & distribute copies of the programs on them. This one generates an "execable" file called "DIG_CLOCK_EXEC". Use Lrun.
UG 02 COMPACT_BAS UTILITY 01.09.84 CLASE .H Routine for "compacting" SBasic programs, ideal preparation for compiling. Also included is UtoL, a pre-processor which converts BASIC files to lower case. Associated files:- compact_doc, _cmp, _bas, Utol_bas.
UG 02 CONVERT UTILITY 01.01.87 PRIVETT .L Converts numbers between Metric and Imperial. Lots of options Use EXEC to run or use PRIVETT_BOOT Associated file : HELP_TXT.
UG 02 DATACAL UTILITY 23.09.87 SHIELDS .T Utility to display any Yearly/Monthly calendar. Also allows the creation of datafiles for a chosen month including your own memoranda. These can be edited e.t.c. and printed out with the calendar for that month. Associated files : DATACAL, _BOOT, _DOC, DEC.
UG 02 EASTER2_BAS UTILITY 29.10.86 JONES .D An updated version of Darren's Easter program, revised by John Tanner & renamed.
UG 02 FASTLINE UTILITY 1.11.84. PERRY .D APRIL 85. Typed in from P.C.W. (15. Jan.87) by Michael Jackson. An excellent utility to speed up the S/basic LINE & POINT commands by up to 20 times! Instructions on FASTLINE_DOC. Demo supplied too!. You will be impressed. Use Lrun (F_LINE_BOOT). Associated files : FASTLINE_CDE, _BAS, _DOC, FASTSTAR_BAS, F_LINE_BOOT.
UG 02 FILEADD_EXE UTILITY 01.10.87 SALMI .T Concatenates two text files. That is, adds each line to the end of the corresponding line of the second file. Blanks can be inserted in between. The most obvious application is two column texts. See also FILECUT and FILETRIM by the same author. Use Exec.
UG 02 FILECUT_EXE UTILITY 20.10.87 SALMI .T Can be used to divide large text (Not _doc) files into smaller modules. Useful, for example, prior to transmission in nets. Drops trailing blanks and special characters, and optionally omits blank lines.
UG 02 FILETRIM_EXE UTILITY 22.08.87 SALMI .T For extracting an optional range of columns from a textfile, & optionally for adding a left margin. You can also choose to trim or pad the right hand end of each row or file.
UG 02 FIND_EXE UTILITY 22.08.87 SALMI .T Finds a given string from any type of file. Gives the number of the block where the string is found. Useful as a preliminary prior to using, for example, Cartridge Doctor patch. Not very fast.... for a faster but less tolerant multifile search use SEARCH_EXE. Use Exec.
UG 02 FONTEST UTILITY 20.10.87 PRIVETT .L Allows you to view a fonts character set. Useful when dealing with unknown files. Needs Toolkit 2. Use EXEC or PRIVETT_BOOT TO RUN. Associated file : HELP_TXT.
UG 02 HEX_LOADER_BAS UTILITY 23.09.87 NOWOTNIK .D.P The hex loader updated by Ron Dwight
UG 02 INDENT UTILITY 07.03.85 ZETTERLUND .F 29.07.85 A utility to format your SBasic programs properly. LRUN this, and your program will have FOR / ENDFOR's, REPeat / ENDREPeat's etc. indented, so that the program will be much easier to read. The program usefully removes previous indentation before it re-formats things. Associated file : Indent_doc.
UG 02 JSFORMAT_BAS UTILITY 01.07.86 SALMI .T Formatting problem cartridges with automatic retry on "Format failed". Works with JS and MGY versions of the QL by using WHEN ERRor, but can be used on earlier versions with manual "RETRY" Use LRUN.
UG 02 KEYHELP UTILITY 20.10.87 PRIVETT .L Gives information on a character, its decimal/hexadecimal codes, & keyrow numbers pressed to obtain the character. Needs Toolkit 2. Use EXEC or PRIVETT_boot to run. Associated file : HELP_txt
UG 02 MONITOR_BAS UTILITY 23.09.87 COWSILL .E Memory monitor program allowing RAM values to be displayed and altered. Published in Sinclair User Sept. 1984. Typed in by C. Taylor. Use Lrun.
UG 02 NAMDUMP_BAS UTILITY 07.03.85 MACLEOD .N Memory dump program. Amazing the advances made in medical electronics nowadays! Allows the contents of QL memory to be listed in Hexadecimal & ASCII character form. Use Lrun.
UG 02 NOTEPAD UTILITY 01.09.84 PRIVETT .L A mini-notepad for jotting down information. Needs Toolkit 2. Use EXEC or PRIVETT_BOOT to run. Associated file : HELP_TXT.
UG 02 PAIVAYS_EXE UTILITY 23.09.87 SALMI .T A multi-tasking clock giving the date in Finnish. You need a JOBS-type command (Available on Lib_01 or Tony Tebby Toolkit) to set the Job priority to 1. Use Exec.
UG 02 PEEK_BAS UTILITY 22.01.87 TANNER .J A program to examine memory blocks, printing out in either ASCII or HEX or both. Use Lrun.
UG 02 QX_BAS UTILITY 03.11.84 NK Found during the resort of the Library. This appears to list the Keywords used in S/basic programs. Associated files : QX_BAS, KEYWORDS_dat.
UG 02 RENUMBER_EXE UTILITY NK SALMI .T Renumbers Superbasic files without the need to load them into memory. Convenient for program development. Use Exec.
UG 02 RESET_BAS UTILITY 20.10.87 SHERRAT .R 28.5.89 Use LOAD or MERGE command to load this procedure which currently starts at line 10000. Typing RESET resets the windows, etc, sensibly for use with either TV's or Monitors.
UG 02 ROMAN_FNC UTILITY 01.11.84 BLADON .T A Superbasic function to convert from roman numerals into decimal. Requires that the Roman numerals are in quotes eg "XIV" otherwise the function will not work. Use Load or Merge to use function. Documentation on Info_doc.
UG 02 ROUTINES_BAS UTILITY 28.09.84 TURNBULL .A Appeared in P.C.W. issue 38, 20th-26th Sept, 1984. Gives a tabulated dump of Command & Function keywords, & lists with them their equivalent 'run-time" addresses. Works with AH QL's, but the 2 table addresses (26652 & 28036) may possibly have to be changed for other QL's. Use Lrun.
UG 02 SCREEN2 UTILITY 25.09.84 DWIGHT .R Phase 3 of Ron Dwight's assault on the QL's screen handling. After his excellent SCREEN (the save-compression routine), & SCREEN1 (Virtual screen handler), comes this "real-windows" system. Users of the first 2 will need no convincing. Associated files:- SCREEN2_doc, _asm, _code, _boot, _demo.
UG 02 SCREENPOKE_BAS UTILITY 24.12.86 RENTON .S Program to help find screen addresses. Cursor is displayed on the screen, using the cursor keys, you can cause it to move round the screen. While it moves, the screen address (decimal) it is currently at is printed out. Useful for budding graphics program writers. Use Lrun.
UG 02 SCREEN_BAS UTILITY 01.12.84 BLADON .T Screen functions & procedures for use in your programs. Use LOAD to fetch these & RENUMber to suit your program before you Merge them. Procedures : LOOK_SCRN(x,y) returns a 0 to 7 depending on pixel colour. PUT_SCR(x,y,col) puts a point anywhere independently of windows (mode 8). CHANGE_BYTE(n,a,b$) alters byte 'n' at position 's' using value b$. BINARY$(n) converts 'n' to a binary string. Bin_to_dec(b$) does the opposite. Further documentation on INFO_DOC.
UG 02 SEARCH_EXE UTILITY 28.09.84 SALMI .T Searches for a string through files. Wildcards can be used to select the files to be searched. Use Exec.
UG 02 SPACER_BAS UTILITY 20.10.87 METHLEY .J Formats BASIC program files, giving indentation etc. It's best not to do any hand indentation first, otherwise you end up with the job done twice. There are some "indentable" cases the program does not deal with at the moment.
UG 02 SPDUMP_BAS UTILITY 18.12.84 HAMMERTON .L Dump memory as a hexadecimal & ASCII listing to screen or printer. Use Lrun.
UG 02 SPLITMODE_BAS UTILITY 01.11.84 STRETCH .C Intriguing utility that allows operation with both screen modes at once. The screen is divided half-way down, with different modes operating above and below the line. Associated files : splitmode_asm, split_doc, split.
UG 02 SPRING_CLEAN UTILITY 10.01.87 HAFTKE .J Files to enable fast copying/deletion with plenty of on-screen help. These files REPLACE the original FILE_HANDLER set Associated files : J_spring_clean2 , _exe, J_springboot.
UG 02 TRANS-TABLES UTILITY 25.09.87 KIVELLA .P Suite of programs which make use of the TRA function in JM, JS & GM ROMS. For serial output codes. Needs TK 2 & QRAMS Window Manager to run. Associated files :- TRA_bas (Basic listing), TRA_exe (Turbo-compiled) notes_txt, transtable_SP1000, _SP800, _table_names. This is a preliminary set which Perti is working on, updates to follow.
UG 02 TRANSLATE_EXE UTILITY 01.10.88 SALMI .T Translates the non Scandinavian characters of a text file into their Scandinavian counterparts.
UG 02 TRA_BAS UTILITY 22.08.87 BREDENBEEK .J 28.5.89 2 programs, in fact TRA1_bas & TRA2_bas. The first uses the JS (or later) ROM "TRA" command to provide translates on ser1. The second uses the other TRA option to allow the users to define their own error messages for QDOS Dutch supplied for example, but it's simplicity itself to replace these with your own. NB. JS or later ROMS only!!. Associated files : TRAnsl_doc, TRA1_BAS, TRA2_BAS.
UG 02 VERSION_BAS UTILITY 29.09.86 KINGSLAKER .R Prints the version numbers of the SUPERBASIC and QDOS software on your machine. Use Lrun.
UG 02 WINDOWS UTILITY 07.03.85 BORMAN .P Four machine code extensions to Superbasic which allow non_destructive windows, pull down menus & fast animation. 2 superb demonstrations are included that show the power of these new commands. The programs just fit into a 128K QL. Lrun DEMO1_BAS or DEMO2_BAS. Associated files : N_PIC, MENU_MC, N12_BIN, N1_DATA.
UG 03 AUTOLOADER UTILITY 87/08 NOTARIANNI .M A little program to convert LM object routines into data lines. A check sum is provided at the end of each line. Use : Lrun Autoloader Associated files : Autoloader, Autoload_doc.
UG 03 CASER_EXE UTILITY 90/01 SALMI .T A revision of Timo's original CASER_EXE. Original program is on UG 02 Associated files : Caser_exe, _boot.
UG 03 DIFFE_EXE UTILITY 29.5.89 SALMI .T A file comparison program with fast or slow modes. Requires Runtime_extensions. Associated files : Diffe_exe, _boot, DIF_MAK_Runtime_exts. *** Rename extensions file to Runtime_exts ***
UG 03 EDLIN UTILITY 28.5.89 ANON A line editor, no other information as yet. Associated files : Edlin_bas.
UG 03 ENIGMA EDITOR 1.11.90 CRONIN .C A file encrypter, worth a look. Associated files : Enigma_doc, _job. NEW
UG 03 EPROM_PROGRAMMER UTILITY 1.11.90 HEAD .M A program to drive the A.R.T. eprom programmer. The A.R.T. EPP-1 is available from Maplin Electronics (order code YT 58N). NOT TESTED. Assoc: Files: programmer, device_list, convert_bas, eppinst_doc.
UG 03 ERROR_MESSAGES 07.91 ANON Different error messages for the QL. (Quite !) NOT for JM or AH Roms however. Associated files : Newmsgs_bas
UG 03 FILE_RESCUE UTILITY 1.11.90 BIEDERMANN .R Gives some help in finding ' lost ' files. Read the _doc file first. Associated files : Rescue_doc, _exe. NEW
UG 03 FILEEXCH UTILITY 1.11.90 CRONIN .C A simple to use program that will convert one string to another. I.e. MDV to FLP. Associated files : Fileexch_job
UG 03 GLAZIER UTILITY 1.11.90 CLASE .H A program which allows you to make S/Basic windows to the size you require, but will also write the procedure for you to use in programs. Ideal for those that have problems remembering how to use window commands. Associated files : Boot_glazier, Glazier_doc, Midw_code, The_glazier_bas.
UG 03 LOGBOOK UTILITY 1.11.90 CRONIN .C A diary program that stops others reading your private notes. Read the _doc file to find out more. Associated files : Logbook_doc, _Job, Logdata_ldt, Current_bas.
UG 03 MAKEXE_EXE UTILITY 1.11.90 SALMI .T Changes normal files into EXECutable files. Can also be used to alter dataspace of EXEC files. Requires Runtime extensions. Associated files : Makexe_exe, _boot, DIF_MAK_Runtime_exts. *** rename extensions file to Runtime_exts ***
UG 03 MDVLABLES UTILITY 28.5.89 JONES .D 04.94 Prints Micro-drive labels on EPSON compatible printers only. NO filing ability. Associated files : Labels_boot, Mdvlabel_doc, Mdvlabels_exec, _bas.
UG 03 NEWCLICK UTILITY 17.9.89 APITZ .B This program offers a screen save utility, keyboard clicks, and a German character set. All switchable. This is a must for those members requiring their keys to make a sound when typing. Associated files : Boot_newclick, Newclick_cde, _doc, Config_newclick_bas.
UG 03 SEARCH UTILITY 17.9.89 NOTARIANNI .M 1.11.90 Enables searches of any character string in ROM or RAM. Faster than the same function in D.P's Turbo Toolkit. Lrun Boot_search Associated files : Search_doc, _loader, _bin, Boot_search.
UG 03 SECTOR_EDITOR UTILITY 19.1.90 BENNET-RYAN .K These programs allow you to edit the file sectors of programs. Disk and MDV versions supplied. Associated files : Mdv_sector_editor_bin, _asm, Sector_boot, Flp_sector_editor_bin, _asm. NEW
UG 03 SHELL EDITOR 1.11.90 BIEDERMANN .R A front end program which adds a lot of extras for those without programs like Qram etc. Note that this program is NOT Qram compatible. Extras include real windows, static ram, sub-directories, and a clock with an alarm. Associated files : Boot_shell, Shell_cde, _doc.
UG 03 SUPER_TRACE UTILITY 17.9.89 ANON 1.11.90 At last a decent Superbasic trace facility. Select speed or single step. Lists lines as they are interpreted to the specified or default channel. Not perfect but one of the best in the library. Assoc: Files: trace_bin, readme_doc, trace_boot.
UG 03 TREE_TASK 01.91 PARRY .P This program will produce a hierarchical tree of S/Basic functions and procedures. Use : Lrun Boot_exts. Associated files : Tree_task, _doc, Boot_exts, Runtime_exts.
UG 03 ZOOM UTILITY 19.1.90 FRENCH LIBRARY Zoom a window in or out without losing the contents. Also can add some ZIP to your own programs. Assoc: Files: zoom_doc, zoom_bin, zoom_asm, zoom_demo.
UG 04 ALIEN_DISCS UTILITY 91/01 KETTLEWELL .R A suite of programs to read discs from various other computers. The author gives no guarantee. Assoc: Files: dfs_basic5_bbc, dfs_basic5_bas, dfs_sam_bas, dfs_msdos_bas, dfs_arthur_bas, dfs_qdos_bas, dfs_info_txt, dfs_qxplore_bas, dfs_riscos_bas.
UG 04 ASSEMBLER 01.91 FRENCH LIBRARY An assembler and editor. Very useful for anyone just getting into machine code. Experts too, may find it useful. Assoc: Files: editext1_src, assemble_src, assemble_exe, editext1_exe, editas_doc.
UG 04 DISC_RECOVERY 01.91 ANON A program to help to recover corrupted files. Assoc: Files: disc_doc, ql5a_disc.
UG 04 DYNAMIC_MASTER 07.91 MOODY .D A useful Superbasic programmers tool. Not a trace but, after a run, reports on the time that your program has spent on each line of the program. Assoc: Files: Dynamic_install, Dynamic_doc.
UG 04 MAJI UTILITY 05.91 FRENCH LIBRARY Displays capslock indicator, plus date and time on Quill's status line. Assoc: Files: maji_doc, maji_asm, majic, maji, majic_asm.
UG 04 MENU 01.91 KNIBBS .C Presents a menu of programs which can be run or exec'ed with a keypress. Demo contains a list of games; tailor to suit yourself. Assoc: Files: menu, menu_doc.
UG 04 POINTER_PROGS 08.91 BORMAN .P Useful programs varying in complexity, for use in a pointer environment. Source code is included so users can develop these if they wish. Assoc:Files: char_exe; hexc_exe; park_exe; load_exe; info_exe; view_exe; tree_exe; pointer_progs_txt.
UG 04 WINTOOL_SUITE 01.91 BORMAN .P Three very useful utilities for use with winchesters. read wintools_txt. Assoc:Files: dirbackup; filemap; treemap; wd_bin; wintools_txt; sub_bin.
UG 04 WORDSCHECK 01.91 JONES .D 04.94 This is a word count utility that has been presented to the library by Dilwyn Jones, who wrote the program for his brother who is unfortunately handicapped. There is a note in the _doc file asking for a donation to any childrens charity if the users like the program. Assoc:Files: backup_bas; boot; runtime_exts; short_lis; updates_doc; wc_columns_bas; wc_doc; wc_source_code_bas; wc_task.
UT 01 ADDBAS_ASM UTILS 91/01 FINLEY .M A machine code assembler package written in basic but with sections of machine code to speed it up. Loaded by Asm_boot. Associated files Asmtest_asm, Asm_dat, Addbas_code, Addbas_asm Assembler_bas, Asmv11_doc.
UT 01 CLOCKF_EXEC UTILITY 84/11 TEBBY .A An analogue clock face multitask program. Run and stop it as for the program "CLOCK_EXEC". Part of the Tony Tebby package.
UT 01 CLOCKTV_EXEC UTILITY 01.09.84 TEBBY .A A digital clock multitask program set up for use in TV mode. Run & stop it as for "CLOCK_EXEC". Part of the Tony Tebby package.
UT 01 CLOCK_EXEC UTILITY 01.09.84 TEBBY .A Digital clock multitask program. Run it by typing "EXEC MDV1_CLOCK_EXEC". Stopped, by using JOBS to find out what job it is (eg number 1 tag 0), then kill it using KJOB (eg KJOB 1,0) Part of the Tony Tebby package
UT 01 DISASM_BAS UTILITY 01.09.84 PENNELL .A Disassembler written mostly in BASIC, with some machine code. For 1st run typing HLOAD loads the machine code routine into allocated reserved procedural space. The disassembler disassembles from the memory location entered (hex values must be preceded by a $) & displays output on the required output channel. Pressing halts the disassembler. Andrew Pennell - from the book " Assembly Language Programming on the Sinclair Q L " Publisher - Sunshine.
UT 01 D_MON UTILITY 07.03.85 DOCKER .M A monitor & disassembler with easy to follow menu. File to be examined should be in memory before calling up D_Mon. Now further enhanced to include Mike's "split" file. Loaded from DMON_BOOT with documentation on Dmon_doc & SPLIT_DOC. Associated files : Split, _asm.
UT 01 EXTBAS_CODE UTILITY 28.02.86 LAMBORD .T 22.08.87 "Adds the job handlers that TT didn't reach" suspend, free, kill job. Also included is a screen-blanker, a name-table inspector, & extended version of "EXEC". Between them, you can multitask QUILL etc, full example provided though you may need extra memory to do this. A spooler is included in case you haven't got T. Tebby's Toolkit II. Associated files:- Extbas_doc, Procs_asm, spl_bas, spooler, Quill_boot, Intro_doc, Extbas_patcher, Extbas_patcher_doc.
UT 01 EXTEN_CODE UTILITY 12.08.86 TEBBY .A 1.11.90 This file is loaded by BOOT, and provides Superbasic extensions CURSEN, CURDIS (enable and disable cursor), MAKE_ROOM and TAKE_ROOM (dynamic RAM storage allocation). For full details see the file EXTGUIDE_TEXT which should be viewed or printed using the COPY command. Part of the Tony Tebby package.
UT 01 EXTLIB UTILITY 01.09.84 ZETTERLUND .F This tells you everything you ever wanted to know about the contents of your microdrive-cartridge directories. It will display or print the full sector map, directory header, file headers etc... Well documented on EXTLIB_doc.
UT 01 EXTRA_COMMANDS UTILITY 26.05.86 SPENCER .J.M A program to produce an ordered list of all the commands available in the QL. Including T.Tebby's Turbo, Taskmaster toolkits e.t.c.. Associated files : Extra_commands_bas, Extra_readme_doc.
UT 01 FILES_ASM UTILITY 27.5.89 DWIGHT .R A set of extensions concerned with file handling and input/output. Procedures are provided to control file headers & the loading/saving of data from within a Superbasic program. Loaded from Files_boot. Documentation on Files_doc. Associated files : Files_asm, Files2_code (Last file renamed from FILES) To avoid over writing, (Part of the R.Dwight package)
UT 01 FILES_CODE UTILITY 01.09.85 TEBBY .A Set of toolkit files loaded by the BOOT adding a number of extended file handling & job control operations. (These are essential for a number of programs in the Library). Documentation on EXTGUIDE_TEXT, can be read from SEDIT or by the copy command. (Viz. Copy mdv1_EXTGUIDE_TEXT to con). Associated files : Lib_01_boot, Job_code Part of the Tony Tebby package.
UT 01 F_USING UTILITY 01.09.86 SALMI .T A function providing the missing PRINT_USING command to SuperBasic. This allows printed output to a specified format - e.g. number of decimal Places. See USING_DOC for more details.
UT 01 G_BACK UTILITY 22.08.87 QL USER Exec this and CTRL-G will bring back the last command entered, for re-editing or simply re-executing - just like pressing F5 in Archive.
UT 01 INNPUT_BIN UTILITY 01.07.86 JONES .W.G An add on S/basic procedure to replace INPUT, When linked into S/basic it allows input of data as one continuous string of variables separated by commas & terminating in a single linefeed as found on most computers. Further information on Innput_doc. Use INN_boot to run. Associated files:- Innput_asm, Innput_bin, Innput_doc, Inn_boot, Demo.
UT 01 JOB_CODE UTILITY 25.01.88 TEBBY .A This file is loaded by the BOOT program & provides a job control language for use under Superbasic. Adds the commands JOBS, SJOB, RJOB, PJOB, KJOB. Essential if you are using machine code multitask programs (eg CLOCK_EXEC) on your QL. See the file EXTGUIDE_TEXT for full details. Part of the Tony Tebby package.
UT 01 J_TOOLKIT_G UTILITY 01.09.84 HAFTKE .J General purpose file which can be incorporated into your own programs. Well documented & menu driven, offering facilities to display time & available memory, single key defines, perform calculations, & even a mini wordprocessor. The help function will enable you to load the information files into the mini-wordprocessor. Associated files : JJ_boot, Non_js, J_toolkit_g (All the rest are suffixed _var) Graphnotes, Indexnotes, Varnotes1 + 2, Errnotes, Calcnotes, Precedenotes, Mdvsnotes, Notes.
UT 01 KEYUTIL UTILITY 26.07.86 ATTWOOD .J 22.08.87 Defines the function keys, used with < ALT > a pre-defined string of characters is sent to a connected device - eg to set printer mode to NLQ/ Condensed/double-strike etc. Also includes a "recall-last-line" function. Currently set for a GP printer, but easily changed. Associated files:- Keyutil_doc, _asm, _cde, Patch_bas, Rkeyutil_cde (Eprom Vers.)
UT 01 LIB_01_BOOT UTILITY 01.01.87 SHERRATT .R Runs automatically from mdv1_ after a reset. Initialises date, time and windows, and loads Tony Tebby's machine code extensions.
UT 01 MACROS_ASM BOOT 01.09.84 WILLIAMS .G Set of assembler macros for use with the Metacomco assembler. Provides a set of "structured programming" constructs to make your assembler programs more readable & elegant. The macros are available to be used freely within member's programs which will be sent to the Library.
UT 01 MAIN_ASM UTILITY 85/03 GOLLER .W A group of sub routines written for the Computer One assembler but which can be modified to suit other assemblers. Numerous very useful routines which will help in writing assembly programs. Documentation in remarks. Routines self explanatory. Code on main_cde
UT 01 MAKE_COMMAND UTILITY 85/11 SUND .T Adds new MAKE_COMMAND which can load EXECable programs in resident memory & make them available by a new (selectable) Basic command. The resident program needs no loading, it starts after the command is given. Resident program can be EXECed in parallel with BASIC or (as required with the Psion suite) EXECed with Basic waiting. Most useful on QLs with extra Ram. N.B. Bombs QL if used with Metacomco Assembler or Pascal.Files:- MAKE_COMMAND_boot, _COMMAND_code, _doc, _COMMAND1.2_ASM
UT 01 MON_EXEC UTILITY 86/07 HELLER .L.F A monitor/ debugger to help get machine code programs running. Run it by typing EXEC MDV1_MON_EXEC. When you are prompted for addresses, don't forget to type leading 0's - six digits are always required in the present version.
UT 01 QL_VAL UTILITY 84/12 GARCIA .M The function VAL added to S/basic. Evaluates a string containing an arithmetic expression. This overcomes the weakness of "coercion" in S/Basic, & adds an useful new facility. 2 examples supplied, & a version compatible with the Turbo & Supercharge compilers from D.P. Ltd. Associated files : Readme_doc, Qlval_boot, Qlval_cde, Examples_bas, Qlval_asm, Qlval2_cde, Qval2_boot, Cmp_doc, Runtime_exts, Runtime_boot, Numer_boot, Numeric_integration, Translat_doc.
UT 01 RENAME UTILITY 87/08 ROBINSON .I Typed in from QL_World (Jan 87) by Michael L. Jackson. Adds a rename command to Superbasic (Rename files on cartridge or disk). Load (and run) RENAME_DEMO for more details. Associated file : RENAME_BIN
UT 01 RND_ASM UTILITY 87/10 WILLIAMS .G An assembler source file containing a random number generator & a randomise function, both for use in members programs that will be submitted to the Library (source please, well documented). Written for use with the Metacomco assembler.
UT 01 SEDIT_BAS UTILITY 84/11 TEBBY .A Extremely good full-screen editor with automatic find/replace facilities. A lot faster than QUILL v1, & will easily edit BASIC programs. Note that if you plan to use it to edit a BASIC program, then it's a good idea to renumber the program in steps of 100 first. The file EXTGUIDE_TEXT contains more information on using the editor. Part of the Tony Tebby package.
UT 01 STREAM UTILITY 84/09 ATTWOOD .J Adds a new command to S/Basic to take command input from any device. Useful for example to start EXEC'd programs with a pre-defined input stream loading complex but often-used commands to Basic, etc., and even adding a new keyboard via ser2 ... just STREAM('ser2') and it is done! A version for EPROM is also supplied, as are two example COMMAND files. Associated files: STREAM_doc, STREAM_cde, STREAM_asm, ROMSTRM_cde, DEM1_CMD, DEM2_CMD, and CMD_bas (command file builder)
UT 01 TRACE_BAS UTILITY 86/09 PENNELL .A Published in PCW 30th Aug. - 5th Sept. 1984. To turn trace on first LRUN program, then type CALL 261120, & a "_0_ should appear at the top left hand corner of the screen. Next LOAD the program you want to debug, type CALL 261192,8. The program will trace through at an average speed For different speeds, instead of typing CALL 261192,8 type CALL 261192,n where n is a number from 1 to 32. n=1 is slowest, n = 32 is fastest. Additional documentation on PCW_DOC.
UT 02 PTOOLS UTILITY 89/09 WITTE .P 90/11 Some useful toolkit extension commands. Associated files : Ptool_cde, _asm, _doc, _loader_bas. NEW
UT 02 QL_MAKE TOOLKIT 90/11 WALKER A set of programmers utilities, for use when multiple file operations are to be carried out. Makes a command file to do the work. Associated files : Make, Make_obj, _debug, _doc, _rules, _MK, _lines. Needs Toolkit 2.
UT 02 SEQL UTILITY 89/05 FINCH .A Commercial suite included with the authors permission. A S/basic extension toolkit. Extra commands to improve file/channel handling. e.g. functions to detect files IN_USE, TRACE_ON, CAPS_ON, editing features for S/basic programs such as a function to return the line number that the procedure starts at. Files : Seql_boot, Seqledit_ext, Toolkit_ext, File_data, Seql_demo, Seql_doc (latter by Mr.Mellors, incomplete)
GG 01 TYPEVADERS_EXE GAME 22.08.87 SALMI .T Prevent the invading characters from reaching the right hand side of the screen by typing them. Makes you familiar with the QL keyboard & speeds up your typing. Use Exec_w.
SP 06 QPACER QPAC2 92/05 DAVIS .JEREMY QPacer Ver:1.46 If you find Qpac2 difficult to get to grips with, this will show you how to create a BOOT program to install Qpac2 the way you want it. Only caters for THINGS which are part of Qpac2 so far, so you may need to edit the resulting boot file to add other THINGS.
PF 03 SORT_COLUMN_PRINT 08.92 JONES .DILWYN This allows you to easily produce multi-column printout of lists (eg file names) with optional sorting. Basic source code is supplied, with notes on how the program works so you can modify it to your hearts content.
UG 05 ZOO "C" 92/08 HERRMANN .FRANZ Excellent compression program written in 'C' with source code supplied for the adventurous. Needs 250k to 300k free ram to run.Includes a cut-down version ( OOZ ) for extracting only.
UG 05 LHX "C" 92/08 HERRMANN .FRANZ Another compression written in 'C' with source code supplied. This program is popular on Unix and other systems, but has been superceded by HAR. It doesn't handle Qdos file headers, which can cause problems with machine code files.
UG 05 HAR "C" 08.92 HERRMANN .FRANZ The most efficient compression for the QL ( yet). Written in 'C' with source code supplied, it handles QDOS headers properly, and compresses a typical full library disc to 200k. A cut-down version ( RAH ) is supplied for extraction only.
PS 02 INSTALL2 08.92 HAFTKE .JOE This is an enhanced and compiled version of Psion's printer INSTALL program Works on copies of Quill already modified by the excellent Quill driver program on PS 01. An earlier version of this program is on UG 04.
MF 03 LYAPUNOV MANDEL 92/08 ANON This is a Fractal generating program based on the Lyapunov space. It is written in Basic, and compiled - source code included. Because the algorithms make heavy use of logarithms, the program is rather slow, but for the impatient, a set of ready drawn pictures is included.
PS 05 FAMILY+ UTILITY 92/09 MACANDREW .R 95/04 An Archive application for recording details of family trees. Well documented. Includes a wide variety of display and printing options, and a sample tree to get you started. See Also PEDIGREE+ on PS 05
GG 03 OTHELLO GAMES 10.92 KETTLEWELL .R A 'C' version of the ever popular board game. Source code included and can be compiled with C68. The program can play against a human opponent or itself and has multiple 'levels' of play. Fairly easy to beat on level 4.
PS 05 PEDIGREE+ UTILITY 91/06 MACANDREW .R 95/04 A very clever set of Genealogy procedures to run in Archive. Requires AT LEAST 512k expansion. Will NOT work with Taskmaster. Associated files : Marriage_scn, Persons_scn, Records_scn, Deaths_scn, Readme_doc, P_prg, Ped_pro, Pedfiles_pro, B1_, D1_, E1_, F1_, M1_, P1_, R1_, S1_ (dbf's), Prtlists_pro, Births_scn, Family_scn. See also 'FAMILY+' on PS 05.
SP 07 DBAS SPECIALIST 92/08 HOWELLLS .D MAY 02 This is an excellent database program intended as an Archive replacement. Written as a 'database engine' there are Superbasic, machine code, and C68 routines supplied to access the database. The program uses disc based files unlike the commercial program 'Datadesign', but is almost as fast to use, and similar in features. The Superbasic extensions use Archive keywords wherever possible to make conversion simple. Import & Export routines are built in.
EM 02 EMACS EDITOR 89/09 NORRIE .K 17.10.92 This is the latest issue of Emacs. version 3.11p. WITHOUT the source files. Includes MANY extra features. Associated files : EMACS, _hlp, _mss, _rc, _tut, Readme, Release. NOTE - _mss file is approx 50 pages in length. NOTE - A set of 23 files derived from the _mss added. Ported to the QL by Richard Kettlewell.
UG 02 TAPE_CALC UTILITY 19.1.90 WHEATLEY .M 1.11.90 Calculates elapsed time / time remaining on video cassettes. Simple instructions are included for customising to your own video recorder. Turns your tape counter into a timeclock for each length of cassette. Use LRUN.
DE 01 TEXT 'N' GRAPHIX PRO DEMO 93/03 DJC Demo version of the commercial program available from Dilwyn Jones Computing.
DE 02 QRACTAL PRO DEMO 93/03 PROGS OF BELGIUM Sample files ( with viewer ) produced by Progs. Over 30 compressed screens of Julia and Mandelbrot images.
DE 03 ADDRESS BOOK ETC. PRO DEMO 93/03 REE J. Demo version of the commercial program available from DJC. Only handles up to 12 records in the demo version. Archive program.
DE 03 IMAGE PROCESSOR PRO DEMO 93/03 DJC A demonstration version of the commercial program from DJC. Save and Print are disabled, but you can get a good feel for how the program works.
DE 03 S_EDIT PRO DEMO 93/03 JONES D. 93/05 An excellent text editor written in compiled basic. Demo version has Save and Write disabled.
DE 03 WINBACK 2 PRO DEMO 03.93 DJC Demo version of the commercial program written by Norman Dunbar and available from DJC. Goes through the motions of doing a backup but does not write anything.
DE 04 GOPHER PRO DEMO 93/03 DUNBAR N. Demo version of a fast "find" utility. Scans files at high speed looking for matching text. This version does not actually search, but gives you a taste of how useful the program can be.
DE 04 SPY PRO DEMO 93/03 ARK Transferred from MD 1. A demo version of the Spy editor sold by Ark. It ha various important bits removed to tempt you into buying the full version.
UG 06 HARDWARE DOCS UTILITY 93/03 MITCHELL K. A range of text files designed to be viewed on screen giving pinouts of common connectors (floppy, serial, monitor ) and details on Super QBoard hardware.
UG 06 AUTO RTC UTILITY 03.93 ROOMS H. A useful utility for Minerva Mode 2 owners to auto correct a gaining or losing realtime clock.
GG 02 LOGIC GAMES 03.93 ANSELL B. Ever been frustrated by those annoying puzzles in magazines along the lines " four men in a car, one is a printer, one has red hair...." This program uses logic to solve them for you.An example puzzle is included.
MA 02 MOPSIQL 03.93 GRADWELL C. Superbasic extensions for matrix operations. Includes: MOVE,ADD,SUBTRACT, MULTIPLY,MULTIPLY BY SCALAR,TRANSPOSE,INVERT,. Assembler source is also included.
PS 02 ARCLINKS ARCHIVE 03.93 ATKINS D. Archive procedures and database files to accompany Don's article on using linked lists in Archive ( Quanta Nov. 91 ).
GR 02 CLIPLIFT 2 03.93 DJC An updated version of the old favourite by R.G.Summers. This version produces standard QL screens for loading into almost any art program or desktop publisher. Superbasic source is included.
DE 05 DISCOVER PRO DEMO 93/05 WALKER D. One of a suite of demo's by Dave Walker. See _doc file for info.
DE 05 MULTIDISCOVER PRO DEMO 93/05 WALKER D. One of a suite of demo's by Dave Walker. See _doc file for info.
DE 05 TEXTIDY PRO DEMO 93/05 WALKER D. One of a suite of demo's by Dave Walker. See _doc file for info.
DE 05 FLPCLONE PRO DEMO 05.93 WALKER D. One of a suite of demo's by Dave Walker. See _doc file for info.
DE 04 WINBACK PRO DEMO 93/04 DUNBAR N. A demo version of a backup facility for the Miracle hard disc. Transferred from MD 03.
DE 04 BANTER PRO DEMO 05.93 WARD N. Demonstration version of the banner and sign making program from DJC. On screen preview works, but printing is disabled in this demo version.
PF 03 SHARP PLOTTER PRINTER 05.93 TYLER A suite of programs for the Sharp printer/plotter. Untested as Q/C doesn't have a plotter. Please report any problems. Superbasic source included.
DE 09 FTC DEMO DEMO 93/05 DI-REN Demo version of Fleet Tactical Command. The SAVE option is disabled and you are limited to 90 minutes playing time. WARNING!!! NOT ATARI COMPATIBLE.
UT 02 MC-TOOLKIT UTILITY 93/05 BRYANT Useful utilities to tell you about Qdos variables, Superbasic area, channel details, plus number conversions and validity checking. Assembler sources included.
GS 05 ADVENTURE 93 GAMES 93/05 PEMBERTON. ALAN A collection of 4 adventures viz. Adventure Playtime: Tower of Valagon: Starplod: Ye Cassical Type Adventure.
GS 06 VOYAGE OF THE BEANO GAMES 93/05 PEMBERTON. ALAN Another adventure from the prolific "pen" of Alan.
DE 07 QUICK MANDLEBROT 3 MANDLEBROT 93/05 MELLOR. RICH Demo version of the commercial program available from DJC. Includes several demo screens and a viewer.
UG 07 DISCTIDY UTILITY 93/05 PEMBERTON. ALAN Useful utility if you tend to forget which disc your files are on. Catalogues your disc collection. Needs TK2 and ram discs to work.
UG 07 QLABEL UTILITY 93/05 PEMBERTON. ALAN Label producer for Epsom compatible printers. Needs TK2. Handles labels of almost any size, various character sizes and styles.
DE 08 PCX DEMO DEMO 93/05 JONES. DILWYN Demo utility to convert PC clipart in PCX format into a variety of QL formats. Demo version is only a viewer ( no saving ). Includes some sample clipart.
PS 03 SPEED INDEX ARCHIVE 05.93 FORENZI. EROS Archive program for benchmarking QL speeds. Author is hoping to compile a list of various machine speeds ( Gold Card, emulators etc ).
UG 06 HANDY MENU UTILITY 05.93 BRUNTLETT. IAN Pointer driven program intended to run alongside QPAC 2. Easy to set system defaults etc. Some facilities disabled in this version. A full version is available from the author.
PS 02 VDAT PSION 05.93 BRUNTLETT. IAN Handy utility for listing the contents of Psion printer data files.
UG 04 QLUDG UTILITY 93/05 BRUNTLETT. IAN User defined font access implemented as Superbasic extensions.
UG 07 FONTED 05.93 FINK. OLIVER Excellent pointer driven font editor. Very simple to use. Now fully Minerva compatible.
DE 05 SCREEN COMPRESSION DEMO 05.93 JONES. DILWYN Demo version of the full package available for a modest fee from DJC.
PS 01 PERPETUAL CALENDAR ABACUS 05.93 OWEN. TONY 11.93 Clever use of an Abacus spreadsheet to create a perpetual calendar simply by entering the year.
SP 06 BANK V 3.4 05.93 LEWINGTON. JAY Very comprehensive bank account program with extensive on-line help. WARNING!!!!! DOES NOT RUN ON ATARI EMULATORS.
UG 07 DME TEXT EDITOR 05.93 STEINKOPF & SULZER A text editor ported from the Amiga. Remappable keys, extensive command language, program variables etc. make this potentially more powerfull than commercially available QL editors. A superb program editor.
DE 06 ERGON DEVELOPMENTS DEMO 93/05 ERGON Demo's of the range of Spectrum emulators, Masterbasic, Disassembler, QLibrary manager, and Open World. Supplied "zipped" with over 1600k on the disc. WARNING!!!! UNZIPPER DOES NOT WORK ON ATARI EMULATORS DUE TO THE VERSION OF C68 USED TO COMPILE IT.
MD 01 BASIC DEMO'S 05.93 POOLE. STEPHEN Maths and graphics demonstration programs. Includes anagrams, Koch snowflake, tree design etc.
SP 09 QL-HD HARD DISC 93/05 STEINKOPF & SULZER Hard disc driver software, circuit design, and accesory programs ( some in German ). Untested. Please report any problems to the Software Controller.
PS 02 PSION MOD 05.93 HEAD. MARTIN Another useful extension to your favourite programs. Gives proper multi- tasking, Minerva second screen access, predefined memory and device use, and more.
SP 08 DBAS SOURCES SPECIALIST 93/05 HOWELLS. DAVID 93/10 Sources to ALTER and DBPTR editors if you feel the need to experiment with them.
SP 10 SPECULATOR SPECIALIST 93/05 JAMES. WILLIAM Spectrum emulator for the QL with sample programs. Runs pretty quickly on a Gold Card QL or Atari. Still acceptably fast on a standard QL. Dig out those old Speccy games again!!
EM 03 EMACS POINTER TEXT EDITOR 93/11 T. GODEFROY This program is a pointer driven version of the Micro EMACS editor, the various POINTER files needed to run it are not supplied.
SP 11 NEURAL NETWORK AI 93/11 S.J. WILCOX An interesting example in basic of how to simulate a neural net. This one learns to recognise the difference between L and 1.
GG 04 QUIZ DISK GAMES/EDUC 93/11 MAURICE BUXTON Hundreds of questions and answers in quill_doc format from the Torbay Quiz League. Ideal for setting up your own league. The questions are divided into various categories.
PS 05 PCC CTRL CODES 93/11 HAFTKA J Two abacus spreadsheets giving commonly used printer control codes for a wide range of popular printers.
PS 05 THE STRIPPER PSION UTIL. 11.93 DILWYN JONES Useful utility for converting Quill_doc files to plain text for easy viewing. Includes a useful document describing how to decode the text of a quill doc. The source code is also included if you want to play with or extend it.
PS 05 ACP ARCHIVE 11.93 T. GODEFROY Very useful Archiver Control Panel to simplify driving the wide range of compression programs now available for the QL - Handles arc, har, LHx and Zoo formats in this version - Pointer driven and very professional.
UD 01 MULTIDOS DISK COPY 11.93 T. GODEFREY Pointer driven disc utility to read and copy QL, ST and PC discs. Documented in French.
UG 09 CALCULATOR POINTER 93/11 T. GODEFREY Pointer driven reverse polish scientific calculator with base conversions (HEX/DEC/OCT/BIN). Documented in french.
PF 04 PRT MANAGER PRINTER UTIL 93/11 T. GODEFRY Excellent pointer driven printer utility. Allows setting of most printer options, background printing, screen dumps. EPSON 9 pin and HP Deskjet options - Documented in french.
UG 08 SCREEN SAVER UTILITY 93/11 T. GODEFRY Small screen save utility for QLs and THORs. A nice feature is that it responds to both keyboard and mouse.
SP 11 QUANDREX QUANTA INDEX 93/11 HUGH HOWIE Index to Quanta magazine in Archive format, with a viewer program supplied. Very comprehensive index up to Jan 1993.
UG 08 CROSSWORD DESIGNER UTILITY 93/11 MOODY D. The title says it all. Sample crosswords included. NOT ATARI compatible unfortunately.
UG 09 JARGON FILE UTILITY 93/11 KETTLEWELL R The complete "New Hackers Dictionary" in plain text format. Divided into small files for easy browsing. Warning - extreamly large (950K) and extreamly funny.
CT 02 TERMINAL COMMS. 11.93 STEVE PAPIEROWSKI A small VT52 Terminal for the ST QL emulator. Very compact. Log facility, but not much else. Direct access to commands is needed - Hotkeys to do the typing in is recommended.
PS 05 DIARY ARCHIVE 11.93 B. LIMMER An Archive program to keep track of regular company work such as maintenance, holidays, regular jobs etc. No help files and limited on screen prompts so some experience of Archive programming would be useful.
PS 05 METERS ARCHIVE 11.93 B. LIMMER An Archive program to monitor electric, gas and water meters. No help files and limited on screen prompts so some experience of Archive programming would be useful.
PS 05 ASSETS ARCHIVE 11.93 B. LIMMER An Archive program to keep track of assets. No help files and limited on screen prompts so some experience of Archive programming would be useful.
PS 05 RECORDS ARCHIVE 11.93 GERARD PHELAN Comprehensive Archive program to catalogue LPs, Cassettes, CDs etc. Example database supplied.
UG 08 CAPS BEEP 11.93 R. KETTLEWELL Produced in responce to an appeal in QUANTA, this program gives an audible capslock and uppercase letter indicator.
UG 08 SHIFTER 11.93 DILWYN JONES Produced in responce to an appeal in QUANTA, This program gives an audible capslock and uppercase indicator.
UG 08 MULTICALC 11.93 D. HARDIE Temperature conversion, sizes, weights, MPG, SG, volumes etc. all in one handy package. Supercharge compiled, BASIC source included.
UG 08 BAROMET 11.93 D. HARDIE A utility to keep and display a daily weather record. Unfortunately no demo file so you will have to start your own records. Source supplied.
UG 09 QLIB_RUN 11.93 T. GODEFRY Bug fixed runtime to corret ERLIN = ERNUM bug. Hopefully Liberation Software will fix this in the next release.
UG 14 HB UTILS UTILITY 93/11 KETTLEWELL R. 95/10 A set of utilities for use with QPAC2. Includes a clock, memory map (like Sysmon), Free-memory button, Capslock indicator and date entry from a hotkey. The latest version works under Minerva and includes all the source code. Assoc.Files: Too many to list. Start with HButils_txt
UG 10 UTILS UTILITY 93/11 KETTLEWELL R A range of useful utility programs in 'C'. Includes LS, CAT, MORE, GREP, EGREP, FGREP, PWD, RM, CP, MV, ECHO, LISTENV and a NUL device (with assembler source).
UG 11 ZIP/UNZIP COMPRESSION 93/11 KETTLEWELL R A complete suite of compression and decompression routines by Richard
UG 12 ZIPPER F.E. FRONT END 93/12 KETTLEWELL R A collection of programs for use with SROFF libraries, linkers and a front end program for using zip and unzip routines. A new linker is also included along with a MAKE program. All documentation is on disk.
SP 05 M-CODE TUTORIAL PROGRAMMING 94/04 A. BRIDWELL As published in QL World. A series of Quill docs leading you easily into 68000 machine code programming. Ideal for the newcommer, or those just wanting ready-worked examples.
UG 08 MINIEXP 04.94 J. HAFTKE Small SuperBASIC program (with accompanying documentation) for keeping track of busines expenses. Supplied as SuperBASIC so you can taylor it to your own needs.
GR 10 CLIPART GRAPHICS 94/10 WOOD R. 14 files of clip art for the Linedesign program. The items are musical instruments and sound system components. Associated files: (All Extns: _LDP), DRUMS, MARSHALL_STAC, CHIMES, CONGAS, GUITAR, MIXING_DESK, EFFECTS_RAK, FLIGHT_CASE, MICRO&STAND, KEYBOARDS, AMPEG, TRACEELLIOT_STAC, WEDGE_PAIR, and README_TXT
PS 06 XCHANGE PSION 94/10 JACOBSON E. 95/07,V3.90L Version 3.90L gives a significant increase in features over other versions A knowledge of Xchange is assumed. Configurable gprint_prt for Easel. Multiple text printer drivers possible with automatic search. Rommable. Configurable. Various bug fixes incl. the Abacus Amend1. Multitasks correct -ly. Moveable screen display & multiple copies with extended resolution screens. e.g.QXL. Network file names. Pass command string on start-up. Work-space specifiable. Sort order config. Up to 50 printer translates. Alt page printing. Run BOOT to decompress then see Readme_doc.
SP 06 ELECTION 97 UTILITY OCT 00 WICKS. G An original program that could be of renewed interest to members with a General Election not too far away! Shows details of how the public voted for the main parties in 1997 with superb graphical representation. A good colour monitor is needed to do it justice. Assoc. files; boot97, Election97_doc, Election97_obj
UG 13 FILE UTILITIES UTILITY 95/05 KNIGHT. M QCT 99 Contains the following set of Turbo compiled programs 1) Superbasic listing 2) Printer driver installation 3) Font Editor 4) Super alarm 5) Screen Saver 6)File Manager with run-time window positioning and update facility. 7) File Header date editor 8)Basic source indentor and compressor with optional addition of REMarks to show up errors. 9)Function that checks the validity of the screen parameters for a window to be opened 10)Fix for QDOD 2029 date problem. There is very extensive documentation. Ass:Files:Too many to list. Start with Updates_txt
UG 12 PHONE_LOG UTILITY 95/03 KNIGHT. M 96/12 A Turbo compiled program that keeps track of phone call costs which can be assigned to one of up to 100 different accounts. Easily configurable. Ideal for those with teenage sons and daughters!. Includes data for BT & Videotron charge rates Assoc.files; PHONELOG_BOOT, BOOT_CONFIGURE, CONFIGURE, Phone_log, Phonelog_doc, Phonelog_txt, Phone_LOG, Present_EXN, RUNTIME_EXTS, SYSBASE_EXN, TALL_CHARS, Videotron_log
GR 04 3-D PIE UTILITY 95/05 WICKS. J Produces 3-d pie charts for screen display, printing or importing to desk-top publishing programs. A considerable improvement over those from Easel. Assoc.files; Boot_3DPie, 3DPie_task, ggrint_prt, 3DPie_bas pie_doc.
UD 01 SUBCOPY UTILITY 06. 95 SCOTT. D 11.95 A Turbo compiled program that allows discs containing sub-directories to be copied to discs of another density. Runs on Gold Cards, Super Gold Cards and on late Trump Cards & SuperQBoards having an upgraded ROM. Version V1.05 cures an obscure bug. Assoc.Files: Subcopy_Boot, Runtime_Exts, V1.05SUBCOPY, Text_doc
UG 10 DOCTOR EDITOR ETC UTILITY MAY 92 BORRETZEN. A OCT 95 Very powerful editor for fixed length files such as machine code. Now compiled with QLiberator. Has a wide range of searching and editing commands which have been enhanced in this update. Included also are Pointer utilities to search for complete or incomplete file names on a device (including all sub-directories) and to view a Quill document. A ram-disk and TKII are needed. Spec version for German QPAC2. Assoc.Files: DOCTOR_TXT DOCTOR_obj SEARCH_M_obj SEARCH_RUN_obj SEARCH_GER_obj, SEARCH_QDOS_txt, doc_int_obj, doc_obj, doc_txt
UG 08 NORBACK HARD DISK MAY 93 BORRETZEN. A JUL 95 Hard disk backup and restore. Handles full and maintenance backups. Large files can be split over several discs. DD, HD, and ED discs are supported. Can backup to and from any device including another hard disk Now runs under and needs the Pionter Environment. Assoc.files; Norback_obj, Bigback_obj, Config, Manual_txt, Heap_Patch_obj Readme_Heap, Norback_txt, LESS_MENU_rext_Norback_obj
UT 01 SCREEN PARAMETERS UTILITY SEPT 95 COATIVY. B OCT 02 Version 1.03. Set of five functions to return the screen base address, size, x size, y size and line length. Useful with QL emulators e.g.the Atari. Now able to accept channel numbers as parameter including those for Minerva second screen. The line length reports correctly when an Aurora card in use. Version 1.03 fixes two bugs in V1.02 which should no longer be used. For consistancy the functions now have a % appended to their names. Associated files: scrpar_asm, scrpar_bin, scrpar_boot, scrpar_doc. C version available from C68 sources.
ED 02 ANNE FRANK RES.PACK EDUCATION 95/10 JONES. D A prog that contains a large amount of info about the Dutch girl Anne Frank and her family, including pictures. There is also much about the Holocaust. Files are in COMPRESSED FORMAT. The BOOT prog will uncompress them. Assoc.files: BOOT_ANNEFRANK, PICTURES_ZIP, PROGRAM_ZIP, READTHIS_TXT, TEXTFILE_ZIP, UNZIP.
UG 18 GRABIT4 UTILITY 95/09 JONES. P A Pointer Environment program to capture part of the screen as a file. Includes a suitable viewer and the Fileinfo thing. COMPRESSED FORMAT Assoc.files: boot_unzip, FI2v2412_zip, GRABIT4.30_zip, README, unzip.
CT 02 IMPEX95 XFER SEP.95 HALL. I A Z88 to QL prog that is a substantial upgrade to Phil Borman's prog of Nov.90 (On CT 01). Not tried by Quality Controller as no Z88 held. Not for pre-JS roms. Assoc.files: extras95_rext, impex95_bas, impex95_boot, impex95_doc impex95_obj, impex95_sav, impex95_txt, pipedriver95_rext, pipedriver95_txt, qlib95_run_mod
UG 08 FILE VIEWER/PIC SAVER UTILITY 09/95 JONES. J 07/99 A File viewing prog with facilities that include line sorting, printing and searching files. Configurable. Also a routine for saving part of the screen for use in other progs. The latest version (1.15) can take advantage of extended screens, has improved cursor positioning on found strings and fixes bugs. It no omnger works on an unexpanded QL. Updated to v1.15. Assoc.Files: Boot_GrViewer, PICer_obj, PICer_rtm, PICer_txt, Viewer_obj, Viewer_rtm, Viewer_txt
CT 12 KERMIT COMMS 90/01 This is No2 of a set of 3 containing KERMIT. Held by H/Lib. only
CT 13 KERMIT COMMS 90/01 This is No3 of a set of 3 containing KERMIT Held by H/Lib only See CT 11
GR 11 CLIPART GRAPHICS 95/09 JONES.D ClipArt pictures Subjects: Gods, Held ONLY by H/Lib. until demand has been assessed.
SP 03 QL_WORLD_INDEX SPECIALIST 28.05.89 ADAMS C. 03.96 A program that allows you to find the information you want from QL USER & QL WORLD. An expanded machine is required and Archive version 2.38, Archdev or Exchange. Load Archive then Run "FLP?_INDEX" Assoc. Files: Atol_dbf, Index_prg, Mtoz_dbf, Open_scn, Readme_doc
DE 10 THESAURUS DEMO PRO DEMO OCT 95 WICKS G. DEC 99 A fully functional version of Geoff's commercial program but with a smaller dictionary & it only runs from flp1_. A very well thought out implementation of Roget's famous classification. NOT just a synonym list. Now on a DD disc and includes a version for the Pointer Environment Assoc.Files: boot, boot_tk2, boot1, groups_dbf, groups_doc, manual_doc, runtime_exts, thesaurus_dic, thesaurus_task. etc Version 4 demo
MA 02 POPCALC MATHS 10.95 KNIGHT M. An on screen calculator with several memories, output to printer. Support of QL functions etc. Configurable. There is very comprehensive documentation. This prog. is Charityware. - See file POPCALC_txt Assoc.Files: AreaCalc_mem, BOOT_POPCALC, Config_boot, Configure, LengthCalc_mem, PopCalc, PopCalc_mem, PopCalc_txt, Present_exn, Sysbase_exn, Runtime_exts, Tall_Chars, VelocityCalc_mem, VolumeCalc_mem, WeightCalc_mem
UG 14 PROCMAN UTILITY 95/10 JONES J. A program to extract procedures and functions from a Superbasic program and write them as a file. Pointer version included together with a program of useful procedures for your own programs. Assoc.Files: PROCMAN_bas, PROCMAN_doc, PROCMAN_obj, PROCMAN_sav, PROCS_bas, PROCS_doc, PROCS_sav, SHIFTER_obj, PROCMAN_PTR_obj
ED 03 MORSE SUITE EDUCATION 95/10 HAMMERTON L. A suite of ten progs to handle Morse Code. Input can be from a morse key connected to a control port, the keyboard or a file. Some minor modifications are needed to run on early disc interfaces Assoc. Files: Too many to list. Start with SC_doc, Readme_doc, Morse_doc
GS 07 INFOCOM GAMES GAMES 95/11 ROBERTS L. A collection of text adventure games imported from the Public Domain. Files all Compressed. Decompress routine included. Assoc. Files: Several. Start with README
GS 08 INFOCOM GAMES GAMES 95/11 ROBERTS L. A collection of text adventure games all imported from the Public Domain. Files all compressed. Decompress routine included. Assoc.Files: Several. Start with README.
GS 09 INFOCOM GAMES GAMES 95/11 ROBERTS L. A collection of text adventure games imported from the Public Domain. Files all Compressed. Decompress routine included. Assoc. Files: Several. Start with README on GS07 & GS08
GR 12 CLIPART GRAPHICS 95/09 JONES D. Subjects: Gods. Files compressed. Unzip routine included.
GR 13 CLIPART GRAPHICS 95/09 JONES D. Subjects: Churches Files Compressed. Unzip routine included. Held by HEAD LIB ONLY TFN.
GR 14 CLIPART GRAPHICS 95/09 JONES D. Subject: Toasters Held by HEAD LIB ONLY TFN
GR 15 CLIPART GRAPHICS 95/09 JONES D. Subject: Misc. People in Screen Pics Files Compressed. Unzip routine included Held by HEAD LIB ONLY TFN
GR 16 CLIPART GRAPHICS 95/09 JONES D. Subjects: Misc Screen Pics Files Compressed. Unzip routine included Held by HEAD LIB ONLY TFN
GR 17 CLIPART GRAPHICS 95/09 JONES D. Subjects: Misc Screen Pics. Files Compressed. Unzip routine included Held by HEAD LIB ONLY TFN
GR 20 LINEDESIGN GRAPHICS 94/07 JONES D. Subjects: 'A' For LineDesign V1. Held by HEAD LIB ONLY TFN
GR 21 LINEDESIGN GRAPHICS 94/07 JONES D. Subjects: 'A' to 'C' For LineDesign V 1. Held by HEAD LIB ONLY TFN
GR 22 LINEDESIGN GRAPHICS 94/07 JONES D. Subjects: 'C' to 'D' For LineDesign V1. Held by HEAD LIB ONLY TFN
GR 23 LINEDESIGN GRAPHICS 94/07 JONES D. Subjects: 'E' to 'S' For LineDesign V1. Held by HEAD LIB ONLY TFN
GR 24 LINEDESIGN GRAPHICS 94/07 JONES D. Subjects: Fonts 'S' to 'W' & 'F' & 'G' For LineDesign V1. Held by HEAD LIB ONLY TFN
GR 25 LINEDESIGN GRAPHICS 94/07 JONES D. Subjects: Fonts 'H' & 'I' For LineDesign V1. Held by HEAD LIB ONLY TFN
GR 18 CLIPART GRAPHICS 96/02 JONES D. Subjects: Composers Files Compressed. Unzip routine included. Held by HEAD LIB ONLY TFN.
UG 15 UTILS UTILITIES 93/03 CMELIK D DEC 98 A range of useful system utilities. Includes Alarm, Calendar, Clock setter, Interest calculator, Resister code generator, Backup program, Basic editor, Video screen tester, check a nuNoughts & crosses game, noughts and crosses game and much more. Needs Gold or Super Gold Card & ROM version other than AH or JM for full operation. Some modules will run with other configurations. Not for SMSQ/E.
UG 05 NEKOT UTILITY 12.95 SLATER J. Converts the early tokenised programs into Superbasic source code. They can then be run on setups having no microdrives Assoc. files: Detoken_readme_text, Detoken_nekot_obj, Detoken_nekot_bas
UG 01 ATARI SCREENS UTILITY 12.95 SCHMIDT S. * *Joint Authors; PEMBERTON A. & MELLOR R. Converts Atari screen dump files to QL format. Assoc. files: ST_QL_bas, ST_QL_exe, TURBO_ST_QL, TURBOST_doc, readme1_doc
UG 14 SUGGEST UTILITY 03.96 WAREHAM L. A utility to aid spell checking using QTYP. It will offer suggestions for the mis-spelled word & automatically replaces with the chosen word. Highly configurable, needs Pointer Environment. Assoc. Files: suggest_rext, UKENGLISH_SUG, NOTES_txt, suggest_bas, SUGGEST_TXT, SUGGESTUSER_C, SUGGESTUSER_H, suggest_boot
GS 10 QL WAR GAME 96/01 MILLER J. A large & complex game involving a battle with tanks, ships & planes. The aim is to wipe out the enemy. Really needs a Super Gold Card or QXL for speed reasons, but will run on a Gold Card. Needs the Pointer Environment and is unusual in being in mode 8. Assoc. Files: Too many to list. Start with war_READ-1st_doc
ED 06 HACKERS' JOURNAL EDUCATION 96/02 CORNWALL H. A Public Domain conversion of a text book on hacking into ASCII format. Once banned in UK!. Assoc. Files: file_id_diz, hacker_txt, MENU_txt, VIEWER_txt, BOOT, VIEWER_rtm
UG 06 COMPARE UTILITY 01.96 MILLER J. A Pointer Environment utility that compares two text files. Needs the PE & Jochen Merz's Menu Extension to be present. Configurable using the Qjump Config Prog or Menu Config. Assoc. Files: Compare_obj, Compare_exe, Compare_txt
PF 03 PRINT MASTER UTILITY 02.96 HAFTKE J. Allows you to make full use of all your printer's features without hassle. Drivers for a range of popular printers are provided. Assoc. Files: Too many to list. Start with _doc files.
MA 01 CONVERT MATHS 02.96 HAFTKE J. Allows you to convert quantities in old Imperial Units to/from modern SI & Metric ones. Assoc. Files: boot_convert, convert_defaults, convert_it_exc
GR 04 VISION MIXER PLUS GRAPHICS 96/02 HAFTKE J. Provides a means of presenting long sequences of screens as a continuing display. Assoc. Files: Too many to list. Start with VMplus_doc
GR 04 PICTURE MASTER PLUS GRAPHICS 02.96 HAFTKE J. A program to facilitate the production of complex screens. Assoc. Files: Too many to list. Start with Picplus_doc & update_doc
SP 09 HOME BUDGET SPECIAL 96/02 HAFTKE J. A Home Budgeting & Accounts prog to help you manage & record your expenditure. No responsibility accepted if you overdraw!! Assoc. Files: Too many to list. Start with hbbudget_doc & update_doc
SP 03 REMIND_ME PLUS2 SPECIAL 02.96 HAFTKE J. If you are always forgetting what you should be doing, this fast scheduling & reminder prog could be the answer. Assoc. Files: REMIND_ME_PLUS2_exc, Remind_boot, MDVboot, ADAPT_bas, EVENTS2_dat, R3_clone_bas, Manual3_doc, Updates3_doc.
UG 07 J_DIRECTORY UTILITY 02.96 HAFTKE J. A resident extension that extends the "dir" command to give output in columns, to screen, printer or file. Assoc. Files: Jdir_boot, JDIR_doc, QLIB_run, JDIR_obj, boot_spare, JDIR_clone_bas, QLIB_ext
UG 11 FILE PLUS UTILITTY 96/02 HAFTKE J. A comprehensive keyboard-driven prog for the copying & housekeeping of files. Assoc. Files: fileplus_boot, FILEMASTER_PLUS_exc, F_DEFAULTS_dat, FONT_dat, Fcart_patch, Fdisk_patch, Fwin_patch, FF_clone_bas, UPDATE_doc, Manual_doc
GR 26 LINEDESIGN GRAPHICS 96/05 JONES D. Subjects: General Held by Head Lib only TFN
GR 27 LINEDESIGN GRAPHICS 96/05 JONES D. Subject: Salvation Army Held by Head Lib Only
GR 28 LINEDESIGN GRAPHICS 96/05 JONES D. Subject: Clip Art from ATARI ST All Zipped files Held by Head Lib only
GR 29 LINEDESIGN GRAPHICS 96/05 JONES D. Subject: Americana 1 of 2 disks (see GR 30) Held on HIGH DENSITY disk and by Head Lib only
GR 30 LINEDESIGN GRAPHICS 96/05 JONES D. Subject: Americana 2nd of 2 disks (See GR 29) Held on HIGH DENSITY disk and by Head Lib only
GR 31 LINEDESIGN GRAPHICS 96/05 JONES D. Subject: Religious Clip Art Held on HIGH DENSITY disk and by Head Lib only
GR 32 LINEDESIGN GRAPHICS 96/05 JONES D. Subject: Construction Clip Art Held on HIGH DENSITY disk and by Head Lib only
GR 33 LINEDESIGN GRAPHICS 96/05 JONES D. Subject: FONTS Zipped files (Nos 1-3) & include README_txt Held on HIGH DENSITY disk and by Head Lib only
GR 34 LINEDESIGN GRAPHICS 96/05 JONES D. Subject: FONTS Zipped files (Nos 4-6) and README_txt Held on HIGH DENSITY disk and by Head Lib only
GR 35 LINEDESIGN GRAPHICS 96/05 JONES D. Subject: FONTS Zipped files (Nos 7 & 8) Held on HIGH DENSITY disk and by Head Lib only
ED 04 GENEALOGY EDUCATION 96/03 JONES D A set of text files (GENEALOGY1) to assist with Genealogical research. A viewing program is included. Also on ED 05 (GENEALOGY2) Assoc Files: Too many to list. Start with Viewer_txt
ED 05 GENEALOGY EDUCATION 96/03 JONES D Genealogy2. More text files to assist with Genealogical research. A viewing program is included. Genealogy1 on ED 04 Assoc Files: Too many to list. Start with Viewer_txt.
DE 10 STYLE-CHECK DEMO PRO DEMO APR 95 WICKS G. DEC 99 The program checks documents for aspects of style such as sentence length, average word length, punctuation frequency and over use of the passive voice. Now on a DD disc. Version 3 demo The Demo is a fully functional version of Geoff's commercial program but it only runs from flp1_ & examines just the first 3000 bytes. Start with Style_doc. Assoc. Files: style_demo_task, style_def, style_dbf style_aba, bomd_txt, probation_doc, Tutorial_doc, tutorial2_doc, style_doc etc.
SP 15 QUANTA_INDEX SPECIALIST 96/06 WOOD R. A Flashback version of Chris Adams' prog on SP 03 to locate info from QL USER & QL WORLD. Assoc.Files: QLWorld_dba
SP 14 QUANTA_INDEX SPECIALIST 96/06 WOODS R. A DataDesign version of Chas Adams' prog on SP 03, to find info from QL USER & QL WORLD. (The QC does not have DataDesign, therefore not checked by QC). Assoc.Files: QLWorld_ddf, QLWorld_ddi, QLWorld_ddm
GS 10 PE GAMES GAME 96/06 WOOD R. A set of five Pointer Environment games of German origin. No instructions included!! Assoc.Files: DECIPHER_exe, lucas_exe, PUZZEL_exe, puzzle_exe, RUBIK_AREA_exe
UG 16 POINTER ENVIR. KIT UTILITY 96/08 MILLER J. 96/11 A collection of Pointer Environment sprites, menus, Superbasic Procs and working examples to assist in the writing of programs for the PE. Also includes Norman Dunbar's 1994 tutorials on the subject published in QUANTA. Needs the PE and EASYPTR parts 1 & 2. All you need to write is your application code. Assoc.Files: Too many to list. Start with readme_txt & appl_txt.
PS 07 IGITOAR UTILITY 96/04 KEMPTON R. 96/11 Basic progs. to convert data from the Mormon Church family histories into files for importing to Archive. Also included are Archive Procs. to examine the databases produced. Some example databases are included to try out these procs. Handles the latest version of the Mormon database Assoc.Files: Too many to list. Start with the _doc files.
GR 05 LINEDESIGN CLIPART GRAPHICS 94/10 WOOD R 14 Files of Clip Art for the Linedesign Program. The items are musical instruments and sound system components Assoc.Files: DRUMS, MARSHAL_STAC, CHIMES, CONGAS, MIXING_DESK EFFECTS_RAK, GUITAR, FLIGHT_CASE, MICRO&STAND, TRACEELLIOTT_STAC, AMPEG, WEDGE_PAIR, KEYBOARDS, (All _ldp) & README_TXT
UG 17 NET PEEK UTILITY SEP 96 GWILT G FEB 00 A program to examine the jobs, channels & RAM etc of other QL's & QXL's on the network. Needs Toolkit II & the DIY Toolkit MEM device. Version 3.24 Assoc Files: NET_PEEK_TEXT, NET_PEEK_BIN, NET_PEEK_CHANGES,NET_PEEK_ASM
UT 02 PEX TOOLKIT 96/08 RECKTEWALD HP An extension to the Pointer Interface that allows hidden operations on buried windows. Full functionality needs Minerva, SMSQ/E or the Atari QL Emulator Assoc Files: PEX_doc, PEX_txt, PEX20_asm, PEX20_byt, PEX20_txt, PEXdat_lib
UG 17 GW ASSEMBER/DISASSEM UTILITY NOV 96 GWILT G OCT 00 Both an ASSEMBLER(V4.11) & DISASSEMBLER(V2.22) that handles the instruction set of processors from 68020 to 68060. The FPSAVE programs handle a Floating Point Unit if one is present. The latter is not for use with SMSQ/E. Now for the Pointer Environment. Includes the source code. Associated Files: Too many to list. Start with the _text files especially readme_text. Note: This disk is High Density.
UG 17 DISP3 UTILITY NOV 96 GWILT G FEB 00 A very simple but effective scrolling directory listing utility. The default device is configurable. Three different sort orders are available. version 3.5 Assoc Files: DISP_txt, DISP_bin, DISP_CHANGES,DISP_ASM
PS 07 ARCHY UTILITY 96/11 TERRY J A menu-driven 'front-end' program for Archive to display, print, search, order etc. Any _dbf file having fewer than 28(!) fields. Assoc Files: ARCHY_prg, ARCHY_pro, ARCHYX_pro, MEHITBEL_dbf, DEMO_dbf, GAZET_dbf, README_doc.
CT 03 QLINK COMMS 96/11 CABLE B A comprehensive comms prog with terminal emulation, file transfer and capture facilities. Suitable for bulletin board access. Originally 'Shareware' but now free Assoc.Files: BOOT, QLINK556_job, INSTALL556_bas, TERM_DATA, BOOT2_QLINK BOOT_QLINK, ONLINE1_doc, ONLINE2_txt, ONLINE2_doc, ONLINE3_txt, ONLINE4_txt, ONLINE5_txt, ONLINE6_txt, ONLINE7_txt, ONLINE8_txt, ONLINE9_txt
UG 03 HTML MACHINE UTILITY 96/08 WOOD R. A Qliberated prog. that pops up over a text editor to insert HMTL codes Developed for QD but may work with others as well. Assoc.Files: machine_bas, machine_obj, machine_README_html, machine_README_txt
GR 05 LASSUS GRAPHICS 96/11 TERRY J A Linedesign _ldp file that simplifies the use of the LASSUS font to depict musical notation. Assoc.Files: LASSUS_ldp
ED 07 CIA96 WORLD FACT BOOK EDUCATION SEP 96 JONES D. NOV 97 A set of six discs containing information about every country in the world together with Dilwyn's viewer to read them Assoc.Files: BOOT, FACTBOOK94A_txt to FACTBOOK94Z_txt, AppendixA-H, PG_INTRO_txt, Menu_txt, Viewer_rtm, Viewer_txt
ED 08 CIA96 WORLD FACT BOOK EDUCATION SEP 96 JONES D. NOV 97 No2 of a set of 6 discs on the subject See ED 07 for details
ED 09 CIA96 WORLD FACT BOOK EDUCATION SEP 96 JONES D NOV 97 No3 of a set of 6 discs on the subject. See ED 07 for full details
ED 10 CIA96 WORLD FACT BOOK EDUCATION SEP 96 JONES D. NOV 97 No4 of a set of 6 discs on the subject. See ED 07 for full details.
ED 11 CIA96 WORLD FACT BOOK EDUCATION SEP 96 JONES D. NOV 97 No 5 of a set of 6 discs on the subject. See ED 07 for full details.
DE 11 QPC DEMO PRO DEMO 97/04 MERZ J. A demo of an MS-DOS program that emulates the QL on a PC. All available memory can be used. This version will not write files to a disc. Needs a 486 or Pentium PC
UG 07 ASSEM.WKBENCH PATCHES UTILITY 97/04 COATIVY B. Set of five Basic programs to patch version 1.3 or 1.4 of Assembler Workbench to remove the mdv problem, allows working under the PE, corrects problems reading help files and allows 32-bit addresses Assoc.Files: wb_1_bas,wb_2_bas, wb_3_bas, wb_4_bas, wb_5_bas artqu05_doc, artqu05_doc
UG 09 BUTTON ANALOGUE CLOCK UTILITY 97/04 JONES P. A program to put an analogue clock on a button. Needs the Pointer Environment and SMSQ/E version 2.71 or later, Menu Extensions PEX & PICE to be present. The files are Zipped, but there is an unzip program on the disc. Assoc.Files: ANACLCK06s_zip
DE 10 SOLVIT-PLUS 3 DEMO PRO DEMO MAY 95 WICKS G. DEC 99 Demo version of the commercial prog. that acts an electronic dictionary to solve word puzzles. Best with Gold Card or other fast processor. Only version for the Pointer Environment is now included. Assoc.Files: solvit_boot, solvit_demo_task, runtime_exts, solvit_cde, solvit_def, DEMO_txt, check_doc, DEMO_dic, solvit3_def, solvit3_boot, solvit3_demo_obj
LA 02 APL TOOLKIT LANG 97/09 HOWARD FROGGATT This is a port of some APL procedures from the Toronto ACM SIGAPL Version 2.1 1992-05-12 which is a collection of useful ISO Standard APL utility functions collected by the Toronto Chapter of ACM SIGAPL. The functions conform to the 1984 ISO APL Standard N8485. It does not appear to work under SMSQ/E.
UG 17 FLOATING POINT UTILITIES 97/09 SIMON GOODWIN This is a collection of text files and utilities to help with the use of George Gwilt's floating point unit routines. Fix_QMon_bas patches QMon to allow its use with floating point instructions. There are also improvements to the trigonometric routines to make use of the floating point unit and some timing tests.
UG 04 VAT CALC/FILE SELECT UTILITIES 97/09 ROY WOOD Two further useful utilities for the Pointer Environment from Sussex. The first one calculates VAT amounts and puts the result (with associated text) in pther programs. The second one presents a menu that allows you to easily set the various options that are available for QPAC2 menu's. It avoids having a button or key for each set of options you may use. Both programs are configurable using standard Qjump blocks. Also, in both cases, the source code is provided for study or alteration.
UG 04 EDWIN & WINDRAW UTILITIES 97/09 STEPHEN HALL Not surprisingly, these programs are concerned with windows - but definitely without the capital letter! The first patches Digital Precision's program 'Editor' to allow you to use a window with Aurora, QXL etc. that is larger than the QL standard. It was developed on version 2.05; it is not known whether it works with other versions. Windraw provides a useful means of resizing and moving around the Sbasic or Superbasic windows when a larger screen size is available.
ED 12 CIA96 WORLD FACT BOOK EDUCATION SEP 96 D.JONES NOV 97 No 6 of a set of 6 discs. See ED 07 for details.
UG 19 SNIPPETS CORNER UTILITY SEP 97 KNIGHT M. Contains the Superbasic source for readers to include in their own programs, published in QL Today in 1997. Some of the author's utilities are also included. Associated Files: Too many to list. Start with Snippets_txt. These are both plain text files.
PS 08 CROSSWORD SOLVER PSION NOV 97 SWENSON.T Two aids to assist in the solving of crossword puzzles. A Psion Archive database of common clues and a WordList with a search program for incomplete words. Associated Files: Crossword_doc, BonusXword_dbf, Xword_zip, CrosswordM_bas, CrossWord_bas, CrossWord_txt, grep.
SP 18 FAIRY TALES SPECIAL OCT 97 JONES.D A vast collection of children's fairy tales in the form of text files, supplied with Dilwyn's viewer. Disc 1 of 4. Associated Files: Too many to list. Start by reading Menu_txt.
SP 19 FAIRY TALES SPECIAL OCT 97 JONES.D No 2 of a set of 4. See SP 18 for more details.
SP 20 FAIRY TALES SPECIAL OCT 97 JONES.D No 3 of a set of 4 discs. See SP 18 for more details.
SP 21 FAIRY TALES SPECIAL OCT 97 JONES.D No 4 of a set of 4 discs. See SP 18 for more details.
SP 16 QL JOKE BOOK SPECIAL NOV 97 BRANNAH .D/ JONES .D OCT 99 A collection of jokes in the form of text files, supplied with Dilwyn Jones' viewer. Some are not universlly appropriate. Disc 1 of 2. Associated Files: 101_Nos_txt, Answer_txt, Beer_txt, Blondes_txt, Boot, Bulbs_txt, Clown_pic, Farts_txt, Headline_txt, Howdoit_txt, Irish_txt, Lawyers_txt, maths_txt, Medical_txt, MegaJokes_txt, Menu_txt, Viewer_rtm, Viewer_txt, Pc_txt, QL2_txt, QLS_txt, various1_txt, various2_txt, Various3_txt, Murphy_doc, Murphy_txt.
SP 17 QL JOKE BOOK SPECIAL NOV 97 BRANNAH.D The second disc of jokes in text form. See SP 16 for more details.
UG 21 GW 68008 ASSEMBLER UTILITY AUG 98 GWILT. G FEB 00 A version for the 68008 processor that complements the author's assembler for the later 68000 series processore. Version 1.3 Associated Files: Several. Start with GWASL_text
UG 08 GRAPHICS VIEWER UTILITY OCT 98 JONES D. 04/99 A utility to view and print just about any QL graphics file. Supports high resolution screens. Needs the Pointer Environment, the Menu extensions and SMSQ/E or an expansion card having SDUMP. The latest version (1.15) corrects problems with Deskjet printers. Start with gv_doc. Associated Files: Boot_SMSQE, Boot_grviewer, config, example_mode0_pic, example_mode8_pic, gv_doc, gv_no_rt_obj, gv_obj
UG 20 SPELLCRIB UTILITY OCT 98 WICKS G. APRIL 99 A utility to find the correct spelling of difficult words. It will multitask with any QDOS/SMSQ/E text editor or word processor: Version 1.00. A second version 2.10 uses a QTYP dictionary of 65000 words. Both need the Pointer Environment. Associated Files: Boot_spellcrib, english, spellcrib_doc, spellcrib_obj, QTYP_boot, QTYP_QTYP_dictionary, QTYP_spelcrib_doc, QTYP_spellcrib_obj updates_doc
UG 20 ITALIAN DICTIONARY UTILITY FEB 99 SESTILLI G A standard QTYP format dictionary BUT for the Italian language. Associated Files: qtyp_dictionary_italian
UT 03 TURBO TOOLKIT TOOLKITS FEB 99 M.KNIGHT & D.GILHAM MAY 02 Debugged and enhanced full version (3a3) of DP's Turbo toolkit for QDOS (inc. Minerva) and SMSQ/E. Rommable. Additional specific SMSQ version to take advantage of its features. N.B. Some files are no longer included in the distribution. Keep your old copy if you need these! There is comprehensive documentation: Start with the text files. Associated files: demos_bas, NewTurboTK_TXT, ReSize_BAS, TURBO_SMS_code, turbo_tk_code, TurboSMSQ_TXT, TurboTK_txt, update_text, UTIlity_task
SP 15 KBASE UTILITY FEB 99 KNIGHT .M DEC 99 Fast database program with comprehensive search facilities. There is very comprehensive documentation. Version 2.22 Associated Files: Too many to list. Start with Kbase_TXT.
PF 04 TEXT 87 SUPERIOR FONT FONTS MAR 99 TERRY .J MAR 2001 A superior screen font for Text 87 to avoid ocular fatigue. Associated Files: Superior2_F87, ReadMe_doc
GR 03 SPINNER GRAPHICS JAN 99 POPE .D A program for spinning a shape on a standard QL screen. Not for emulators etc. See spinner_doc. Associated Files: Recol_asm,Screen_shape_bas,MakeObject_bas,Recol_obj, spinner_doc,spinner_txt
UG 22 QUANTA ASS: WORKBENCH UTILITY 06/99 WESTBURY D. OCT 99 A much modified version of the former Talent program. Runs as a job under Qdos or SMSQ/E with no need for a microdrive. Several bug fixes and new features. The editor QED is included. Version 2.02 - Quanta 1999. Associated Files: Too many to list; start with readme_doc, aal_doc and aa2_ doc.
DE 12 EASYBASE DEMO 04/99 JONES D. OCT 99 A demo version (0.64) of the commercial program sold by Q-Celt Software. Some featuressuch as saving and printing have been disabled in this version. Can import from other databases such as Archive _exp files. The "Scrap" is supported. Configurable. Associated Files: boot, cocktails_ebf, config, EasyBase1_doc, EastBase2_doc, EasyBase3_doc, EastBase)Demo_rtm, FRENAMER_rtm, History_doc, QLtraders_EBF
UD 02 CUEWELL AND INKWELL FILE UTILITY 04/99 WALTON/BRERETON Two programs, one to manage files with the minimum number of keystrokes and the other to convert the QL to a simple typewriter. Most suitable for earlier systems. Associated Files: Too many to list; start with cuewell_doc.
PF 04 QPAGE PRINTER UTIL 10/5/89 KNIGHT .M OCT 99 A very useful printer driver design program dor DP's editor. This revised version allows up to228 translates each containing up to 40 characters, plus 28 sets of control codes. Four printers are now already configured. They havenot all been tested as I don't own that many! Associated files: Too many to list - start with QPage_txt.
UG 23 CLIPBOARD UTILITY OCT 99 NEITHERCUTT .D APR 01 Four PE programs designed for hot key operation that will clip text from one task to another using the scrap. Can handle pictures and contains a manager for the scrap's contents. For Aurora or Q40 extended screens under SMSQ/E. Start with CSB_txt. Version 2.15 uses the history device Ass: Files: ClipScrapBoard, CSB_txt, CSB_zip, PasteIt_obj, ScrapMC, NuClip_bin, ScrapIcon_obj,GSH_obj, StufferStore_obj
UG 23 KLIPBOARD UTILITY AUG 99 KNIGHT .M DEC 99 A program for clipping text from one window to another. Text can be edited before reuse. Start with _doc. Ass: Files: Boot, Boot_Configure, Clip_code, Clip2_code, Configure, Klipboard, Klipboard_txt, KlipboardL, Present_exn, ScreenTK_exn, Tall_Chars, Turbo_TK_code.
CT 04 MIDI PLAYER COMMS-TRANSF FEB 00 BOEHM .A A system for reading MIDI SMF files and sends them to Midi equipment via the net port. start with MIDIPlayer_txt. Not tested as the Software Editor does not have the necessary hardware. Version 2 Ass: Files: MIDIplayer_bas, TURBO_TK_code, MIDIPlayer_boot, JonSwing_mid, TestPatch_map, MIDI2e_bin, midiplayer_exe, MIDIPlayer_text, Dec99_set_bin, DIY_SET_code, MDP2_zip.
UG 20 QTYP EXPAND UTILITY DEC 99 WICKS .G A simple to use utility for expanding QTYP dictionaries into plain text. Ass:Files: Expand_doc, QTYPexpand_bas, QTYPexpand_obj
SP 22 QL MANUALS SPECIAL NOV 99 JONES .D Manuals for the Toolkit II, the QL itself and Miracle Systems Trump Card, (Super) Gold Card, and QXL. Only for owners of the relevant hardware. Ass: Files: Too many to list. An HD disk with subdirectories.
DE 10 QL2PC DEMO PRO DEMO DEC 99 WICKS .G A fully functional version of Geoff's commercial program for transferring files between the PC and the QL. The demo version has a limit to the size of file that can be transferred. Version 2 demo Ass: Files: char_doc, defaults_fmt, french_doc, german_doc, QL2PC_boot, QL2PCman_doc, QL2PC_obj, ql2pc_per, spanish_doc, speed_exp, swedish_doc, table_doc, table_fmt, QL2PC_doc
SP 23 SOLVIT-PLUS 3 SPECIAL OCT 00 WICKS. G A freeware formerly commercial program that acts as an electronic dictionary to solve word puzzles. Best with Gold Card or other fast processor. Versions with and without the Pointer Environment are included. Assoc: files: solvit_doc,solvit3_def,boot,english_dic,runtime_exts, solvit_cde,solvit_def,solvit_task,update_doc,solvit3_obj,detokenise_obj, unzip
UG 24 TURBO PTR UTILITY NOV 00 GWILT G. Pointer extensions and support files that allow SuperBasic programs to be compiled with Turbo. Assoc: files: Too many to list. Start with Description.
UG 24 TURBO COMPILER UTILITY NOV 00 GWILT G. A version of the Turbo Compiler which works in the Pointer environment. Start up parameters are configurable. Assoc: files:codegen_task(v3.01),parser_task(v4.3),Turbo_Config. Turbo_SMS_code,Turbo_TK_Code,Turbo_Update_Txt
UG 26 DOC2HTML UTILITY OCT 00 JONES D. A beta test version of a program to produce HTML files using Quill. Version 0.5 Assoc:files: doc2html_zip,Doc2HTML_doc,Doc2HTML_obj,Config,Example1_doc, Example2_doc,Example3_doc,Example1_htm,Example2_htm,Example3_htm,Boot
SP 54 & 55 ELECTION 05 UTILITY JUN 01 WICKS G. NOV 05 Original programs of interest to members with a statistical bent. Shows details of how the public voted for the main parties in 2005 with superb graphical representation. A good colour monitor is needed to do them justice The latest issue includes General Elections back to 1983 and versions for the GD2 colours. Replaces disc SP36. Associated files: Too many to list
SP 38 - 44 CROSS-WORD SOLVER SPECIAL JAN 02 MERDINIAN P. JUN 02 These discs contain the same information as discs SP24-33 (q.v.) but in a format to be loaded directly into Solvit Plus by Geoff Wicks. All the discs are high density
SP 37 BOYS' AND GIRLS'NAMES SPECIAL JAN 02 MERDINIAN P. A list of 1022 girls' and 1108 boys' first names. Most are English language, but not all. Available as Quill files and plain text. Associated files: boyname_doc, BOYS_NAMES, girlname_doc, GIRLS_NAMES
SP 49 Q-TAX SPECIAL JAN 02 GOODWIN S. A simple book-keeping program for the self-employed Associated Files: QTAX_BAS, QTAX_Main_Screen_dat, QTAX_REPORT_Screen_dat, QTAX_TXT
UG 27 FONT UNTILITIES ETC. UTILITY APRIL 00 GOODWIN. S. A set of utilities to manage and patch system fonts. Includes ROM code to incorporate the Euro character. Routines to read and set the exception sector base, ease the transfer of QDOS file header information to alien systems and a development of INPUT$ that supports timeouts. Associated files: Too many to list. Start with the _txt files.
MD 04 ENHANCED COLOUR DEMO DEMO 04/02 WOLGANG UHLIG Two PE programs that demonstrate the features of the enhanced colour drivers including pictorial backgrounds. Includes routines to convert PC .bmp files for QL use and an S*Basic extension to read the current contents of the Stuffer Buffer. Please be sure to read the conditions of use for the latter. The colour demo requires an appropriate late version of SMSQ/E. Associated files: Too many to list. Start with the _txt files
PS 09 ARCHIVE_NOTES PSION JUN 11 C. DILLON Scanned version of Chas Dillon's Archive Notes booklet from the mid 1980s, scanned and submitted by John Gilpin. The 52 page booklet is in .PDF format so it should be copied to a system able to read and display a .PDF file to view the document. Although the booklet comes from the 1980s, it should still be useful for those learning to use Archive. Filename: "Archive Notes.pdf"
SP 43 TOWNS SPECIAL JUN 02 MERDINIAN P. A list of names of some 3983 British towns. Disk is high density Associated File: Towns
UD 03 UTILITIES DEVICE DRIVE OCT 02 GODEFROY T. Beta release of the ATAPI protocol extensions and the CD-ROM driver by Thierry Godefroy. Suitable for Qubide and Q40/60 systems. Be sure to read the license.txt Versions: 0.20 (ATAPI) and 0.06 (CDR) Associated files: ATAPI-CDR_ATAPI_inc, ATAPI-CDR_ATAPI_txt, ATAPI-CDR_ATAPIq40_asm, ATAPI-CDR_ATAPIq40_bin, ATAPI-CDR_ATAPIqub_asm, ATAPI-CDR_ATAPIqub_bin, ATAPI-CDR_CDROM_asm, ATAPI-CDR_CDROM_bin, ATAPI-CDR_CDROM_txt, ATAPI-CDR_License_txt.
UD 03 UTILITIES DIRECTORIES NOV 02 NEITHERCUTT D. NOV 03 Version: 1.12a. A program designed to access files including QXL.WIN on CD-ROMs. Suitable for Qubide and Q40/60 systems. Also supports all standard SMSQ/E device names. Needs the ATAPI extensions by Thierry Godefroy (included) and SMSQ/E. Also runs with QPC2. Associated files: QCDEZE_CDROM_Explorer_bas, QCDEZE_GSH_obj, QCDEZE_ISO9660_txt, QCDEZE_QCDEZE_bas, QCDEZE_QCDEZE_doc, QCDEZE_QCDEZE_obj, QCDEZE_QCDEZE_txt, QCDEZE_QLtoQ40GFX_txt, QCDEZE_QLtoQ40GFXs, QCDEZE_ScrapMC,QCDEZE_scrapMC_doc, QCDEZE_SSGSH_doc, QCDEZE_StufferStore_obj
MD 05 SORT FACES DEMOS FEB 03 POOLE S. Basic code to sort the faces of a sphere. See Quanta Newsletter Vol 20 Issue 2 - March 2003 for explanation of its use. Associated File: Sort_Faces_bas
SP 50 ASTRO 20.02.95 WELLS A. FEB 04 Comprehensive suite of programs to perform a very wide range of astronomical calculations based on "Astronomy with your Personal Computer" by P. Duffett- Smith, published by the C.U.P. On-line help included. Updated to improve user interface and file handling. Assoc. Files: Too many to list! See Readme_txt, Notes_txt and Updates_txt first.
UT 04 EXTRAS FEB 04 WELLS A. A listing of all known resident extensions, and their types and source which are available to S*Basic as far as December 2002. Some 200 are included. Also included as a _dbs database file. Assoc. Files: FNlist_v21_fmt_txt, FnList_v21_txt, Keywords_v21_dbs, srtdGroups_v21_fmt_txt, srtdGroups_v21_txt, srtdList_v21_fmt_txt, srtdList_v21_txt. Start with srtdGroups_v21_fmt_txt.
UG 28 KEYBOARD UTILITY DEC 03 R GODLEY Simple extensions that alter the keyboard action on a 'black box' QL to give single key operation for delete, backspace and underline. Assoc Files: KeyTrans1, KeyTranSpec, README_doc.
UG 28 SCREEN SPACE UTILITY DEC 03 R GODLEY Simple files for running with 'DO' to give improved use of screen space when editing SBasic. Assoc. Files: BOOT, README_doc, WINK_LH, WINK_RH, WINK640, WINK640Top
UG 29 FONT VIEWER FONTS MAY 04 JONES D. A utility to view any font in standard QL format. Needs the Pointer Environment. Version 1.00. Displays the code for the lowest and highest character in the font. Start with fontview_doc. Associated Files: BOLD_fnt, EUROSTYLE_fat, fontview_doc, fontview_obj, fontview_rtm, HELVETICA_fnt, ITALIC_fnt, TIMES_fnt
PF 06 PROPRINT PRNT'G UTIL APRIL 04 WARNE P. MAY 06/JAN 09 Proprint is a program for printing Quill 'doc' or 'lis' files in justified proportional font on Epson printers supporting esc/P2 codes. Start with readthis_doc. Now with many improvements and enhancements, hte latest being an updated MAXIPROP and now with COLUMNPRINT to print Quill docs in columns. Associated files: readthis_doc, channels_bin, lookup_bin, multibasic_bin, setpos_bin, timeout_bin, proprint_bas, boot, mininotes_doc, propnotes_doc, maxiprop_bas, maxinotes_doc, miniprop_bas, findwidths_bas, columnnotes_doc, columnprint_bas, edline_bin, quil_exp.
SP 51 STYLE-CHECKER SPECIAL APR 04 WICKS G. The program checks documents for aspects of style such as sentence length, average word length, punctuation frequency and over use of the passive voice This is a freeware copy of Geoff's former commercial program. Start with manual_doc. Version 2.11L for QDOS and version 3.01 for the Pointer Environment. Associated files: style3_def, style_def, style_dbf, style_aba, bomb_txt, probation_doc, tutorial_doc, manual_doc, manual_htm, updates_doc, verbs_dbf, style_dbf, style3_obj, style_obj, sc_boot, printer_dat.
SP 52 THESAURUS SPECIAL APR 04 WICKS G. The full version of Geoff's commercial program available now as freeware. A very well thought out implementation of Roget's famous classification. NOT just a synonym list. Includes version 3.5 for QDOS and version 4.02p for the Pointer Environment. Start with manual_doc. Associated files: thesaurus_boot, thesaurus_def, groups_doc, thesaurus_dic thesaurus_obj, thesaurus_ptr_obj, manual_doc, manual_htm.
MA 03 TALLY SORT MATHS JUN 05 POOOLE S. Superbasic machine code procedures that will sort an integer array of up to 32768 elements in ascending or descending order and return the frequency of each one. Associated files: Tally_doc, tally_boot, tally_bin tally_asm. Start with tally_doc
PS 09 MAIL MERGE PSION MAR 11 JONES D. A Mail Merge program which combines data from an Archive export file and a Quill _lis or plain text file to create personalised letters. Example files included. Instructions in Mail_Doc. MAILMERGE_rtm includes QLiberator compiler runtime extensions linked to the program, while MAILMERGE_obj doesn't. Both versions are configurable. Please read the UPDATES_DOC file. Associated files: Boot, BACKUP_bas, Config, example_dbf, example_doc, example_exp, example_lis, Updates_doc.
GS 11 CHESS PATCHES UTILITY MAR 05 COATIVY B. Set of four Superbasic programs to patch version 2.01 of Psion Chess to remove the mdv problem and allow working from any drive. Associated files: CHESSPatcher1_bas, CHESSPatcher2_bas, GQLPatcher_bas, XXXPatcher_bas
SP 53 MULTICAL SPECIAL APR 06 JONES D. A program that can print out calendars in a variety of formats and starting on any day of the week. Examples are given. Writen in documented BASIC to allow easy customisation. Files included: multical_bas, multical_doc, daily_txt, horizontal_txt list_txt, monthly_txt, vertical_txt, week_txt
PS 10 PSION IN COLOUR PSION JAN 07 R. GODLEY JAN 09 Abacus, Archive, Easel & Quill modified to use mode 32 colours, and 1024x768 high-res screens on QPC2. Includes a number of utilities, DO files and text files. Supplied zipped on DOS HD disk only. Unzip to a Windows directory and set WIN5_ to point to the 2G55.WIN QXL.WIN file, and DOS5_ to point to the 2 supplied mode 32 screens. Boot program is set to run from WIN5_. Please read disk files READ.RTF (Windows) or READ_DOC (Quill) first.Files make reference to other files on disk PS 09. Simplified version of this package on PS11. Associated files: too many files to list.
PS 11 PSION IN COLOUR PSION JAN 07 R. GODLEY JAN 09 A simplified version of the package on disk PS 10.This version only includes the modified Psion programs,a boot file to set hotkeys to load the programs, instructions files with a pointer driven text file viewer, plus a few demo files. The programs need to run in QPC2 mode 32 on a 1024x768 display. The boot file can be edited to run from elsewhere if required by changing line 140. Please read the README_TXT file on the disk first. NB: HD DISK ONLY. Associated files: README_TXT, FAQ_txt
ML 01 MAGAZINE LISTINGS LISTINGS OCT 05 STEVE POOLE MAR 09 A collection of listings published in the Quanta magazine, held here for members who prefer not to type in these listings, especially the longer ones. Initially, this disk holds the listings from Steve Poole's articles, but hopefully, any new long listings in the magazine can be added here in the future. Please read the README_txt for details of how to find the listing you need. Associated files: Too many to list here.
SP 56 & 57 QL USER GUIDE GUIDE FEB 10 ANTHONY HILL FEB 10 A searchable PDF version of the QL User Guide.SP 56 contains a trial version available to members and non-members alike. SP 57 contains the full version of the User Guide, available to MEMBERS ONLY.The User Guide is supplied as a .PDF file which needs a PDF reader (such as Adobe Reader from www.adobe.com) to view. Due to the PDF size, SP 57 is available on ED disk or CD only. Note: SP 56 version needs a password, see the associated password.txt file. Associated files: RTF/TXT files from the author about the User Guide.
UG 29 CHARACTER PICK UTILITY JUL 10 JONES D. JUL 10 A simple little pointer driven program to assist with the selection of accented characters from the QL character set and transfer them to another program via the Stuffer Buffer.Saves having to look up keypress combinations for characters not printed on the keyboard! Associated files: Charpick_Obj, Charpick_Txt
UG 29 FONT EDITOR FONTS JUL 10 JONES D. JUL 10 A pointer driven QL font editor. Needs Window Manager 2 (i.e. SMSQ/E v3.00 or later, or pointer environment version 2 or later).Edit normal or extended font files. Can also edit 8-pixel wide fonts for use in CSIZE 1,0 or 1,1. Includes facilities such as auto-italicise, auto-bold, pan/scroll characters and auto change between standard 9x5 and 9x8 pixel characters. Also has a COPY character command and font merge command (to change character range). Associated files: Fonted_Obj, Fonted_Doc plus several sample 5 and 8 pixel wide fonts.
UG 29 EURO FONT QDOS FONTS JUL 10 JONES D. JUL 10 A QL font with a Euro currency symbol at CHR$(181) like the SMSQ/E font, for use on QDOS systems. The Euro symbol is accessed on QL keyboards via the keypress CTRL-SHIFT U. Two font files are supplied, Font1_fnt is the same as the usual character set 1, while Font2_fnt contains the accented characters and symbols like the normal QL character set 2, but with a Euro symbol at CHR$(181). Associated files: Font1_Fnt, Font2_Fnt, Eurofont_Txt
UG 29 QL FONTS FONTS JUL 10 JONES D. JUL 10 A collection of QL fonts, for use with the CHAR_USE command of Toolkit 2. Most are standard 5 pixel wide fonts for use in all QL character sizes, and the others (with filename extension _fat) are 8 pixel wide fonts for use in CSIZE 1,0 or CSIZE 1,1 only. Associated files: too many to list here.
UG 29 PROPORTIONAL PRINT FONTS JUL 10 JONES D. JUL 10 Two BASIC programs and an article showing how to implement proportionally spaced text output to the screen using just a few lines of BASIC! Two sample fonts supplied, one with the characters of the QL character set panned to the left of the character for a very basic proportional printing effect, while the other is specifically designed for better proportional printing effect (e.g. W,M,O wider than other characters) allowing more text per line printed. Associated files: Prop_Doc, Prop1_bas, Prop2_bas, and 4 _font files.
UG 30 QMAC ASSEMBLER JUL 10 BORMAN P. JUL 10 In 2010, GST gave permission for their QL software to be released as freeware and Quanta have agreed to allow the updated Quanta version of the QL Macro Assembler to be made available for free as well. Disk 1 contains the assembler, linker and screen editor, while disk 2 contains the manuals as .PDF files. Package currently includes QMAC 1.06 and linker 1.03. Associated files: Too numerous to list here. A 2-disk set.
MD05 VECTOR TEXT, 3D PERS. DEMOS NOV 10 POOLE S. Vector Text and 3D Perspective demo programs from Steve Poole. Includes some examples of outline font drawings, spinning and rotating text, 3D surface, animation and perspective drawing. Includes some programs which Steve sent to QL World as a demo disk many years ago.Run the BOOT program for a rolling demo.Note that some of the programs will only run in 512x256 pixel screen mode, with system variables at address dec. 131072. Associated files: Too many to list here.
SP 58 GENERAL ELECTION 2010 MISC DEC 10 WICKS G. A program for analysing the 2010 election result. It contains the full results of the election for the main parties in England, Wales and Scotland, which can be examined by constituency, region or party. The program has extensive graphics, including interactive political maps. It is possible to enter the results of almost any opinion poll or by-election results and predict the seats that each party would win. Two versions are available, a non pointered QL and pointered GD2 (needs 800x600min. screen resolution). Associated files: election10_obj, GE10GD2_obj, election_txt.