Byfleet '06 - News - 21 Sept 2006

News from Traders

JMS is hoping to attend, together with Bernd Reinhardt

Roy Wood intends coming, and will give a demo of QDT.

Tony Firshman intends coming.

Geoff Wicks will make a major announcement about the future of 'Just Words' (a takeover by Microsoft?), and has offered to demonstrate software for grabbing QL screens and converting to PC formats.

Dilwyn Jones probably can't attend, because of  his job.

Presentations and demos

Roy and Geoff have kindly offered demos, and we would like to see more. If  you would like to contribute, or suggest someone who can, or perhaps suggest a topic for discussion, please let Malcolm Cadman or me know

Malcom Cadman,

Ken Bain,, tel; 01932 347 432, Skype: donkenb

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