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These pages are a compilation of the disparate pages of the original Quanta website archived on the Wayback Machine. - 23 November 2010.
Also here is a Quanta Library page detailing the contents of the Library CD.
The current QUANTA web site is at

Information on the Group

Membership of QUANTA, the independent QL user group is by annual subscription. The Membership Secretary can supply full details. Copies of the group's constitution & annual accounts are available from the Secretary.
There is an extensive software library.
There are active national and international subgroups.
Details are given in the Welcome Booklet given on Disk in a Quill Document.

Email Quanta Chairman : Quanta Chairman
Email Quanta Membership Secretary: Quanta Membership
Email Quanta Secretary : Quanta Secretary
Email Quanta Editor : Quanta Editor

2008 Members Guide issue 3 rev.0, - Welcome to Quanta, Constitution and Library guide. MembersGuide2008Apr=index.pdf
2008 Constitution2008 issue 3 rev.0, - Constitution only. Constitution2008Apr=index.pdf

Site map

Site map

Other Documents

QUANTA magazine #1 February 1984
2005 Chairmans Report 2005=chairman.pdf
2005 Membership & Treasurer reports 2005=memtrerep.PDF

Other pages

2004 Survey - Project Assessment
2004 Survey - Project Assessment 2004questionnaire.txt
2004 Survey - Project Assessment 2004questionnaire.pdf
QL Mailing list Details [web link]
Quanta Library

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