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Robot Olympics Sept. 1990 Glasgow

Photos taken by Adam Hart-Davis, FREE to download and use from

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The bain of our lives during the Olympics! One of two radio-controlled advertising 'robots' which tried to steal the show.

Japanese Archer 19th Century
Museum of Automata, York

(With Myra Wilson and JG Donnett)

( Attila MIT )

Belgrade hand


Cardiff biped
Cardiff University
Paul Channon
(see Paul Channon's site )

( Genghis MIT )


Icarus 1962
Built by David Buckley in 1990 from the 1962 design
Won a Gold Medal!

Instituto Tecnologico y De Estudios Superlores De Monterrey
Guilermo T Haza Vandenpeereboom

Attila (left), Genghis (right)
MIT Ai Lab
Olaf Bleck, Colin Angle, Prof. Rodney Brooks

Richard the First
Turing Institute


University of York
Paul Harvey and Martin Sykes

Shadow biped
(Rich Walker at the keyboard, David Tricket in the background)


Quadrupedal robot, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Portsmouth Polytechnic
AA Collie, Prof, J Billingsley, RP Smith
Wall climbing robot

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