Robots and Systems
First Amateur Computer Club Micro-robotics Conference 1981
                Amateur Computer Club 
		ACC Micro-robotics Study Group
		2nd National ACC Micro-robotics Conference
		Central Hall, Westminster, April 1984

10.00  Dr John Billingsley   
From Micromouse to Ping Pong Champion
John brought the Micromouse competition to the UK several years ago. 
Now he introduces his ideas for a Ping Pong player, with ideas on 
how to start designing a Bionic Bjorg.

10.40 Peter Matthews
Robots like games too
A contributing editor to YOUR ROBOT, 
Peter feels that Robots need time off too, and explains how.

11.20 Alan Dibley
Theseus joins Mensa ?
Alan's Mouse Theseus is an experienced explorer, with a high IQ (for a 
mouse). But how do you determine the intelligence and ability of a Robot? 
Alan suggests a Robotics version of the Cattell tests.

12.00 Lunch

1.30 Micromouse Competition, in the main hall
A free for all, with advice and criticism thrown in. 
Bring your mouse and beat the rest.

3.00 Robin Bradbeer
Be part of the beginning ...
The first International Personal Robot Congress was held last week, 
at Albuquerque, New Mexico. 
Robin takes time off from the smithy to tell you what happened.

3.40  David Buckley
Artificial Intelligence, or what
David keeps building robots. 
He doesn't do a lot with them, but he has lots of friends! 
Many say artificial intelligence is coming, David explains what it means.

4.20  Andrew Lennard
Seeing is believing
Colne Robotics builds industrial robots, and is developing all sorts 
of new ideas. 
Andrew talks about some of these, including the Colne Vision System.

5.00 Question Time
One answer is 42, what are the others ?
Time for the speakers to come clean, and answer your questions, listen to 
your comments and for all of us to decide what comes next.

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