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British Amateur Robotics Group The 2nd ACC National Micro-Robotics Conference was held at Central Hall, Westminster, in April, and from talking to the visitors it was apparent that there is a need amongst Micro-Robot users and hobbyists for a national group whose prime interest is in Robotics, rather than computers. The Micro-Robotics Study Group organised by us on behalf of the ACC goes some way towards this, but is restricted because of the subordinate nature of the Group within the ACC, This is unavoidable in an organisation set up for the promotion of computing. Robot builders need many skills in addition to computing - electronics, engineering, logic, perhaps biology, psychology and philosophy. Few people have knowledge in all these fields, and to develop a successful Robot needs cooperation. At present there is no real way for people to exchange ideas, or to build on each other's knowledge. To overcome these problems, w.e have set up the British Amateur Robotics Group (BARG), whose president is Dr John Billingsley, originator of the UK Micromouse and Robot ping-pong competitions. BARG is organised by Richard Moyle, David Buckley and Colin Freestone. In practice, BARG intends to offer the following: Quarterly Newsletter Help for Robot constructors Help for Robot users Contact with other constructors and users Infomation on local groups Infomation on national and international activities Affiliation to related organisations Discounts from suppliers of Robot parts Competitions Conferences All these will rely on the enthusiasm and response of the members of the Group. Without it nothing can be accomplished. What can you do ? He need suggestions, hints, letters, articles and other contributions for the Newsletter, volunteers to answer questions in particular fields, details of local groups already formed; in short - your involvenent. To cover the cost of the Newsletter and mailings a subscription is necessary. For individuals this is 8 per year with group membership (e.g. for schools) at 12. To join BARG complete the enclosed form and return it with the appropriate subscription to the address shown 171 Worting Rd Basingstoke Hants RG22 6NR Richard Moyle David Buckley Colin Freestone barg1 84/1
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