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Special effect flying Nike Shoes for a Berlin dance show May 2013

Breathing Man for Jersey War Tunnels, also in SS Great Britain December 2011

Special Effect Table for Svein Flygari Johanson October 2011
Svein Flygari Johansen
Am I making up what really happened? 12 November 2011 12 February 2012
Beaconsfields Gallery, Lambeth, London.

The Gallery is in a railway arch under the main railway line to Waterloo, Svein's idea was that as trains passed overhead a glass of milk on the table would vibrate and move as the table vibrated with the noise. However the glass had not to fall off the table!
Also he insisted that there be nothing in the glass other than milk so moving the glass using magnets was not possible.
I decided that the noise of the train could be picked up by a microphone, amplified and used to drive a big speaker under the top of the table. The table top would be tilted so the glass would vibrate down the slope then by sensing the glass as it approached an edge the table could be tilted in the opposite direction so the glass would then move away from the edge.

Animatronic Nutcracker for The English National Ballet 2011 August 2011
An animatronic doll, which, as it glides across the floor with a regular precision allows the audience to share in Clara's nursery daydream preluding the dream to come.
Robotic-Leg for medical research into powered prosthetics,
North Carolina A & T University
Note that these videos are not speeded up, they show the actual speed of the leg.
Note the leg doesn't move for the first four seconds.
The human sized Robotic-Leg was made for the Shadow Robot Co. as part of a contract from North Carolina A & T University and my understanding is that it was to be used at North Carolina A & T University in a medical research program which would investigate myoelectric control of powered prosthetic legs. The program was to be overseen by Dr. Gary L. Lebby, a Research Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Leg design and construction by David Buckley - 2005.

This video is the same as above except above it has been rotated to portrait format where most of the camera angles show the leg in its true orientation.
Faulty converion to webm, the above video plays but the time slider doesn't work.

Animatronic Squaddie - ATS/REME March 2004
The Squaddie on reprimand had to come to attention.

Here the animatronic figure is seen operating in the studio next to a figure of George W. Bush.

Download the video as SquaddyAttention.wmv [167Kb]

Animatronic Provost Sergeant - ATS/REME March 2004
The Squaddie on reprimand came to attention while facing the Provost Sergeant writing his report.

The Sergeant's hand was moved in an imitation of writing by a motor in the forearm and had its own microcontroller as an addition to the Head Controller.

Download the video as SgtArmWriting.wmv [647Kb]

Animatronic Policeman - the Police Federation August 2003
The figure of a Policeman sat on a bed in an iron barred prison cell on the Police Federation's stand at the party Political Conferences 2003 where he was interviewed by MPs.

The skin of the head was silicone, which allowed for realistic facial movements; and the controller, MP3 player and speakers were inside the body, so the figure was self contained needing only a mains power socket.

Animatronic Crofter - the Hootananny Celtic Heritage Centre, Inverness June 2003
See Script

The figure is of a nineteen fifties Crofter (Scottish farmer) talking about his harsh life and is installed in the Hootananny Celtic Heritage Centre in Inverness.

The skin of the head is silicone which allows for realistic facial movements and long life; and the controller, MP3 player and speakers are inside the body so the figure is self contained needing only a mains power socket.

The Crofter speaks in Gaelic which is translated by a Tour Guide prior to an audio visual presentation.

The figure also has a moving arm with which he gestures at the end when he says 'let the ceilidh begin'.

See Script

Cycler Presentation Robot - Waste Watch 2002/3
September 2012 - A Waste watch Promotional Video

11 January 2012 - Robot teaches British students to recycle

19th October 2004 - the Waste Watch 10-year-Celebration
These two 10th year Celebration videos were taken, on 19th October 2004, at the Waste Watch 10-year-Celebration of their Cycler Robot education program and show the three Cycler robots performing their 'special' song before an invited audience of children from a local school.

The 'triple peformance' which was the real presentation also includes a much shortened version of Cycler's presentation in schools


Hello my name is Cycler
'The third R is Recycle'
- from Cycler's 'special' song

download the video

Animatronic talking Celt.
'Setantii Tales of Tameside' museum Ashton-under-Lyne.
March 2002
A complex animatronic figure with moving head and arms, hidden behind a muslin screen until lit, (hence it looks blurry in the video) welcomes visitors to the 'Setanti Tales of Tameside' museum.
no sound

Animatronic English Civil War figure. Multiple programable head and eye movements. February 2001
The Animatronic Head is fully programmable for movements of nod, shake and eyes from side to side.

All the mechanics are contained in the head which uses the standard Gems neck-post attachment which enables it to be fitted to any of the Gems range of bodies.

The moves for the head and eyes are recorded by moving a control knob, repeating for each of the movements and so building up the performance which can last up to four minutes.
The performance can be triggered by infrared sensors etc and can also be set to repeat automatically.