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Butt and Pig December 1994
A special effect for a pantomime in Southampton, (I don't know what it was called).
A pig on a lead had to turn the Butt in a circle whilst off-stage someone had to fire an arrow into the bullseye then a second arrow had to split the first.
I made an elastic powered truck inside the 'T' beam which pushed out an arrow through the bullseye and then the arrow split to reveal a second arrow. The whole arrangement was operated from under the stage and the truck had a big safety-pin which locked it in place so a stage hand wouldn't get pierced by an arrow!
Patrick Anwyl made the frame and Butt and Mandy Diamond made the Pig.
A girl who came with good references painted the 'T' frame and Butt. At 10pm on the evening before it was due to be collected at 8am Patrick stood mutering "it's awfull, there is no depth to it" then said "I'm going to repaint it". So we started and worked into the night. Patrick repainted the Butt and I repainted and drybrushed the 'T'.