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Shadow Robotic-Leg 2005
The leg was made for the Shadow Robot Co. as part of a contract from North Carolina A & T University.
Design and construction by David Buckley - 2005.
The prototype, constructed mainly from mdf, shows the range of movements of the leg.
The actuators are Shadow Air muscles, a development of the McKibben artificial muscle.
The leg was designed to hang from a frame and mimic the movements of a human control leg.
As usual, the weather was against outside photography and room was limited on setup at Shadow, so similar photographs of the final leg were never taken!

specified dimensions
Thigh length 450mm
Shin length 400mm
Foot length 240mm
Toe length  60mm
specified kinematics
Joint Range degrees
Hip 1 -20  +30
Hip 2 -30  +90
Knee 0 -120
Ankle 1 -45  +15
Ankle 2 -20  +20
Toe -45    0