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Disney's Beauty and the Beast - New-Invention October 1998
The New-Invention is a steam powered wood chopping car created by Beauty's father which is driven about and chops wood on-stage.
The car for the London production at the Dominion Theatre, Totenham Court Road needed to be refurbished and the production company brought over the car that had been used in the Canadian show. On arrival they were aghast at the difference in the two props, both built to the same specification, the British car looked like it had been dragged out of a scrapyard while the Canadian car looked like a Disney car. I was asked to refurbish and bring up to scratch the British car but first I had to repair the Canadian car which had been damaged in transit.
Patrick Anwyl worked with me on the car polishing and laquering the brass, painting and graining the woodwork and staining the seat, etc.

the refurbished British car
rebuilt and rewired with proper access panels
the British car before refurbishment
the Canadian car