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Special effect flying Nike Shoes for a Berlin dance show
May 2013
Control computer
Each shoe was controlled by a standard 2.4GHz two channel radio control transmitter/receiver pair.
A small PicAxe14m2 microcontroller measured the control pulse from the receiver, if it was longer than 1800us then the wings unfolded and beat as if flying. If flying and the pulse was shorter than 1800us then the wings went to a glide position for 5 seconds then fold up. If gliding and the pulse was longer than 1800us then wings started beating again. Hence the shoes could fly and glide and fly and glide as birds do then glide to a landing and fold up the wings plus they could also unfold the wings and take off as the wings started beating.

Flying Shoes controller  Flying Shoes controller

  Flying Shoes electronics  radio control box >br>