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Cycler Presentation Robot - designed and constructed by David Buckley

14th March 2005
At the request of the BBC, Cycler Shakespeare appeared on the 4000th episode of Blue Peter to ask Ewan McGregor which was his favorite robot from the new film 'Robots'. starts at 4m 49s 5 to 6m 15s opens in new Tab/Window

19th October 2004
Waste Watch Celebrated the 19th year of their Cycler Robot education program and the three Cycler robots performed their 'special' song before an invited audience of children from a local school.
The 'peformance' also includes a much shortened version of Cycler's presentation in schools.
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Hello my name is Cycler
Hello my name is Cycler
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'The third R is Recycle'
- from Cycler's 'special' song
'The third R is Recycle' - from Cycler's 'special' song
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