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Camel 3

October 1993

The third of three animated/animatronic Camels was built by the Prop-Shop, Walthamstow, London, for Andrew Lloyd Weber's production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat this time for the British Touring Show.

The specification was as for Camel-2.
This time the production company didn't ask the other company to make the radio-controlled electric base which would drive the legs.

As before I designed and built the mechanics plus this time the electrics, electronics and radio-control;
Mandy Diamond sculpted and dressed it;
and Paul Sanders oversaw the project, made the body, head, figures and base mechanics.

This time just on the off-chance we might get called out to make a repair somewhere at the opposite end of the land we designed a no-maintenance Camel. All the parts were steel and Paul Sanders re-designed the leg mounts with steel linkages. He also suggested linking the neck to the legs by a spring and damper system. We never did have to make any repairs to the camel although I did have to drive to Edinburgh to repair the snake because no one had charged the battery for a long time and it had died.

the bare bones

the rear leg mounts

front legs and neck

from the front

all fibre-glass in place

neck spring and leg equaliser beam

ball screw drive

underneath the base

underneath the base

painted base

dressed on its base

mouth open

mouth closed

right leg forward and head up

left leg forward and head down

three quarter front

three quarter rear

front, head down

front, feet together

front, head up

ok eh!

radio-control transmitter

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