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Camel 2

November 1992

The second of three animated/animatronic Camels was built by the Prop-Shop, Walthamstow, London, for Andrew Lloyd Weber's production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat this time for the American Touring Show.

The specification was as for Camel-1 except that this time it had to be self powered and radio-controlled. A revolving stage was to be built which would sit on the existing stages, hence there was no room underneath for an operator.
The production company asked us to make the Camel while another company was to make the radio-controlled electric base which would drive the legs.
Additional features were a blinking eye and the ability to spit at Joseph with the aid of a windscreen washer pump.

As before I designed and built the mechanics;
Mandy Diamond sculpted and dressed it;
and Paul Sanders oversaw the project, made the body, head and figures.

This time, because the Camel was going to be shipped about, the legs and frame were made from steel.

The pictures of the Camel on its base were taken in the other companies workshop.
While the representatives of the production company liked the look of the Camel as soon as it started to move it was evident they were displeased. I had ensured that in the original hand powered base there was lots of play, see Camel-1 but the electric base was built with precision linear guides and the Camel moved like a machine tool.

The bare bones From the back

balance beam and front legs

taking shape

blinking eye and head pivot

moving mouth

all body parts in position

dressed on its electric base

pretty eh!

the base with its zombie guides

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