Puppet Keyboard

David Buckley 20 July 2009 - @02Mar12

This consists of the original puppeting keyboard with a new extension to the rear.
To use
The keyboard must be plugged into an 8052AH-Basic Show-computer, plug the 26-way flat cable connector into the matching socket on the Show-computer.
(The 25D connector on the flat cable, if out, is for the Probocis and should not be connected).
The Show-computer must be set to Program 4 on the black hex-switch.
Set switch, connect flat cable, then plugin 24volt power to Show-computer.

See below for Hex-switch settings to run Show1 in RAM0, Show2 in RAM1, and EEPROM shows.

Along the top from left to right are:-
The LED-bar - when all the LEDS are lit an 8k Show is full.
One LED indicates 512 bytes of data, ie 256 moves.
The Orange and Red LEDs indicate the end of memory is near.
Four black push buttons:-
- GotoSTART,
- BACK set current position back 512 bytes of data, One LED.
- STOP - set the current Show-End.
- FORWARD set current position forward 512 bytes of data, One LED,
Green LED - Play LED
Red LED - Record LED
Green push-switch - Start PLAY
Red push-switch - Start RECORD

Channel enables
Below these are 8 LEDs and 8 switches.
When the switch is up the LED lights and the associated channel is active for puppeting and RECORD.
The channels are 1 - 8 or 9 - 16, left to right.

Active Channel Bank
The active channel bank is set as before by the toggle switch between the puppeting buttons for channels 4 and 5.
Down is channels 1 - 8.
Up (Green LED on) is channels 9 - 16.
The Active bank can be changed at any time.

Active Show
The keyboard can Record (puppet) to two separate memory areas in the 8052 computers battery backed RAM.
- Show1 in RAM0, Channel-Switch set to 1 -8 on power-up/reset
- Show2 in RAM1, Channel-Switch set to 9 -16 on power-up/reset

Records from the current position in memory, indicated by the LED-bar.
When the end of memory is reached the end of the recording is automatically set to the end of memory.
To end a recording before the end of memory press one of the other control buttons.
To set the Current Position as the end of the recording, ie Show-End press STOP.
If RECORD is held down during power-up/reset then the current RAM Show - Show1, Show2 will be copied to the EEPROM for use in the 6502 computers (will play at 6 minute speed only).

Plays from the current position to the Show-End
To play from anywhere else use BACK or FORWARD or GotoSTART.
If PLAY is held down during power-up/reset then Looping-Play will be enabled until power-up/reset and PLAY started.
(Affects looping only when using this keyboard. Looping always happens when a Show is run normally in a Basic or 6502 computer.)

Power-up / Reset options

8052AH-Basic Show-computer Hex-switch settings
  1. run Show1 (in RAM0).
  2. run Show2 (in RAM1).
  3. run show in EEPROM.
  4. run Puppet-keyboard program (this page).
  5. run Test-channel program - Hex-switch will then select channel to be cycled.
  6. run NameIt program - renames an EEPROM.
  7. run Probocis puppeting program (only in one computer, which?).

[Note: @ 03Oct09. Although Program 5_Puppet.txt (4 on hex switch) does 3min and 6min shows, only 6 min is supported by 2_RunRAM0.txt, 3_RunRAM1.txt, 4_RunEEPROM.txt and 6502 computers.]
02Mar12 - slight changes to text - Show0, SHow1 renamed Show1, Show2, and START button renamed GotoSTART