This page is dedicated to the simple 2 Servo Bi-Ped. Here are some pictures of some small 2 servo walking robots. These robots were made in the late 1990's which has helped to develop the interest of many companies of making similar robot designs. The inspiration for these designs came from the computer game called Mechwarrior, and a photo of the bi-ped named Big Foot from Milinst Industries. After many kinematic motion prototypes using LEGOs, these robots were created.

Two Legged Walking Robots

The first motor is used to rotate the robot's center of gravity back and forth over the two feet, and the other motor moves both legs back and forth. The legs use a simple 4-bar linkage mechanism that keeps the feet parallel to the ground. Both legs are linked together through the same motor so that as one leg move forward, the other moves backwards. The body rotation motor moves the center of gravity over one foot, this causes the other foot to lift up in the air a small amount. By combining the two motions together, the robot can move forward, backward, and turn either left or right.

Drunken Sailor
This particular robot has two side pods mounted on the body, and has four LEDs that blink back and forth. This gives this robot a battle mech look to it. This robot is powered by a single 9V battery, and uses a PIC 16C58A for the micocontroller. Right now it has no sensors, so its walking motion is pre-programmed.

Black Marauder
This robot was built for mini-sumo, and as such has two sets of sensors its feet. One set is to detect the white edge of the sumo ring so it won't walk right out of it, and the second set is to sense an opponent. On this robot, the lights in the side pods correspond to the sensors so it can be easily seen which sensors are being triggered.