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Although Parallax designed the Toddler, we recognize that the first time we have seen the two-servo concept employed for a walking robot is British robotics designer David Buckley’s Big Foot. Though the basic concept is simple, our research shows that Mr. Buckley created the ingenious use of two servos for a walker. Big Foot is a plywood kit available through Milford Instruments (www.milinst.com) of the United Kingdom. David Buckley endorses the Parallax Toddler robot and contributed to the Toddler design.
extract from Advanced Robotics with the Toddler, Student Guide, Version 1.0
Advanced Robotics: The Toddler bipedal walking robot 

Gold Anodized Toddler Robot!
Click for high-resolution

The Toddler is a two-servo bipedal robot controlled by an embedded BASIC Stamp 2 microcontroller that stands 10" tall. This is a high-quality machined kit made from aluminum and brass metals.  
The Toddler robot can:
  • Teach you the basics of embedded control
  • Walk basic patterns including straights, turns and "figure 8s"
  • Follow or avoid light 
  • Avoid or seek objects using infrared light reflection (i.e. stay on the table without going over the edge)
  • Interface with digital, resistive, and frequency sensors of your choice
  • Connect to Parallax AppMods (Compass, Sound Amplifier)
  • Entertain friends with its LED lights, sound and motion

Blue Anodized Toddler Robot!
Click for high-resolution

View AVI movies of the Toddler robot 

Join the Toddler discussion group

Toddler Parts Full Kit
Click for high-resolution

Toddler Full Kit - Gold
$299 - #27310 - 5.5 lbs
Back order until

Toddler Full Kit - Blue

$299 - #27311 - 5.5 lbs.
Back order until

Introducing the Boe-Bot's walking counterpart: the Toddler! 

This walking robot shifts its center of gravity to walk and turns by sliding its feet in opposite directions.  

Hardware The Toddler is a high quality robot CNC-machined from aluminum and brass. The aluminum parts are brushed, anodized, acid-etched to make the perfect finish (put the legs on a buffing wheel for a silver shine!). The package includes body parts, legs, ankles, control linkages, screws/nuts/standoffs, etc. Requires 2-3 hours to assemble and tune. The aluminum parts have holes, slots and configurable mounting angles for your own customization. A complete parts listing is available in Appendix A of the Advanced Robotics text. 

Electronics The Toddler is controlled by a surface mounted BASIC Stamp 2 module. Four infrared sensors and receivers, LEDs, servos for tilt and stride, resistors/capacitors, speaker, photoresistors complete the control system.

Documentation Includes the 155-page Advanced Robotics text in the Stamps in Class style and the 455-page BASIC Stamp Manual.

Education Walking robots have mechanical and software interdependencies that require in-depth examples and explanation. The Advanced Robotics text is a 155-page introduction to the Toddler's basic movements. Students using the Toddler will learn advanced embedded programming with BASIC, efficient code development, sensor feedback, and general control. Because of the number of possible movements (34) we consider the Toddler to be appropriate for those aged 14 and above.   

Advanced Robotics with the Toddler 1.0
Advanced Robotics (155 pp - PDF - 2.0 MB)
BASIC Stamp 2 Code 
(17 files - BS2 - 25 KB)
Advanced Robotics Text 1.0 

#122-00001 - 1.0 lbs.

Back order until

This text is included in the Toddler Full Kit (above) and is also available for download (left). As with all Parallax educational texts, schools may freely duplicate our printed material for their classroom use. 

Picking up where the Boe-Bot left off, this text will show you how to program the BASIC Stamp to control the Toddler through his 34 movement patterns, sensor interfaces (photoresistors, infrared, etc). Because of this complexity and coding concepts we suggest the audience be age 14 and older. (ISBN 1-928982-14-X; Parallax, Inc. Press; 155 pp.)  

Click for high-resolution

Toddler Printed Circuit Board 

#550-00020 - 0.5 lbs

The Toddler printed circuit board (PCB) has a BASIC Stamp 2 surface-mounted right onto the board. The PCB has four I/O locations for three-pin cables (two are used for servos), infrared LED and receiver ports, breadboard, a DB-9 programming port, voltage regulator and 6V power connections, a three-position power switch (ability to turn off stride and tilt servos but still run programs), reset button and a power light.

This board is included in the Toddler Full Kit but may be purchased separately as a replacement or for your own robotic projects. Overall dimensions are 3.0" x 3.0".    

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