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Simple Fighter October 2006
Blue October2006
Ezekiel by Jon Peterman, Aug 29, 2002
By briank, Sep 1, 2002
BigBrother by Bandele Jeffrey-Coker, before 16 May 2003
Waddler by John Myszkowski, Jan 10, 2004
Toppler by drdisco, Apr 5, 2004
BiPede by Maxwell Bohr, October 2006
Loki by Alan KM6VV, Jan 4, 2008
Talking Tree by Danny Ainsworth, Sep, 2009
MyChicA by 9w2bsr, 10 December 2008
Miscellaneous BigFoot type walkers
BigFoot with Sharp Rangers
BigFoot type walking with sideways tipping feet

Simple Fighter

Simple Fighter appeared on several robot news pages from Japan but I have not been able to find a home page for it, nor been able to discover the builder.
The modification of putting arms on the feet is very innovative and allows Simple Fighter to get up from lying on its front or back.
The servos used appear to be GWS Micro 2 BB MG with 5.4Kgcm torque and the battery is a Lipo 3.7V
The first photo is an early version with the standard horn on the tilt servo.
Was the bear head to go on the robot?
The second photo shows SimpleFighter With an extended tilt-servo-horn.


No information on this one. What can the levers on the foot do, they can't be for getting up, are they just for attacking?

Ezekiel by Jon Peterman, Yahoo! Groups toddler_robot, Aug 29, 2002
see Ezekiel and Dan Gate's Little Johnny on 'Screen Savers TV'
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5U-BkDt03Ak [May07]

By Brian, Yahoo! Groups toddler_robot, Sep 1, 2002

BigBrother by Bandele Jeffrey-Coker,
Created before 16 May 2003 (private email)
Three foot high! That is a standard Toddler by BigBrother's feet.

Waddler by John Myszkowski, Yahoo! Groups toddler_robot, Jan 10, 2004

Toppler by drdisco, Yahoo! Groups toddler_robot, Apr 5, 2004

BiPede by Maxwell Bohr, October 2006
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hdB4Mm4SjA [June 2015]
Uses standard servos modified with external 5:1 gears for more torque - Why? It certainly isn't necessary.
Uses a Delphi program to control a serial servo controller.

Loki by Alan KM6VV, email, Jan 4, 2008

Talking Tree by Danny Ainsworth, email Sep 2, 2008
Danny wrote:
David, here is a picture of the "talking tree" that I built for our children's Sunday School at my church. I used an auto-talk board, and a dynamic mic board to get the tree to talk. The lips move in sync pretty closely. Thanks for your help, I never would have made it work if I had not seen "Alex" the talking head. The eyes move also!!
It is amazing how it gets the children's attention. They sit and listen to every word!! and never get bored!!

MyChicA by by 9w2bsr10 December 2008


Miscellaneous BigFoot type walkers

seen on Google images February 2007, - triera.net Slovenija?
wooden BigFoot - users.triera.net/zupanbra/BigFoot1a.jpg - page not found February 2007
metal Bigfoot - users.triera.net/zupanbra/bigfoot4.jpg - page not found February 2007

Mikkel's 'Ambler'
Seen at robotcafe.com/gallery/images/287.jpg - or robotcafe.com | walking robots | page 6 | #27 [May07]
Mikkel's first robot. It's controlled from a computer through a COM-port. It is equipped with two servo motors, one for swifting the weight and the other one for forward/backwards movements.
Specifications: Height: 13 cm Width: 9 cm Length: 8,5 cm Speed: 270 meters/hour
Power source: 6xAA
more information and videos at

Merkur biped
Walking Robot, based on the Parallax "Toddler" Uses 2 servos for walking & 1 to swing arms and rotate head.
Seen on Merkur Robots http://botbrain.com/merkursets/mrobots.html [August 2013]

Toddler Clone
Seen on Google images [September 2013]

BigFoot with Sharp Rangers
2015, 2016 Robotics Society walking contest

BigFoot type walking with sideways tipping feet - seen on YouTube
2023 Fabian's Meccano Biped

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