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Parallax Bipeds and Penguin Robot On the Cover of Servo Magazine

December 2005 - Parallax's early biped prototypes and the new "Penguin" are featured on the cover of Servo Magazine with a winter theme, coupled with a two-page article about their evolution. The Penguin is a 3.5" tall precision-machined robot designed for desktop navigation. Parallax will offer 1,000 limited edition Penguin kits for purchase starting Q1 2006 in anodized blue, black, red or nickel color schemes. This mini robot includes a BS2px processor, HM55B digital compass, blue seven-segment LED, infrared emitters and detectors, photoresistors, speaker, and a socket for an RF receiver or Parallax Ping))) ultrasonic sensor. The body parts are made from 6061 aluminum, machined within a 0.001" tolerance. RED, BLUE, NICKEL or BLACK

Downloads for the Penguin Robot

Penguin Robot - Click for Large Image

Parallax makes the entire design available for personal use. You are welcome to build your own Penguin or modify the design as you see appropriate. 


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