59. Joe Rush sent me an email about his android called Electra (because she is all electric).
She is 63" (160cm) tall and weighs 85 pounds (39Kg).
Joe has built memory wire operated hands for her.

Joe Rush has a video of Electra, his walking robot, at [09Jun2013] [2004]

The following site contains the work Joe Rush who is an inventor specializing in mechanical robot devices and other items. He is available for comment or for quotes to bid on your project here.


The newest invention in "Joe's Shop" is the "MEMORY WIRE ROBOTIC HAND"

For details on Memory Wire Robotic Hand CLICK HERE


Here it is put on an assembled robot.


Joe's walking robot!


US PATENT NUMBER:5,647,723;patented July 15,1997

FINANCIAL ARRANGEMENTS:The inventor has indicated a willingness to negotiate the financial arrangement.