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Meet Herbert the Animatronic Head

In the picture above, Herbert is shown mounted on the back of our Libby robot and being driven by four of the extra servo channels on Libby's controller board. You can click on his picture to see a larger one. His code serves as example of how to program the servos and timers of our Co-Processor.

The source is given as a text file but it can be copied into the Stamp editor as a BS2p program.

One interesting thing to notice in the code is in the wait4it subroutine. Because of the Co-Processor's timers, the Stamp doesn't have to stop while waiting to do the next movement. In this program, we only use that time to sample the Mode0 switch. Of course you can do lots more but that is all that was needed here. If you press Mode0, Libby's chassis is started up. Thanks to the Co-Processor's subsumption engine, Libby can then run around responding to bumpers, and IRPD vision without any further help from the Stamp processor!

For more technical information on the Controller board , a controller board schematic (2 pp - PDF - 69 KB), or more information on the , click one of these links.

Herbert is the subject of the amateur robotics article on page 50 of the Nuts & Volts Magazine September 2002 issue. The main subject in that article is damping in the movement of a mechanical project.

Herbert was loosely based on "Alex" from Milford Instruments Ltd. You can see Alex on Milford's website.

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