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Test video shot in August 2021 by a friend for a Loki meets Thor scenario.

Bambino, Sam (aka Pop) Ambler and Condor in Knutsford, July 2012 for "The Big Draw" art event.

Bambinos drawing Sam Ambler drawing Condor versus the wind Condor versus the stone paving

Condor biped robot at QUANTA, 25th March 2012
Condor is a fully autonomouse biped robot equipped with ultrasonic, infra-red and contact sensors for obstacle avoidance.

Condor makes an entrance
Condor by the door
Condor walking on Gravel
Condor fails to escape

Strider with new TowerPro 9805 servos - 2011-May-31

Strider with new TowerPro 9805 servos - 2011-May-31

Condor at the BA Festival of Science in Liverpool, 6th and 7th September 2008
as part of the Walking With Robots outreach program.

Condor in Liverpool 2008
Active Dynamic Walking using Limit Cycle Control

At a Robotics Workshop weekend in the @Bristol Science Centre, 19th, 20th February 2008.
As part of The Walking With Robots Outreach Program.

Pop Ambler
19th February 2008
Condor + Pop Ambler
20th February 2008
TecFoot Condor
Protest for Robot's rights

Sam (aka Pop) Ambler was created in July 2002 and Efi (aka Mom) Ambler in August 2002

Sam Ambler
created July 2002
Efi Ambler
created August 2002

19th February 2001 - prototype and production TecFoots and prptotype TecBug at Milford Instruments.

TecFoot WildEagle
19th February 2001
TecFoot Condor
19th February 2001
19th February 2001

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