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Thor Log

Servos - GWS S03 - 0.23sec/60deg 3.4Kgcm @4.8v., +ve clockwise, plastig gears
11Jul21 added Aux 4pin 0v,5v,C.6/hserout,Serin header
21May21 brought software into line with Ullr and Baldur, adding 'eye' control.
19Jan21 added Tt Tm To Ta, call to M at end of Behaves to update values from cmnds
        revised FLW from 70 to 50 and revised scaling of FL to be from FLW.
30May19 added "p" pose
28may19 added Do
28may19 limited recording to one slot at a time 
20May19 added wire loops round cheek Whiskers,put PH-SLR: in NewBehave: otherwise toes hit on br8F
        revised auto hole test.
02May19 changed LoadBehaviour to CASE "b0"  in line with Bamduino, 
        added EEPROM initialisation "bI" and changed behaviour save to "bS"
        rewrote b_pose and b_rideheight to use leaves -
        PoseNewRideHeightRun1: newHeightQRecRUN1: QrecRUN1:  
16Mar18 Vars/Cons brought into line with Baldur
27Sep17 added LoadBehaviour, Whisker code and brought into line with Baldur 
07Jul17 ReadSerCmnd: added test of last serbyte received, if Q or ESC then Quit

'12Apr17 Fitted Blue Eyes, Voltmeter with switch, and 5v coax 1.3mm pin power socket

'09Apr17 Fitted Shin Opto Whiskers
'08Apr17 Changed all variables to match Baldur since PCBs are now identical
'26Mar17 fitted HCSR04 ultrasonic sensor in face plate.

PicAxe 40x2 brain circuit squares are 0.1 inch

New PicAxe 40x2 brain - no tilt sensors fitted because Thor can't get up if it falls over

'07Mar17 removed PicAxe 28x2 Shieldbase and fitted Thor2 PCB, remapped pins for 40x2

'23Aug16 brought InitEEPROM into line with Freya, Baldur '22Feb16 rewrote Qground '22Feb16 f_allSerial @@@commented and bit 6 reused for f_b_React '23Sep15 rewrote InitLegs and the way Posture commands work ' Brought into line with Baldur ' changed slot length to 16 from 32, now have slots 1-8 and 01-08 ' f_page0 =bit11 '1=Acts/Slots 01-08, 0(default) =1-8 ' 1-8 in 0-127, 01-08 in 128-255 ' slots flow into next slot if no '.', ';' continue in next slot 'Thor 6 '26Aug15 changed \@ to b@ '23Jun15 added "@" for Autorun, changed @ adjust to \@ '15Jun15 Thor1-5 brought cmnds into line with Freya5, Baldur5 '01Mar15 auto SLR in MOVE: now controlled by f_bg_Qtoes=1 '26Jan15 added auto SLR if falling over in MOVE:, (SLR - Stand on Left,Right feet) '26Jan15 added standOnLR in SLR,SR,SL and test at end of Move: '22Jan15 wired ToeSensors '20Jan15 moved O_28x2rdy from S1 to SA5, it didn't work on HSout - was always high '23Sep14 corrected w0 so it works for serial as well as IR, and ignores the command '20Sep14 added cmnd I to Commander, already there in prog1 for initialisation '03Sep14 Rcmndold used to adjust TP for Rcmnd '02Sep14 Behaviour section in 4.1, modified flag set elsewhere

Thor-1 - 31 August 2014
Painted Thor-1.
Thor-1 - 29/30 August 2014
Made brass bushes for the hip joints and torque arm since the holes had burned too big with the laser. Also made new hip spacers and axles to fit the bushes.
Thor-1 - 27 August 2014
For some reason when using cells in the white polythene 4xAA cell holder in the photos below Thor-1 wouldn't work properly and yet worked fine from a 1A bench PSU @5v. The cells were tight in the holder and all the connections seemed good but Thor1 didn't work, it was as if the cells couldn't supply the current. I thought about using a 2-cell LiPo but then I tried a hard plastic 4xAA cell holder which has a lid and in which, the cells fit much better, Thor-1 worked like it did from the PSU, so now Thor-1 has a nice black plastic battery box with a lid.
Thor-1 - 10 July 2014
Been a long time!
Last week, after building a new circuit for Freya using a PicAxe40x2 which has more code space than the Parallax BS2 on the original temporary circuit board installed back in 2005 and after getting the software working, I decided to port that software to the PicAxe28x2 on Thor-1. The software is based on the Bambino software in that I can record 8 Acts of up to 32 moves each, stored in the 256byte EEPROM in the PicAxe. The Bambino Arduino software accepts commands from a serial terminal rather than an IR remote because the IRremote library for the Arduino is a complete mess. I incorporated the serial terminal facility into the Freya program so Freya accepts commands both from an IR remote and from a serial terminal.
So Thor now walks about. No sensors are fitted yet and because the 28x2 has less pins than the 40x2 there will only be two optical whiskers and two toe sensors to detect table edges.
On the BS2 it was very easy to hold Pose and Act data in DATA statements, however PicAxe haven't implemented labels into DATA space and so one has to count bytes, AND!!! download time for the PicAxe chips is very slow for programs longer than a hundred bytes or so, maybe 10 times slower than for a Parallax BS2sx with the same amount of code. Hence the serial terminal facility. Using RealTerm I can download a file with a complete new set of moves in about a second. To obtain the same flexibility as using DATA commands in the BS2 it has been necessary to go to ASCII commands and I will have to fit an external EEPROM to accomodate the behaviour and sensor reaction commands.
Thor-1 - 24 July 2011
Ported Loki14.BS2 to the PicAxe28 and changed Poses and ActAdjust to suit different servo arrangement.
15 July 2011
Built two PicAxe28x2 Shield bases for the two Thors (but used one on the animatronic legs)
Thor-1 - 12 July 2011
Fastened hip axles on Thor-1.
Made axles for Thor-2. Made brass axle bushings for Thor-2 because the holes had burned oversize.
Thor-2 - 11 July 2011
Refitted the Corona servos.
Thor-2 - 10 July 2011
Since the Corona servos took more current I decided to fit Cirrus CS601BB servos which are 5.5Kgcm and 0.2sec/60deg @4V8 and only take the same current as S03s. The Cirrus servos were not smooth, I couldn't lower the body gently as with the Corona or GWS, it jerked a lot.
Thor-2 - 6 July 2011
Built Thor2. Uses Corona CS-538BP Analog Servos, Ball-bearing, 5Kgcm, 0.14sec/60deg @V?; faster and more powerful than the S03 but take ~1.5 times more current. Revised the feet by slightly reducing the width of the sagital members, more in keeping with the original concept.
Thor-1 - 6 July 2011
Made and fitted new feet. See ThorDesign1-100dpi.jpg below.
It is a lot easier and quicker to make new parts by Bandsaw, Beltsander Pillardrill and files. (Pricked through the drawing and cutout cardboard templates.)
Thor chassis now works very well.
Tech-Supplies - Revolution Education, now have a PicAxe28X2 Shield Base board[1], ~10 including Prototyping Shield. Ordered one for Thor.

[1] to take Arduino Shields.
Thor-1 - 3,4 July 2011
Cleaned and sanded the parts, glued them together and fastened in the GWS S03 servos.
S03 0.23sec/60deg 3.4Kgcm @4.8v.
On test, controlling one hip serovo from a servo tester, the feet are too flimsy and bend.

Thor-2 - 2 July 2011
Lasercut Thor-2 at the FabLab.
1 July 2011
Learning to use the Laser Cutter at the FabLab Manchester. I already had the Thor CAD model so used that.
First set of parts for Thor on A4 sized sheets of 4mm plywood. Too much charring of the parts, very dirty.
Turned out I forgot the TorqueArm brackets for the Pelvis (4 off).

August 2008
CAD model of Thor built in ProDesktop

January 2003
ThorDesign1 - squares are 5mm. Also shows the later foot design. ThorDesign2 - squares are 5mm.

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