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Strider by David Buckley April 2009
  • Strider on YouTube - Stryder1.wmv

    Strider was made over a weekend to be used in filming in Millenium Square, Bristol, pilot footage for a TV show "Robot Relays".
    I thought a three foot high biped robot would have more visual impact than the TecFoots at 2 foot high and the Amblers at 9 inches.

    Originally Strider was fitted with a Hitec 805 (24.7Kg.cm) for the Stride servo and a Hitec 755 (10.5Kg.cm) for the Roll servo both powered from a 7.2v Racing Pack. However they were not really powerful enough and although Strider walked it didn't walk very well and couldn't skid turn. Running the servos from 12v helped but performance wasn't satisfactory.
    I moved the 805 to the roll position which was much better and tried for the stride servo a 24v motor/gearbox I had used for the Cycler Arms and in various animatronic figures but it needed gearing. Later I tried a Hitec 785 Sail Winch which using a pulley system had nearly enough torque but the positioning accuracy was appallingly bad, maybe alright for winching sails but was no good as a Stride servo.

    Earlier this year, 2011, I learned about the Tower Pro 9805 and bought some, which is another story. I fitted one per leg as stride servos and modified the hip bearing to have less friction. That done Strider worked well from 7.2v racing pack or from a 5v supply.