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11 June 2017
Rick Roush wrote to me asking if I knew anything about not being able to see the source code in the editor, he gets a grey screen.
He gave me a link to https:www.madcorgi.com/node/11 archived here which has some fixes which worked for him but not for Rick Roush.
Does anybody have more information?

22 March 2019
Juergen Werner wrote to me with a fix
> Hi David,
> I solved the Windows problem with a simple trick.
> Run Robobasic, most of the icons are grey.
> Now start the computer in safe mode. Run Robobasic again and it should
> work. Now startup with normal mode and Robobasic runs with full
> funktions. I have tested this methode at 3 notebooks without any
> problems.
> Best regards
> Jürgen

31 May 2020
Used Juergen's method on my Win10 machine and it worked, I can now see programs again.