17 August 2005


RoboBASIC Manual

COMMAND Index + General Index

AD read Analog value from AD port
ALLOFF all servos off
ALLON all servos on
AND logical AND
AS assign a variable when declaring
Bases number bases
BIN LCD- binary number
Binary binary number base
BYTE assign as Byte type when declaring
BYTEIN read byte from I/O port
BYTEOUT write byte to I/O port
CLS LCD - clear all characters
CONST declare a Constant
CONT LCD - set contrast
CSOFF LCD - cursor off
CSON LCD - cusor on
DEC LCD - decimal number
DELAY delay execution
DIM declare a variable
DIR set servo direction
$DEVICE set the controller used
ELSE execute if condition false, see IF...THEN...
END finish program
ENDIF finish conditional statement, see IF...THEN...
ERX receive RS-232 through RX port
ETX transmit RS-232 through RX port
FOR begin For..Next loop
FPWM change pulse width and frequency
G6A assign #0-#5 to group A
G6B assign #6-#11 to group B
G6C assign #12-#17 to group C
G6D assign #18-#23 to group D
G6E assign #24-#29 to group E
G8A assign #0-#7 to group A
G8B assign #8-#15 to group B
G8C assign #16-#23 to group C
G8D assign #24-#31 to group D
G12 assign #0-#11
G16 assign #0-#15
G24 assign #0-#23
G32 assign #0-#31
GETMOTORSET read position of all servos
GOSUB call subroutine
GOTO jump to label
GYRODIR set direction of a Gyro
GYROSET assign a gyro to a servo
GYROSENSE set sensitivity of a gyro
Hex Hex number base
HIGHSPEED servo fast mode on/off
INIT set initial motion pose
HEX LCD - hex number
IF begin conditional statement, IF...THEN...
IN read I/O port
INTEGER assign as Integer type when declaring
KEYIN receive analog keypad input
LCDINIT LCD - initialise LCD
LOCATE LCD - locate
$LIMIT confine range of a servo
This does not work for the Robonova
with the MR-C3024 controller.
MOD modulus
MOTOR turn on servo
MOTOROFF turn off servo
MOTORIN read present position of servo
MOVE operate several servos together
MOVE24 move all 24 servos at same time
MOVEPOS move servo group
MUSIC play music on piezo
NEXT end For..Next loop
NOT reverse all bits
Number number bases
Octal Octal number base
ON...GOTO skip according to value of variable
OR logical OR
OUT write to I/O port
PEEK read from controller RAM
POKE write to controller RAM
POS set a pose
PRINT LCD - send charater to LCD
PTP point to point operation
PWM set PWM for dc motor
PULSE send a short pulse to I/O port
RCIN read pulse from RC receiver
REMARK remark
REMOCON read key value from IR remote control
RETURN return from subroutine
RND create a random number
ROMPEEK read from controller's external EEPROM
ROMPOKE write to controller's external EEPROM
RUN run program
SERVO control servo
SONAR read distance from U/S sensor
SPEED set servo speed
SETON [PTP] setup on
SETOFF [PTP] setup off
STATE get status of I/O port
STOP stop program
TEMPO set up a sounds rythm
THEN execute next statement if condition true, see IF...THEN...
TO Limit of For..Next loop
TOGGLE reverse state of I/O port
WAIT wait until servos have finished moving
XOR logical XOR
ZERO set zero point