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M23 by David Buckley
First drawing under computer control, May 1982.

With tuning of the loop constants M23 would have been able to draw the squares without so much deviation but the Chromosonic I/O-Port failed and I had to borrow a ZX-81 for further work. I wasn't really interested in M23 being a drawing machine so I never worked on making better drawings. The idea of the Pen-Unit was to enable M23 to make a trail of where it had been so if fitted with a line sensor it could retrace its path. Regular paths would then become highly marked and be easy to follow. The Pen-Unit is an add-on still held down by the original BluTac, probably quite permanently by now.
[For those of you used to more verbose dialects BluTac = Poster Putty, or such.]
[The UK101 was the UK version of the Ohio Superboard.]

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