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Edward C. Tolman

Edward Chace Tolman was an American psychologist who made significant contributions to the studies of learning and motivation. He was born in Newton, Massachusetts in 1886 and died November 19th 1959.

Biography - http://www.muskingum.edu/~psych/psycweb/history/tolman.htm [Jan07]

Wikipedia - Edward Chace Tolman (1886 - 1959)

All the argument of how and or do animals think that went on and is still going on seems to me to be the product of the muddled thinking of those who can only think in language and can not envision thinking without language.
For a detailed discussion of how this is possible see;
'Thinking in Pictures' by Temple Grandin Phd, Bloomsbury, 1995, 2006, and
'Animals in Translation' by Temple Grandin Phd and Catherine Johnson, Bloomsbury, 2005

A NEW FORMULA FOR BEHAVIORISM; Edward Chace Tolman (1922); First published in Psychological Review, 29, 44-53.
[Classic statement of Tolman's "cognitive" behaviorism.]
http://psychclassics.yorku.ca/Tolman/formula.htm [Jan07]

Book - Purposive Behavior in Animals and Men - Edward Chace Tolman.

Edward C. Tolman proposes a purposive behaviorism based 'sowbug',
maybe the first description of a behavior-based architecture suitable for robotics. [Yoichiro Endo and Ronald C. Arkin 2000]

Cognitive maps in rats and men; Edward Chace Tolman (1948); Psychological Review, 55(4), 189-208.
[Major revision of Tolman's "cognitive" behaviorism.]
http://psychclassics.yorku.ca/Tolman/Maps/maps.htm [Jan07]

Georgia Tech Mobile Robot Laboratory On-line Publications
http://www.cc.gatech.edu/ai/robot-lab/publications.html [Jan07]
Implementing Tolman's Schematic Sowbug: Behavior-Based Robotics in the 1930's
Yoichiro Endo and Ronald C. Arkin
compressed postscript (1.1 MB) [Jan07] pdf (892 KB) [Jan07]

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