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Garco - 1953

  • Popular Science December 1953 - details of how Garco works

    Garco the 'Umpire'
    Garco created by Harvey Chapman.

    A posed publicity photo of Garco.

    Robot Moving Boxes
    The robot Garco was created by California resident Harvey Chapman. The robot, built from discarded aircraft parts, is operated by remote control.

    Another posed publicity photo of Garco.

    Sally Mansfield Sitting Beside Garco Robot
    Original caption: 2 June 1954 Holywood, CA:
    Lovely Sally Mansfield is on hand to held(sic)[help?] "Garco" Hollywood's first mechanical press agent as he bats out a hot press release about a new science-fiction movie called "Gog". The new film is all about robots so the producer though Garco would be the ideal fellow for the job of handling advertising, publicity and exploitation for it. Operated by remote control, the robot can perform with his arms and hands virtually on a level with a human. Garco, who represents a million dollars in electronic research plans a personal appearance tour of the country in behalf of the movie.

    Another posed publicity photo of Garco.

    Walt Disney with Garco
    Mars and Beyond (December 4, 1957) (54:25)
    {available on the Tomorrowland DVD}.

    Sir Eduardo Paolozzi 1924-2005
    used an image of Garco in his collage
    'Garco Robot Nailing a Wooden Box'.

    In 1954, Flash Gordon returned in a short 39-episode series on American television and movie screens. The pilot was Planet of Death, reviewed by Nathan Decker.
    http://www.geocities.com/nmdecke/FlashGordon.html [Jan07]

    "...From out of the shadows emerge Garko, supreme leader of Ebon himself,...He rages at the captives, 'Who shall ever stand between Garko and his destiny shall be ground into dust!'..."
    Did this influence the choice of name for Garco? Probably not since now an earlier reference (Popular Science December 1953), dates Garco to 1953, so did Garco influence the name for Garko?

    Contributor - Reuben Hoggett

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