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Beeber Log & Upgrades

Added four switches to Beeber's buffer circuit so I can manually control Beeber.
Wrote a new BS2 program which allows Beeber to avoid obstacles, seek light and obey "f","b","r","l","1","2" keyboard instructions from a PC. "f","b","r","l" do Forwards Backwards Right Left for a short time which gives about 0.5cm travel or 5 deg turn, and "1","2" which play Acts in DATA.
Modified the Imperial Drone program to suite Beeber's pins and connected Beeber to a Basic-Stamp-2 board, the PWM doesn't really work with relays.
Modified Beeber's buffer circuit for the unbilical, added - sensor LEDs, a 2x5 header in parallel with the BBC-Userport header so I can connect it to my other equipment, and a jumper to tristate the sensor lines so they won't clash with my switch box.

Checked Beeber and made new wheels.