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Bambino Arduino by David Buckley January 2013
  • Bambino - the original PicAxe version

    I was persuaded that for a kit of Bambino people would want an Arduino version. Unfortunately the Arduino IR library may be all right for mimicking the odd IR-controller you happen to have but I found it very hit and miss for sending robot commands unlike the inbuilt PicAxe Sony-IR commands which work every time without any delay.
    I eventually gave up trying to get the IR-library to work.
    However work on an Arduino version of Bambino restarted in 2014 with Bamduino which abandoned using IR commands and used a serial link from an FTDI USB/Serial converter.

    You may be happy with the Arduino IR libraries but life is short so on later robots I have used a PicAxe08m2 to do the receiving as on Jet-Laser. The Aesir (Freya,Thor,Baldur amd Ullr) which use a PicAxe40x2 are teachable in ASCII over a serial link and by a Sony IR-controller.

    In June 2021 I wrote a short Arduino function to receive Sony IR commands so now the later Arduino based Bambinos can be controlled from a Sony IR handset.